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Decorating the apartment with decorative stone

The use of stone in interior design is no longer a gimmick. This finish pleased most designers who highly appreciated the advantages of natural material. Let’s see how to fit a decorative stone finish into the interior, in what styles it will look the most harmonious, why do designers love it so much and not only.

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Advantages of decorative stone

As a decoration for interiors, this material is one of the most practical, due to its properties:

  • hygiene and environmental friendliness – eliminates the possibility of mold and any fungus, therefore, decorative stone trim is perfect for a bathroom and kitchen;
  • strength and durability;

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  • unpretentiousness in cleaning – it is enough to periodically wipe the decorative stone with a soft brush or rag, it is better to avoid rigid metal mesh and active abrasive agents;
  • decorative stone is a non-combustible material, therefore it is fire resistant. And this is the key point regarding its choice for facing fireplaces;



  • goes well with many materials – from parquet boards and wood to glass and metallic gloss;
  • variety of assortment – there are both glossy and matte stone surfaces, and in texture – smooth or rough;
  • the richness of patterns and shades allows you to decorate the interior so that it is original and absolutely unique;

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  • modern decorative stone is a completely lightweight material that can destroy or deform walls.

It is obvious that the use of decorative stone in interior decoration has undeniable advantages, thanks to which this natural material is a welcome guest in almost any room..

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Basic principles of interior decoration with decorative stone

The main principle of decorating an apartment with stone is a sense of proportion. If “take a walk” and decorate all walls from floor to ceiling with stone, the effect will be exactly the opposite of what you want: instead of warmth and a cozy home environment, you will get a crypt or a cave, staying in which will bring depression and coldness. Therefore, using decorative stone in the design of rooms, you need to correctly assess the height of the ceilings, the area of ​​the room, its stylistic direction, the level of natural light, which side the windows face and whether they are present at all.

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Most city apartments do not differ in high ceilings and spacious large rooms, therefore, decorative stone is most often found in the decoration of private houses and country cottages. If, nevertheless, you really want to bring an accent of monumentality and at the same time more comfort to the design of an apartment, with the right approach, the stone can be used here as well. Let’s consider some examples of its use in a standard city apartment:

  • part of a wall trimmed with stone is a great way of zoning a room. Especially if the layout of the apartment is made in the form of a studio, thus you can visually divide the kitchen space and the living room, as well as the bedroom and the study;

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  • in a two-level apartment, it will be good to use stone masonry near the stairs;


  • an interesting idea – to decorate one of the walls of the hall or hallway with natural material, or to lay out interior arches with decorative stone;


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  • stone and all natural materials look very organic in the places where the equipment is located. And in order to reduce the stress on the eyes and ears, it is better to choose for the stone cladding exactly those areas where the computer or TV is working;

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  • decorative stone looks great in the kitchen, replacing the traditional tile backsplash.

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We can endlessly talk about such examples of the use of this luxurious natural material. But first of all, it is important to understand that in a small apartment with insufficient amount of natural light, you need to limit the use of decorative stone. In this case, it is better to choose a light type with a porous structure..

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Decorative stone and interior style

Few materials fit into the interior as harmoniously as decorative stone. He will be a welcome guest even in the strictest, laconic styles like techno or hi-tech..

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This style of interior decoration is completely devoid of details and decor, so the stone accent here will become a kind of zest that attracts attention. In minimalism, walls completely covered with stone are extremely rare, but its use as a zoning of a room is very welcome. Perhaps the deliberate texture of the masonry will contradict the atmosphere of minimalism, but the plain semi-glossy smooth slabs will ideally complement the laconic interior. It can be dark gray shungite, beige sandstone, pink shale with a gray tint..




One of those styles in which, without a doubt, decorative stone fully manifests itself in all its glory. And although the original loft rooms provide for traditional brickwork, you can safely use stone finishes of brown limestone or grayish breccia instead..


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Classics and neoclassics

In these directions, the stone is found in all its diversity – from uneven and textured marble to its perfectly smooth counterparts..



Castle style

Looks great in the interior of large country houses and cottages, but definitely not in city apartments. In combination with metal forged elements (candelabra, stairs, fireplace grates), an abundance of wood (ceiling beams, furniture, floors), the stone finish looks very noble. It should consist of stones of different sizes, between which the grout stands out. Light dolomite and warm sandstone will look cozy and organic.

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High tech

Despite its urbanism, high-tech welcomes wall cladding with decorative stone, because it is he who is able to emphasize the spectacular neighborhood of glass and metal.

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Decorative stone is a natural material that opens up endless possibilities for creative imagination. Aesthetic appearance, reliability and practicality, hygiene and environmental friendliness – all this allows the use of stone cladding in its entirety.

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