A countertop bar – ideas for efficient use of space in the kitchen

a bar counter is often used in small rooms such as a studio for example to separate the kitchen from the living room. It thus avoids installing a table which will tend to take up a lot of space in a cramped place. A worktop is often straight, placed against a wall. However, it is possible to play originality with a bar counter round, corner or island. The worktop bar is also in vogue in American-style kitchens, that is, open to the common room. In a modest-sized room, plan to install (or have installed) a bar worktop with shelves visible from the kitchen area. For a clear and designer atmosphere: The support of the worktop bar can be in painted wood in the same color as the ceiling, the top can optionally be composed of a worktop covering with a light marble, granite or simply effect. in wood like clear varnished pine. For a rustic atmosphere: The support of the bar worktop will be in noble wood such as walnut for example. The support of this work plan can be adorned with facing stones. Choose high stools that match the material of your bar countertop.

A worktop bar for the functionality of your kitchen


A good bar worktop will add a decorative touch to the interior


The countertop bar will help you keep order in the kitchen


… And can be really pretty…


Worktop bar in an American style kitchen with yellow decoration


The space becomes more practical with a bar counter


It’s so comfortable …

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We hope you liked our proposals for bar counter and you have found interesting ideas for your interior.