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Justin Bieber confides in his unhappiness

Touched by depression, Justin Bieber relies on the help of those close to him to overcome this bad patch. “Justin is dealing with depression and going through a difficult time, but he does everything to get by with all the help he can get.” To do this, the 24-year-old singer knows he can rely on his inner circle to support him in his fight, including Hailey Baldwin, who recently became his wife, as well as his pastor, to whom he is very close. “Justin is determined to get well and for that he has started daily therapy with a team of professionals. Said a source close to the Canadian.

Justin Bieber confesses to being prone to depression

photo of Justin Bieber performing live to illustrate depression revealed in Vogue and treatment

If the suffering of Justin Bieber was not hidden, it was through an interview with the newspaper Vogue that he wanted to reveal to the world the evil that has been gnawing at him for some time. An initiative hailed by his frankness, especially since he does not hesitate to open up about his feelings towards his parents and their character heritage, according to him the source of his unhappiness. The singer said he began his therapy through the Hoffman process (patented collective psychotherapy named after its creator Bob Hoffman, based on an introspection of the child-parent relationship and the repetition of it, called Love Syndrome. Negative), in which he took part for a week and which enabled him to better understand his inner anger: “My mother has always been very depressed and my father is an impulsive person … ‘have unfortunately transmitted’.

Justin Bieber and the difficulty of assuming early notoriety

photo of Justin Bieber 2019 dressed in black for article about his depression and therapy

This melancholy, which Justin B. says from his mother, suddenly woke up during his 2017 Purpose tour, when he was revealed to be overwhelmed by depression and feelings of loneliness, leading him to cancel the last 14. concerts planned. If Bieber’s psychological fragility was certainly passed on by his mother, thus creating an ideal ground for the development of a depression, the immense precocious glory which was covered by the young singer from his adolescence only accelerated the anxiety and increasing pressure that is ultimately hard to bear over the years. A notoriety and its dark sides which he has always had trouble shedding: “I am manipulated without really supporting me, not to mention all the detractors who seek to continually harm me.” The vices of show biz also do not. not spared: “I did things I was so ashamed of that I took Xanax to support it”.

J. Bieber and his parents, source of his anguish

photo of Justin and his parents Pattie Mallette when he was young for article on his depression revealed

In this ocean of unease, Bieber still seems to glimpse the light and rejoice in his marriage to Hailey Baldwin, a source of happiness and balance that he sorely lacked. The couple are expected to celebrate this union for the second time, after a first engagement dated September 13, at the New York courthouse..

Bieber draws the positive from his relationship with Hailey Baldwin

Photo of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin walking down the street in summer blouses for marriage and depression