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Marked by the GoT adventure, Kit Harington undergoing treatment in a specialized center

Kit Harington, the star actor of the Game Of Thrones series, in which he played the charismatic character of Jon Snow for eight seasons, has just been admitted to a specialized center in Connecticut, in order to deal with “his personal problems”, likely related to stress and excessive alcohol consumption. Started a few weeks ago and therefore even before the broadcast of the epilogue of the series on HBO, this cure was confirmed by the entourage of the actor on the site Variety: “Kit is taking advantage of this hollow period in his employment of time to restore health in a center dedicated to well-being and thus remedy personal problems ”.

Kit Harington wished to be helped in a specialized center in order to treat his “personal problems”

Actor Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow in the Game Of Thrones series, is currently undergoing treatment in a specialized center to treat personal problems related to stress and alcohol.

This information echoes the recent release of the documentary “The Last Watch”, a making-of retracing the shooting of the season 8 finale of the Game Of Thrones series and in which we discover a Kit Harington very affected by the near end of the adventure that lasted nearly a decade. A passage from this film particularly marked the fans, the one in which the interpreter of Jon Snow takes note of the final scenario, thus learning that his character would become the murderer of his aunt and lover Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). A passage that already says a lot about Kit Harrington’s state of mind at that time, which he himself commented on in Jimmy Fallon’s popular television show The Tonight Show: “Some elements of the script have me so surprised and shocked that they made me cry ”.

Jon Snow’s role left a lasting impression on Kit Harington

Kit Harington aka Jon Snow from the Game Of Thrones series decided to get help against stress in an American center dedicated to well-being

An upheaval for the now 32-year-old actor, who aroused in him the need to start therapy, as he confided, still to Variety, driven by a psychological and emotional state that continued to deteriorate since the advent of his character, who became more and more central in the series: ”It was not a very pleasant period in my life (…) like many young people, I tried to convince myself that I was the luckier in the world, when I had become very vulnerable ”.

Trailer of “The Last Watch”, the making-of of season 8 of Game Of Thrones

“Like many young people, I was trying to convince myself that I was the luckiest in the world, when I had become very vulnerable.” Kit Harrington

Since putting forward his character as Jon Snow, Kit Harington has developed a psychological vulnerability due to the stress engendered by the success of the Game Of Thrones series.

The Game Of Thrones adventure, which has become the most popular program in the world in recent years, was therefore not without consequences for Kit Harington, who quickly went from an anonymous young man to a true icon of the small screen for millions of fans. A media position that has become “terrifying” with the growing importance of his character, even causing him to collapse at the end of a very grueling final shoot.

Already highly approved by the series, the discovery of the final GoT script was a shock for the actor who has become vulnerable

The Last Swatch documentary shows Kit Harington being very distressed by the discovery of the final script of his character Jon Snow