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NASA-inspired underwear? And shouldn’t we wash them often?

A Danish fashion brand launched a Kickstarter to fund the creation of boxers, socks and t-shirts that it says “won’t need laundry for a few weeks.” NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) inspired underwear, created by Organic Basics, is treated with a high-tech silver formula that can kill bacteria and odors thus allowing the user to feel fresher for longer. The underwear is also designed to be breathable, with ventilation in sensitive areas.

But if you think this is an invention for the extreme lazy, you have to be told it isn’t. The brand highlights the benefits for the environment. Its products are aimed at environmentally conscious people, because less washing means less wasted water and less energy. Unlike the first models from Organic Basics, which hit the market after a successful Kickstarter campaign two years earlier, the new collection, SilverTech 2.0, is made from 100% recyclable materials..

NASA-inspired underwear – an eco-friendly Danish fashion brand project

Underwear inspired by NASA, idea how to dress in fashion and eco, do not wash your clothes too much so as not to pollute the earth

The latest products are treated with Polygiene, a sustainable, recycled silver chloride treatment. According to the idea of ​​this Kickstarter project, the solution “naturally kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and other microbes.” Curious fact: NASA uses silver in its water purification systems for astronauts.

Using recycled and recyclable materials at the same time is a fairly new practice, but very trendy

Ecological movement, recyclable underwear, idea of ​​keeping the earth clean, not using its resources

Boxers, socks and t-shirts are also made from 100% recycled nylon, made from reclaimed raw material. “The raw materials for our nylon come from post-industrial fibers, spinning mill yarns and weaving mill waste,” the manufacturers explain. “This process is purely mechanical and reduces CO2 emissions and water consumption by up to 90%. “

The process is purely mechanical – photograph showing the making of the NASA-inspired underwear

Modern underwear manufacturing, cool idea mechanized process for less CO2

The brand’s overall goal is to break the “buy, wear, wash, throw, repeat” cycle in the fashion industry. “We know the fashion industry is not virtuous, but did you know that washing and drying accounts for two-thirds of a garment’s environmental impact? », They explain. “In our opinion, this problem must first be solved by the fashion industry (that’s us). We believe in setting higher standards and in this matter when it comes to sustainable fashion. “

Aspiring to lead a “Zero waste” and minimalist life – a project that helps the ecological cause

Washing machine, stylized photo, quote do not wash to save the earth, minimalist ecological idea

The Kickstarter for the new collection has already raised more than 33,500 euros. For more information on the project, you can visit their page on the Kickstarter.

Choose to wash less and wear more times your clothes that kill bacteria naturally

Astronaut in the cosmos with view of the earth, underwear idea inspired by Nasa, beautiful and very original photo