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Warner Bros. announces the arrival of Matrix 4

Warner Bros studios are coming to officially announce on Tuesday a fourth installment of the cult science fiction film The Matrix was in the works. Twenty years after the release of the first, which has become a classic of the genre, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are expected to reprise their respective roles as Neo and Trinity..

Warner Bros. announces the return of Matrix

Warner Bros. just announced the upcoming arrival of Matrix 4 with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss

The production press release also states that Lana Wachowski, formerly Larry until 2010, who co-wrote and co-directed the first three episodes of the Matrix saga with her sister Lilly, formerly Andrew until 2016, is expected to again to be behind the camera for this fourth episode, which she is writing this time in the company of Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell. A comeback that doesn’t seem to displease her, as she finds the Matrix concept more relevant than ever: “Many of the ideas we explored with Lilly 20 years ago are more relevant today”.

Matrix 4 will be directed by Lana Wachowski

Matrix will be written and directed by Lana Wachowski, creator of the first three parts of the saga with her sister Lilly, formerly Larry and Andrew

With the return of its leading actors and management, sixteen years after the release of the third installment of Revolutions, the production seems to be applying the proverb that you don’t change a winning team. This is a piece of news that thrills fans of the film phenomenon of the 90s and 2000s that marked the career of Canadian actor Keanu Reeves with a red iron. An enthusiasm shared by Toby Emmerich, the producer and boss of the group Warner Bros. Picture Group: “We couldn’t be happier to relaunch Matrix with Lana (Wachowski) (…) She is a true visionary, a creative and unique filmmaker. We are therefore delighted that she is producing and writing this new chapter in the Matrix saga “. Only notable change to the cast, Laurence Fishburne aka Morpheus should not come back, leaving his place to a younger actor.

Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves will return to their respective roles as Trinity and Neo

Matrix 4 announcement already thrills fans of Keanu Reeves aka Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss aka Trinity

The Matrix trilogy, which began in 1999 and continued with Reloaded and Revolutions in 2003, has enjoyed international success, grossing over $ 1.4 billion at the box office. The saga has become cult for an entire generation, with its conspiratorial storyline and cult martial arts scenes performed by Keanu Reeves in a leather coat and sunglasses. Filming is scheduled to start next year.

Matrix 4 announcement comes 16 years after the release of the latest episode, Matrix: Revolutions

20 years after the release of The Matrix, Warner Bros. formalizes the return of the cult science fiction saga with episode 4