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Russian Doll, the new hit Netflix series

Netflix continues to feed the small screens of its series of varying originality, some of which have the capacity to be clearly noticed. Russian Doll, or Russian Doll in its original version, is one of them. Available on Netflix since February 1st.

This new series with undisguised family airs with Un Jour Sans Fin and interpreted by Natasha Lyonne, begins in a New York context that is quite common at first glance: Nadia, the main character, celebrates her 36 years in the apartment of a friend, drinking, smoking, then, on her way home, suddenly loses her life, mown down by a taxi. This is where the plot unfolds, as our character finally wakes up in the bathroom, a few hours earlier, in the midst of the party that continues to be in full swing in his honor..

Natasha Lyonne as Nadia, main heroine of Poupée Russe

image Natasha lyonne as Nadia in the Russian doll series on Netflix russian doll

Created by Natasha Lyonne alias Nadia, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland, this Russian doll is therefore added to the list of fictions taking up the theme of this never-ending day, like the classic played by Bill Murray and of the Happy Birth Dead released in 2017, which Russian Doll clearly seems to be inspired by. Spread over 8 episodes of barely half an hour each, the plot however has time to air out and develop a more ambivalent concept, focusing more on the psychology of Nadia’s main character, having to face a death that she sees coming and coming back again and again. So logically comes the question of the merits of these repeated deaths, or even more simply of his death, which seems so programmed.

Trailer of the new Russian Doll series, broadcast on Netflix since February 1st

As announced in the second trailer of the series, we will see an equally intriguing new character, Alan, played by Charlie Barnett, a victim of the same dramatic day syndrome repeating itself over and over again. This new arrival thus spices up the scenario, making it ultimately more unique than expected. The discovery of this very special pair thus changes the plot by changing its perspective, until then self-centered on the character of Nadia and her questions, to which no one seems to pay attention..

Charlie Barnett is also part of the cast of Poupée Russe / Russian Doll

Natasha Lyonne holds there one of her best performances, camping the tormented character of Nadia but taking every obstacle with philosophy, as announced after one of her multiple deaths “If God wants to play, he could not find a better partner than Nadia”. The 3 creators of Poupée Russe have been able to create a rhythm here and keep it, through episodes in shortened format of 30 minutes, thus avoiding the lengths and weariness due to this type of repetitive scenario. They were also able to create a universe that they wield as they see fit like a puppet, mixing comedy, science fiction and thriller. A success that has the merit of developing the imagination of the public, already impatient for a second season already eagerly awaited.

Natasha Lyonne, famous for her role in the series Orange Is The New Black, plays Nadia in the series she created herself

photo Natasha Lyonne who plays the role of nadia in the hit netflix series Russian Doll Russian Doll

Russian Doll / Russian Doll poster on Netflix

poster of the new Russian doll series from Netflix released since February 1st with Natasha Lyonne

The series has already conquered the public

Twitter capture with positive opinion of a viewer on Netflix Russian Doll series with Natasha Lyonne