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The Spice Girls soon to be the heroines of a Paramount cartoon

Good news for Spice Girls fans. In addition to their British spring tour which will end with great fanfare with their two big concerts expected at Wembley Stadium in London, however without Victoria B, the spicy girls will soon be the heroines of a cartoon produced by Paramount Animation.

The Spice Girls, soon to be heroines of an animated film

Photo of the Spice Girls reuniting for a tour in spring 2019, followed by an animated feature in 2020 at Paramount

According to the media Hollywood Reporter who released the information, this future animated feature film will feature the five members of the popular group of the 90s, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, as well as the most famous of them. them, Victoria Beckham.

With a tour and a future animated feature film, The Spice Girls are back !

Coming years later, The return of the Spice Girls is here, with their 2019 tour and the future cartoon scheduled for 2020

If no details have yet filtered out from the management of Paramount Animation, in particular concerning a specific release date, scheduled for 2020, Mireille Soria, president of the production company, however stressed that the film would be loaded with iconic Spice Girls tracks, as well as new unreleased tracks produced for the event.

The animated film, which does not yet have a title, is part of the new strategy of Paramount Animation which wishes to develop a robust offering by planning the release of two new projects per year. For example, a SpongeBob SquarePants film “It’s a Wonderful Sponge” is slated for release next year, followed by an adaptation of Ellen Hopkin’s novel “Rumble” that same year..

23 years after Spice World, the Spice Girls will return to the big screen in 2020

Twenty-three years after their movie Spice World, the Spice Girls will return to the big screen in a Paramount cartoon

2020 should therefore see the return of the Spice Girls on the big screen, 23 years after the release of their first dedicated film, Spice World, which has become cult despite negative reviews on its release, which of course did not prevent it from being a hit in the box. -office. Two decades later, the feature film seems to have found its audience again, carried by a claimed feminism not yet well perceived at the time..

“The Spice Girls had an idea that we were developing (…) they are very involved” Mireille Soria, Paramount Animation

Upcoming animated film starring the Spice Girls will be developed by Paramount Animation and slated for release in 2020