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Solid wood parquet – plenty of good reasons to invite raw charm into your home

Are there any decorative elements that define our interior better than the walls and the floor themselves. A simple change of coating could completely transform a room, so as to register it in a very precise aesthetic. It is not surprising then to see parquet playing the role of sun in the world of floor coverings. Warm, solid and above all very versatile from a decorative point of view, parquet is an all-purpose solution that can be adapted to any decor style. And its multiple virtues are maximized when you dare the version solid wood parquet. Find everything you need to know about this noble material in the following lines.

What is a solid wood parquet ?

Even though the name says it all, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish solid parquet from the rest of the parquet floors available on the market. It is therefore impossible not to define this type of parquet before presenting its advantages and disadvantages. Unlike engineered parquet where only the top layer (wear layer) is actually made of wood, in the case of solid wood parquet, we speak of a coating which is made of 100% natural wood. As for the species, you are spoiled for choice – between oak (French favorite), beech, chestnut and other traditional woods that you choose according to your needs and the desired aesthetic effect. Aside from it, there is a whole range of exotic woods known for their strong and rot-resistant character, which are particularly suitable for damp rooms, including the bathroom. In line, the choice of solid parquet is done very easily, the address book being quite well supplied. Preferably turn to a manufacturer with long-standing craftsmanship, such as our editorial staff’s choice – Protat floors.

Solid wood parquet to create a real family cocoon

the virtues of a solid wood parquet floor idea for living room with light wood parquet blue armchair wood coffee table other vintage furniture

What are the advantages of solid wood parquet ?

But apart from the very rich range of species, solid wood still has many other advantages that deserve our attention. First, its ecological nature, which in addition to giving an authentic character to the interiors it adorns, also gives an ultra warm and very welcoming character to the space. Secondly, it is the technical performance of the wood that we particularly appreciate – robust character, solidity, lifespan that could extend over several tens of years, etc. The solid wood parquet also offers perfect sound insulation that goes hand in hand with thermal properties that should not be underestimated. Its thickness is finally quite large, solid wood is just as easy to renovate with a simple sanding gesture.

Solid wood parquet – a decorative solution for any room in the house

a solid wood parquet for all the rooms of the house white and gray kitchen with light parquet deco kitchen open to dining room living room

And what disadvantages of this type of parquet ?

Generally very difficult to find, we can possibly talk about two main disadvantages of raw wood parquet. To quote first, his pose which is downright impossible to achieve oneself. From there, the need to turn to a professional in the trade because the installation of a wooden floor is a real carpenter’s art. This, especially if the coating is not glued but nailed to the joists. The latter process is certainly the most widespread but requires certain skills. And then there is also the price criterion, on which the wood greatly exceeds the rest of the materials. Quite expensive, however, natural wood is an investment that is totally worth it in the long term, given its longevity..

Assign the pose to a professional in the trade 

laying nailed parquet on joist solid oak parquet light wood how to install solid wood parquet

How to decorate with a wooden floor ?

Depending on the type of wood chosen and its treatment (vitrified, oiled, waxed, aged, stained, bleached parquet), the parquet could become this central element of the room which sets the tone for the rest of the decor. Solid oak or beech parquet is an excellent idea for modern, minimalist and uncluttered interiors. Combine with white walls and you have a great Scandinavian style decor. And if you add a few plants, the result would be decidedly zen. In general, all light woods are very suitable for creating these two moods just mentioned. Dark hardwood floors on their part are a superb idea for an industrial or rustic decor. Nothing is forbidden or impossible unless you have a clear idea of ​​the decorative result you would like to achieve.

Wooden floors to create a wide variety of atmospheres

solid wood parquet to furnish a rustic bedroom with raw wood furniture and white walls