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Wall stencils: painting options

Stencils are a convenient tool for decorating the walls of a room or apartment as a whole. They are an alternative to classic wall designs and can bring a fresh twist to the interior. If the ideas of decorating walls with wallpaper, paint or banal plaster remained not interesting, then stencil patterns will come to the rescue, which can surprise and satisfy the desires of a whimsical owner with their originality.

black flowers on a white walltrafaret-dlya-sten-34trafaret-dlya-sten-22trafaret-dlya-sten-57-850x1024white drawing on black wallDecorating walls with stencils has a number of advantages and positive factors, in particular, you can get an original and special interior that has no analogues. This is logical, because painting and painting are always considered a unique method that can please with their originality..

wall decor with cats wall decor in the nursery geometric shapes on the wall It should be noted that drawings using a stencil can be applied not only to walls, but also furniture, entrance doors or even the ceiling. This is what makes this type of decoration universal and unique. Another advantage of using stencils will be that you do not need to be a talented artist for them, because covering walls and furniture with patterns does not require skills, and everyone can cope with it.

yellow wall with flowers yellow flowers on gray wall yellow ornament for walls

Where to start

Initially, it is necessary to choose the optimal pattern, it should be noted that the pattern should not only please the owner of the home, but also correspond to the style of the apartment or a single room. For example, geometric shapes and patterns will be ridiculous in the rococo style, but they can perfectly fit into a bedroom or living room, made in high-tech style..

classic wall decor

Of course, you can use a ready-made stencil, for this it is enough to go to any hardware store, choose a drawing to your taste and purchase it at an affordable price. However, all this is stamping and there is little originality in this, it would be much better to devote a little time to this, creating a unique stencil yourself. If a person has at least minimal artist talents, then in just a day he can create an original stencil with an interesting drawing, ornament or pattern, subsequently creating a unique room with a peculiar design. If creative talents are bypassed, and you cannot create a stencil yourself, then you can also use one of the ready-made options on the Internet. It is enough to find a suitable drawing and print it on a printer..

white flowers on a red walllarge patterns on the wallPatterns for stencils can be selected to your taste and, in principle, there are no restrictions, but it is best to refuse drawings with too small details. The thing is that during painting, such a thing can happen that the paint will flow out of the borders of the drawing and spoil the entire aesthetic appearance. Also, small patterns and elements are bad because from a distance they will look incomprehensible, sloppy, which will also affect emotions and home comfort..

stencil nautical themetrafaret-dlya-sten-49As soon as the ornament or drawing is ready, you need to start choosing the material for the stencil. Often, plastic or thick cardboard is used as this tool. The choice falls on them, since they are distinguished by high density, which will avoid gaps in areas with a thin partition between the elements of the pattern. They are also good because they do not get wet from the paint, which means they will not roll up or curl up. In principle, you can use ordinary paper, but first it must be laminated so that the surface layer can repel the paint, and you can use the stencil several times.

stencil in the bathroomstencil on bathroom walldelicate pattern on the wallchrysanthemums on the wall

Drawing technique

There are several basic techniques for applying an ornament to a wall or other object:

  • Solid – only one color is used.
  • Combined – used when using several colors, not suitable for beginners due to its complexity.
  • Volumetric – the stencil is made using a putty applied with a spatula. The drawing will be velvety, you can create a drawing with a 3D effect, since the thickness of the drawing varies from 1 to 3 mm.

original pattern on the wall in the nursery shades of gray in wall decor birds and animals on white backgroundSeparately, it should be noted the technique – anti-stencil. It differs from others in that it is necessary to paint over a small area outside the stencil. This process creates a glowing effect that looks very interesting. Often, ordinary paint in a spray can is used for this..

floral print on a turquoise wall drawing on the wall at the head of the bed

Choosing a suitable place

In principle, there are no tips, but it is better to use stencils on large planes, for example, an unused wall. However, it should be borne in mind that the drawing should not look dull there, which means it should be large in size..

stencil in blue tones stencil on the wall with the image of the world map stencil drawing in light colorsstencil with oriental ornament stencil dandelions in the children's roomstencil drawing in gray tones

You can use a stencil to play around with sockets, switches, some kind of shelves or cabinet. In the latter case, it will be interesting to apply over furniture from an object that theoretically should or can stand there, this will create an interesting effect.

DIY stencil creation

In order to create a stencil you need:

  • drawing;
  • plastic or hard cardboard for making a stencil;
  • «carbon copy»;
  • pencil and small knife;
  • Scotch;
  • training surface;
  • perfectly flat surface in order to cut a stencil on it.

After the material and pattern have been selected, you should start transferring the image to the surface. Initially, you need to translate the drawing using «carbon copies» or felt-tip pen, attach the image with tape. Then, with a clerical knife, unnecessary areas inside the drawing are cut and removed. To do this, the stencil must be placed on a surface that will not be a pity in case it is accidentally damaged by a knife. The main thing is that it is extremely flat and smooth..


Stenciling the wall

Before you start drawing on the wall, you need to prepare it for this, for this you need the surface to be dry and extremely clean. Then, with a simple pencil, you need to make marks to determine the place and edges of the drawing. After that, with the help of tape, you need to attach the stencil to the wall, alternatively you can use a special aerosol glue, it is much better.

3Having prepared the site, you can start painting, the brush should not be very wet, and it is better to apply the paint at right angles. After completing the work, you can carefully remove the stencil so as not to damage the work done.


Now you can enjoy your work and start thinking about the implementation of new ideas..


In general, the use of stencils is an opportunity to create an original interior, to bring to life original ideas and ideas, and most importantly, you can do all this with your own hands..

black and white wall graphicsbright accents in wall decor bright circles on the wall bright prints on the walls black branches on the wallbright flowers on the wallfamily tree stencil wall decorstencil pattern in the corner of the room ebony with birds black cats on a light background colorful circles on the wall unusual pattern for wall design original wall decoration in the bedroom brown flowers on the living room wall stars on the wall the image of elephants on the wallsymmetrical pattern on a bright wall