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UNO Minimalista, a designer version of the famous game

While board and card games are certainly out in many homes during this period of general confinement, UNO, one of the most popular of them, is offering itself a very classy makeover with the UNO Minimalista edition.

The UNO game offers a black and minimalist version

Mattel to launch UNO Minimalista, a special edition card game with a sober design

UNO Minimalista, the game Mattel brings out the tuxedo

A real success since the 1970s, the UNO card game published by the Mattel company is undoubtedly one of the most popular around the world, to the point of being now available in multiple versions for consoles. Simple in its rules, clean maps and pocket size, the game is far from its first try in terms of special edition. As such, the famous game had, a few months ago, launched the “Artist Series”, a collection of boxes in limited series, whose aesthetics were inspired by works of great names in painting. For example, there was a pack dedicated to Jean-Michel Basquiat, co-edited with the artist agency Artestar. In order to reinforce the image of a UNO game made for everyone, Mattel also designed an inclusive version in Braille, in partnership with the American National Association of the Blind.

UNO plays the game of collaborations

With UNO Minimalista, Mattel redesigns the card game and offers it a classy design

UNO Minimalista, an idea by young Brazilian designer Warleson Oliveira

If there are now many collaborations in the fashion world, or even in the automotive industry with the merger between Futura 2000 and BMW, the board game is no longer outdone. UNO is therefore putting aside its traditional playful design in favor of a minimalist limited series, all dressed in black. This special edition with a fancy look and simply called “Minimalista” is the work of Brazilian designer Warleson Oliveira.

Trendy design

The famous UNO card game is coming out in a special black and minimalist edition

This UNO Minimalista edition was initially only a personal project carried out by the young designer, as he pointed out during the publication of the first images of the game on Instagram, last January. Based on the positive feedback, Mattel has apparently decided to bet on the Brazilian’s design and make the idea a reality. The game is thus presented in a glossy black cardboard present on the box and the back of the cards. The front of these uses the usual colors of the game, with the numbers placed in the center.

The UNO Minimalista game will be available soon at Mattel dealers, for a price of around 10 euros.

Find UNO Minimalista very soon in your favorite stores

UNO Minimalista, a design and minimalist version of the famous game from Mattel