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Mick Jagger has heart surgery, the Rolling Stones postpone their tour

The legendary rock band The Rolling Stones have just announced that they will have to postpone their planned new tour in the United States and Canada. In question, the health problems of their charismatic leader Mick Jagger, forced to have to undergo a heart operation shortly, a priori in order to replace his heart valve. The 75-year-old singer, who has let go of his past hectic pace of life, said he was devastated and saddened for his fans: “I am terribly sorry for all of our fans in America and Canada who have tickets. I really hate the idea of ​​letting you down like this “.

Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones forced to postpone their “No Filter” tour

screenshot of the Rolling Stones website who announced they had to postpone their No Filter US and Canada tour because of Mick Jagger's health problems

The announcement of this postponement of the tour had been announced a few days ago by the group itself via tweeter: “Unfortunately, the group has to postpone the next dates of the tour in the United States and Canada (…) the doctors refused that Mick take this tour for now, that he needed medical attention and that he had to wait until he made a full recovery ”. A news that not only disappointed Mick Jagger, but also the other members of the group who nevertheless wanted to support their lifelong friend, like Keith Richards, friend of Jagger since the beginnings of the group in 1962: ” Everyone is very disappointed, but once the problem is resolved we will see each other very soon. Mick, we’ll always be there for you! “.

Mick Jagger will have to recover from his future heart surgery before going back on stage

Mick Jagger needs heart surgery before he can get back on stage and start the no filter tour with the Rolling Stones

The group was scheduled to begin their new “No Filter” tour on April 20 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, before heading to several other US cities and ending June 29 at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds, Ontario, Canada..

“I really hate the idea of ​​letting you down like this.” Mick jagger

The Rolling Stones postpone their tour in the United States and Canada due to health problems of their singer Mick Jagger

A father of eight and now a great-grandfather, Mick Jagger remains one of the greatest artists of all time. At the microphone of Rolling Stones for more than fifty years, he continues to captivate fans around the world with his energy and his sway still intact despite the years.

“We see each other very quickly once the problem is resolved.” Keith richards

The Rolling Stones no filter tour was scheduled to start April 20 in Miami but was postponed due to Mick Jagger's heart surgery