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Reebok enhances its It’s A Man’s World series of sneakers

On the occasion of International Women’s Day to be held next month, Reebok is launching a new series of sneakers as part of its “It’s A Man’s World” collection .

Reebok enhances its “It’s A Man’s World” series with new sneakers

Reebok launches It's A Man's World sneakers collection for women

Reebok Aztrek Double & Runs all in white for the It’s A Man’s World campaign

While Reebok has already released several models bearing the slogan taken from the James Brown track in recent months, the brand continues to operate this year, 19 years after its first campaign called “It’s A Woman’s World”. In 2001, the label decided to highlight female successes from predominantly male backgrounds and then punctuated by gender stereotypes..

Reebok’s ‘It’s A Man’s World’ returns for SS2020 season

James Brown's It's A Man's World Inspires Reebok Women's Sneaker Campaign

Traditional Reebok Club C 85 women in glossy It’s A Man’s World

For its spring-summer 2020 season, Reebok has therefore chosen to rework some of its current male models in order to make them more accessible to its female audience. To do so, several designers have given their personal touches to the DMX Series 2200 Zip, Daytona, Aztrek Double and Court Double, as well as to the traditional Club C and Classic Leather. Published in different colors and finishes, all proudly display the strikethrough slogan “It’s A Man’s World” .

“It’s A Man’s World” once again revisits the standards of Club C and Classic Leather

Reebok launches special Club C and Classic Leathers series for its It's A Man's World collection

Special Reebok Daytona DMX made by Girl On Kicks

The DMX 2200, the Aztrek Double and the Court Double Mix rely on the sobriety of a white upper mixing leather and nylon. Their technical style is subtly marked with the crossed out message of the collection dedicated to women. The Daytona DMX relies on purple, the color chosen by its designer for a day, the Dutch sneaker blogger., Sanne Poeze aka Girl On Kicks. Combining two shades of purple respectively affixed to an alternation of leather and suede, the Daytona DMX x Girl on Kicks “It’s A Man’s World” also receives orange notes, as well as an imitation snakeskin finish on its sides. “I chose purple because it embodies and represents feminism, loyalty and dignity,” said the Amsterdam-based designer. The old school models that are the Club C and the Classic Leather are they dressed in a black leather with a glossy finish, on which the slogan is discreetly affixed on the exterior side. There is also the Instapump Fury, made last month with the artist illustrator Anhia Zaira Santana alias Distordedd.

The DMX Daytona and Series 2200 specials International Women’s Day 2020

Reebok pays tribute to Women's Day with new It's A Man's World series of sneakers

While some of the models from the “It’s A Man’s World” campaign are already available, we will have to wait until March 1 before we can get the Club C, Classic Leather, DMX Series 2200 Aztrek Double and Court Double, on the official Reebok website.