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Meek Mill officially launches his Dream Chasers label

Rapper Meek Mill has officially created the Dream Chasers label, supported by Jay-Z and Roc Nation. The association was confirmed this week in New York in the offices of Shawn Carter’s record company, propelling Dream Chasers as a real label, since the birth of the project dating from 2012. The opportunity to uncork a bottle of champagne Armand de Brignac from the house.

Meek Mill launches the Dream Chasers label, supported by Jay-Z and Roc Nation

American rapper Meek Mill has officially launched the Dream Chasers label under the aegis of Jay-Z and Roc Nation

Decked out as President of the new Dream Chasers label, becoming a subsidiary of Roc Nation, Meek Mill will be in charge of overseeing the artistic direction, with a view to finding and developing new artists. With complete independence in terms of creative choices, marketing and business, the Philadelphia rapper is also expected to oversee the upcoming opening of a recording studio for new recruits..

“It’s like a dream to me” Meek Mill

Philadelphia rapper launches dream chasers label featuring Jay-Z and Roc Nation

Very close for many years, Jay-Z confirms the confidence he has in Meek Mill, through the investment of Roc Nation: “Everything he has done so far shows that he is ready to lead the next generation. We’re looking at the big picture and it goes way beyond signing artists and making successful records. “Words and actions that resonate loud and clear for the main person concerned:” It is like a dream for me. I don’t admire a lot of people in music, business, or even in general, so doing business with HOV (editor’s note: Jay-Z) is a dream come true for me. Although I always tell him it’s a regular day for him, “said Mill, who will continue to play for Maybach / Atlantic. “New content” is also planned before the start of the Legendary Nights tour that he will provide alongside Future from August 28..

“I think it’s time for me to get into business” Meek Mill

In addition to owning sporting goods retailer Lids, Meek Mill takes the helm of the Dream Chasers label, backed by Jay Z and Roc Nation.

With several years of underground experience with a few mixtapes to his credit, Meek Mill has since managed to find his place in the spotlight, especially when the Philadelphia Eagles football team used his song “Dreams and Nightmares” as the anthem during their victory at the Super Bowl 2018. Before that, his experience of nearly a decade in the shadow of the majors allowed him to deepen his knowledge of the music industry: ” I think it’s time for me to dive into business. I am 32 years old and I am well placed in the music business to help artists “. A perseverance which had enabled him to win three platinum records out of the four already released by Maybach / Atlantic, as well as several number 1 places and the title “Going Bad” with Drake, while at the same time taking the head of Lids sports stores..

A new milestone in Meek Mill’s career, which comes at the same time as the overturning of his conviction for carrying a weapon and possession of drugs dating back more than twelve years. After five months of imprisonment followed by a probationary period of several years, the rapper should receive a new trial, which could lead, according to some relatives in the case, to an acquittal.

“Everything he’s done so far shows he’s ready to lead the next generation” Jay-Z

Meek Mill and Jay Z found Dream Chasers as his multi-year conviction was overturned