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Unrecognizable Tom Hardy in Capone Movie Trailer

British actor multifaceted Tom Hardy returns metamorphosed from head to toe in the trailer for Capone, the new feature film dedicated to the end of life of the most iconic American gangster.

Meet Tom Hardy as Al Capone

The trailer for Al capone movie by Josh Trank with Tom Hardy arrived on Youtube on April 15th

The 42-year-old comedian, known for his intense interpretations of roles as diverse as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, John Fitzgerald in The Revenant or Alfie Solomons in the award-winning series Peaky Blinders, once again dons the costume of a warm-blooded character, the no less famous Al Capone.

Trailer released this week shows a transformed Tom Hardy

See Tom Hardy Al Capone in Josh Trank's Movie Trailer Coming May 12 on VOD

An unrecognizable Tom Hardy to play a breathless gangster

Posted on April 15 on Youtube, the trailer for the new feature film by Josh Trank, the director of Fantastic 4, reveals the famous gangster in the guise of a transformed Tom Hardy. Because it focuses on the last years of Al Capone’s life and the decline of his empire, born during the prohibition era to become one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world to the point of supporting the American landing in Sicily during the Second World War, the film depicts the fall of a man and his physical and mental health. This is how we find a Tom hardy with a bald head, enlarged and covered with scars, the hallmark of the famous godfather nicknamed “Scarface”, with a smoking cigar and always easy on the trigger. He plants the role of a breathless Capone upon returning from his eleven-year prison sentence, a sentence that will take him through the famous Alcatraz penitentiary, then that of Atlanta, before being released on bail. due to his health problems which would follow him until his death in 1942.

A feature film that focuses on the end of life of the most famous American criminals

See a transformed Tom Hardy in Josh Trank's Al Capone movie

A VOD release for the film Al Capone with Tom Hardy

Originally titled Fonzo and scheduled for 2018, Josh Trank’s film Capone with Tom Hardy should finally be distributed on VOD from May 12. Its theatrical release having been canceled due to the coronavirus, a return to the cinema could nevertheless take place during the summer, depending on the evolution of the situation.

Victim of the coronavirus and the closing of theaters, Capone by Josh Trank and with Tom Hardy will arrive on May 12 on VOD

Discover Tom Hardy in the trailer for the film about the end of Al Capone's life. Released on May 12 on VOD