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Netflix was working on a Resident Evil series adaptation

A new series inspired by the Resident Evil universe is said to be in development by Netflix and the German studio Constantin Films, behind the previous films in the franchise..

Resident Evil soon on small on small screen ?

image illustration milla jovovich in the film resident evil adapted as a series by netflix and constantin films in the news lifestyle news archzine

If the project is still in its infancy, especially in terms of script and casting, it seems that the series would follow in the footsteps of the six films already made previously. Therefore, we should logically find the protagonists at the center of the Resident Evil plot created by the publisher Capcom, namely the hordes of zombies as well as the dark biological weapons company Umbrella Corporation, the starting point of the epidemiological plague. If the collection of original video games portray a universe of horror and end of the world, the series should rather be oriented in the field of action and science fiction, like the feature films played by Milla Jovovich. A proven recipe, making the Resident Evil franchise the most profitable at the box office ($ 1.2 billion) for films adapted from video games, which would logically push the Constantin studios to repeat the adventure on grand screen, in parallel with the launch of the series.

Netflix and Constantin Films, partners for the creation of the Resident Evil TV series

netflix and constantin films team up to create a new resident evil series in the lifestyle news series

If Netflix probably did not wait for the release of the reboot of the video game “Resident Evil 2” to take a close interest in the creation of an eponymous series, the rave reviews concerning it as well as the success of RE 7 Biohazard should confirm the American giant in its commitment. A choice that would also be due to Netflix’s desire to acquire a product that could compete with AMC’s The Walking Dead, which was constantly losing momentum and weighed down by the departure of Andrew Lincoln. A strategy that should in all likelihood pay off, at a time when zombies are holding the bar high and have never been so popular in the entertainment industry..

The game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, released in 2017

cover of the game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard to illustrate the announcement of a resident evil series on netflix in the lifestyle news

The first part of the Resident Evil films, produced by Constantin Films in 2002

image of the film resident evil 1 released in 2002 with milla jovovich to illustrate the announcement of the series resident evil on netflix