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Wallpaper combinations in room design

In fact, in almost any residential or working volume, the walls have the largest area. Due to this topological property, every room needs a particularly careful choice of wall decoration. To achieve a unique and impressive result, there is no need for a grueling search for expensive and limited edition wallpapers. After all, there is the possibility of a huge number of combinations of quite ordinary roll wall coverings. Nowadays it is becoming fashionable to compile canvases of various patterns, textures and colors on the walls..

Wallpaper combination

The laws of visual perception and the practice of design solutions make it possible to quite clearly define several types of such combinations..

Vertical delimitation

With this method, rolls with different colors and types of patterns are used to decorate the walls, but the thickness of the sheet and its textured properties should be the same for all fragments. The most represented here are compounds of different saturation performances of the same color (monochrome version). Or, on the contrary, the construction of a wall image is based on the alternation of sharply differing colors (contrasting method). In addition, different types of the pattern itself are combined. In one combination or another, purely geometric and floristic motives can coexist..

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The eye can definitely be attracted by the alternation of contrasting stripes with large and clearly traced flowers. This is how the walls are pasted over if they intend to give the interior the style of a kind of nostalgic retro. Vertical division, among other things, gives a good chance of marking individual zones in the room, which can have various utilitarian purposes..

 Horizontal differentiation

This technique is based on the alternation of horizontal stripes and lines. So you can profitably set off the positive properties of all other design, in whatever style it is created. Here, tint or contrasting alternations of different colors are also allowed. The width of the stripes here must be kept in direct proportional dependence on the height of the ceiling. In this case, mixing of different textures of the finishing material will also be quite appropriate. Vinyl wallpaper, for example, can be separated by stained areas and cork cover.

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The combination of horizontal stripes from the same vinyl and textiles or silkscreen is well perceived. The depth of the relief at first gives the wall the effect of artistic plaster. The latter have a diluting soft and fine texture on the surface. The complex forms a kind of imitation of finishing with natural materials. Adding liquid wallpaper to this variation range further expands the range of wall design possibilities.

 Inserts and patchwork

To embody such a design solution, the wall must already be pasted over. To form the inserts, thick and dense pieces of wallpaper on a non-woven base are used. The shape and size of such inclusions are taken in accordance with the chosen general style of design and the geometry of the room. The classic decoration assumes regular rectangular details made of natural fabrics, surrounded by a frame made of thin strips of some third color. Neoclassical and modern trends noticeably expand the sector of selectable shapes and configurations..

Photo wallpaper inserts

Pasting with wallpaper patches

Probably the most time-consuming is to paste over the wall exclusively with wallpaper patches, which are carefully fitted at the joints and create the impression of a single motley canvas. Nevertheless, this technique is quite capable of satisfying the most liberated imagination and whimsical taste. With due diligence and accuracy, even any macro image can be recreated from individual pieces, be it a landscape, a portrait, a copy of a painting or a recognizable architectural monument..

Pasting with wallpaper patches

In any case, the combination of various wallpaper fragments in one way or another can transform the most ordinary wall into an eye-catching creative work..

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The nuances of gluing with horizontal wall decoration

Choosing a horizontal method of wall decoration, one must be prepared for some of the difficulties of its implementation. Here you cannot violate a certain gluing algorithm. The strips must be glued from top to bottom. The lower canvas should slide over the upper one with some overlap, which cannot be immediately coated with an adhesive. Adjacent stripes are cut clearly butt and glued along this line only after the main glued sheet has dried. If these principles are not adhered to, then due to unequal narrowing during drying of fragments from different materials, gaps may appear between them..