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Todd Phillips’ Joker unveils second trailer

While it will be presented this weekend as a world preview at the Venice Film Festival, the highly anticipated Joker film by Todd Phillips has just unveiled its second trailer..

Joker, a Todd Phillips film with Joaquin Phoenix

Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips just presented a second trailer

This second trailer follows to the first excerpts presented in April by production company Warner Bros. of this feature film dedicated to the Joker, Batman’s lifelong enemy psychopathic clown. Masterfully interpreted by actor Joaquin Phoenix, we discover in this film conceived as a prequel, the origins of the evil of this emblematic character of the world of comics and his story of a fallen stage man in Gotham City of the 80s, which no is obviously reminiscent of the New York of the time.

Joker: Warner Bros. unveiled a second trailer

Continuous setbacks and humiliation will push the passionate Arthur Fleck to become the villain we know, whose raging madness that devours him and keeps him alive never ceases to take precedence over his old melancholy. “I have only that, negative thoughts” exclaims a depressed Arthur Fleck, before giving way to a reply imbued with confidence found for the one who will quickly become the Joker: “I have spent my life wondering if I really existed. But I do exist. And people are starting to notice “.

This new trailer reveals new images of the mutation of Arthur Fleck in Joker

Four months after its first trailer, Todd Phillips' Joker with Joaquin Phoenix unveils a colorful second trailer

Joaquin Phoenix, who is expected to carry the film to a probable Oscar nomination, has provided his perspective on the film he calls a UFO and which is emerging in new footage in this new trailer. “I would not qualify this film as a superhero film, nor a traditional film, because it is unique (…) I think that behind the popularity and importance of this film, there are incredible characters who face to real problems ”.

Worn by Joaquin Phoenix, Joker could place himself in the Oscar race

New trailer for the Warner Bros. Joker, directed by Todd Phillips and played by Joaquin Phoenix

Shortly before the arrival of this second trailer, the official Joker page had published a series of very short scenes from the film, which showed the release date of this trailer in subliminal images. “8.28”. In addition to the Gladiator actor, Award for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017 for A Beautiful Day, the cast can boast of the presence of Robert de Niro as star TV presenter, Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2) or even Frances Conroy (American Horror Story), as the mother of Arthur Fleck aka the Joker.

Todd Phillips’ Joker hits theaters October 9

Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck is already eagerly awaited by fans