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Wall decoration in the bathroom: beautiful design options in the photo

Everyone dreams of a beautiful and cozy bathroom where you can relax and unwind, but creating a successful design is not so easy. For a successful interior design, it is best to contact the designers. Wall decoration is the main factor influencing the design of the bathroom and its perception, which is why you need to carefully approach the choice of materials that will be used.

black and white classicceramic tiles in the bathroom

snow-white bathroomwood finish bathroom large bathroom with original finish two-tone bathroom finish bathroom decor tiles

PVC panels

Installation of such material is very simple, so you can do it yourself. In order to cover the walls with PVC panels, you need to clean the walls, and then assemble the frame for paneling, it is best to build it from wooden blocks with a special impregnation. Alternatively, metal and plastic profiles can be used.

After all the preparatory processes, you can start sheathing the frame with panels, you need to fix it with screws, and dock with the built-in locks. The side of the bathtub and corners are treated with a sealant, and plastic corners will help to hide defects. Before starting the installation of the wall, it is best to treat it with special impregnations so that fungi do not form under the panels..

bathroom decoration with PVC panels


Tile is currently the most popular material in the bathroom, because it is very practical, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. In addition, the tile is very convenient, as it is easy to clean, which means that cleaning will be simple. The tile has a very original design, and the choice of pattern is simply amazing, which will allow everyone to create a unique bathroom.

It is better to invite professionals for the installation of plates, however, you can familiarize yourself with the stages of work in order to be able to control their activities:

  • Leveling and cleaning the walls, then they will need to be primed.
  • Markup.
  • Styling. During work, special glue is used, which is diluted with water in the proportions indicated in the instructions.
  • Grout. The solution is mixed, with the help of which the seams are covered with a rubber spatula, and all excess is removed with a rag.

creative bathroom decorationmarble finish

Waterproof paint

Painting bathroom walls with waterproof paints is an interesting and affordable option. When choosing a paint, you need to take into account its moisture-resistant characteristics in order to avoid disastrous consequences..

It is best to use latex paints as they are resistant to moisture, grease and dirt. In order for the paint to lay down as correctly as possible, you need to prepare the walls.

Preparation stages:

  • Cleaning walls from previous coatings, degreasing the base.
  • All irregularities must be removed, for this it is best to use plaster or putty (you need to use special types of materials with latex or acrylic). The wall should be perfectly flat, for this you can use sandpaper, carefully processing the surface of the wall with it.
  • Painting the wall with paint with a brush or roller.

bathroom finish in white and blue

Original options

In addition to the standard options, there are also original ideas that are increasingly used in order to create a unique design. Among the options below, everyone will find one that they like.

marble in bathroom decorationoriginal bathroom finish  gentle tones for bathroom decoration unusual bathroom design


One of the most unusual and original options for decorating the walls of the bathroom will be linoleum. This option is not very popular, but it is affordable, and the installation is very simple, because everyone can handle it.

For wall decoration, you can use both ordinary floor linoleum and special models that are designed for walls. Assembly glue is used for the sticker, but first you need to prime the base. By welding (hot or cold), the seams must be sealed, problem areas are treated with silicone sealant. The main disadvantage lies in the small choice of colors, it is better not to use dark colors, as they will visually reduce the dimensions of the room.

linoleum on the walls


The use of mosaics for decorating the walls of the bathroom is an original and interesting option, which is the most beautiful and expensive at the same time. With the help of mosaics, you can create a truly unique interior. Mosaics can be made of glass or stone, as well as ceramics or other materials..

Now in stores they sell ready-made mosaics that are glued onto a polymer net. It is enough to calculate the amount of materials that is needed, purchase and carry out the installation with your own hands according to the same principle as the tile.

luxury bathroom finishesfinishing the bathroom with small tilespanel bathroom decoration

Decorative plaster

The technical characteristics of modern decorative plaster make it possible to use it for decorating bathroom walls. The plaster has an acrylic base and special additives, which make it moisture resistant, due to which it will not lose color, it will be able to serve for many years.

Advantages of using decorative plaster:

  • Vapor permeability.
  • Wide range of.
  • Prostate in care and maintenance.

decorative plaster

Additional elements of wall decor in the bathroom

With the help of stickers, you can make the walls more interesting and original, focus on the drawing that complements the design of the bathroom. You can buy ready-made stickers or make them by ordering a print in the printing industry, thereby placing the desired photo or picture on the wall.

You can decorate the tiles with natural small shells, which will create a pleasant atmosphere and a relaxing design. They need to be glued at the corners of the tile or in the middle of it to create a seascape. For the ultimate experience, seashells are combined with sea stones.

Painting a bathroom with drawings is another original option for decorating walls. If someone you know has artistic talents, then you can ask him to paint the walls in an original way, to make them thus unique. It is best to paint the walls painted with paint. A drawing can be created not only with a brush, but also by gluing rhinestones, stones.

In general, it is worth noting that the choice of material directly depends on the preferences of the owner, as well as the style direction of the apartment. Best of all, strives for the unity of style, but this does not prevent in any way from creating a unique design of the bathroom, using original ideas or materials for decoration. What the bathroom will be like is a question that everyone must answer for himself, after which he will be able to start decorating the walls.

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