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The Woodstock 50 festival will not take place

Woodstock 50, the event that was to mark 50 years of the iconic 1969 Peace and Music Festival scheduled for August has finally been canceled. In question, a series of “unforeseen setbacks” according to the organizers, who have suffered a series of twists and turns that have undermined the future of the project for several weeks already. The festival ticket office, scheduled at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Baltimore, had never been opened..

Woodstock 50 festival is canceled

following the many setbacks suffered by the organization, The Woodstock 50 festival was finally canceled

Among the many problems facing the organization of the festival which was to be held August 16-18 in Maryland, Greg Peck, the director of the project, cites among others an “unfortunate conflict” with a major financial partner, as well as the problems logistics due to unforeseen changes of location. A series of difficulties which got the better of the Woodstock 50 festival, forcing Michael Lang, a well-known member of the organization, to give up on a project that had become difficult to achieve as planned. “We are sad to have had to endure a series of setbacks and unforeseen events which made it impossible to organize the festival as we imagined it, based on a beautiful program and a civic spirit” declared the one who was a from the producers of the original 1969 Woodstock.

Due to numerous organizational issues, the Woodstock 50 anniversary festival will not take place

originally scheduled to take place over three days near Baltimore, Woodstock 50 festival has been canceled

With the number of problems the festival has experienced over the past five months, the cancellation of this Woodstock 50 does not seem to come as a surprise. Since the announcement of an event in honor of the famous 1969 gathering that marked the history of hippie music and culture, a rain of unforeseen events has descended on producers as a sign of fate. A fiasco which is indeed reminiscent of that of 1969 Woodstock, already punctuated at the time by huge logistical problems due to bad weather and a dangerously underestimated audience. This year the problems started with the two back-to-back site changes. The organizing team had in fact been refused the site of the circuit at Watkins Glen, in New York State, then another in Vernon, still in the same New York State..

Michael Lang, organizer of Woodstock 1969 and Woodstock 50 had to resign to cancel his event

Woodstock 50 anniversary festival canceled due to numerous organizational issues

After the difficulties in finding a suitable place to host the Woodstock 50 project, the organization had to face the withdrawal of its main sponsor, the company Amplifi Live and its $ 18 million investment, followed by that of Superfly, the production company responsible for carrying out the project.

Given the uncertain progress of the event, the programmers then had to rethink their ambitions with the cancellation of the appearances of Jay-Z and Miley Cyrus, two of the main headliners. “We thank the artists, fans and partners who have supported us even in the face of adversity,” said Michael Lang on Wednesday, concluding: “My thoughts are with Bethel (Wood) and its fiftieth anniversary celebration to strengthen the values ​​of compassion, human dignity and the beauty of our differences embraced by Woodstock ”.

As in 1969, Woodstock 50 had to face many difficulties

Woodstock 50, planned to celebrate the half century of the 1969 festival is canceled. Blame it on the many unforeseen events linked to its organization