Kitchen under the stairs – small idea to save big space

Long neglected, the enormous decorative potential of the staircase space is now being rediscovered and better exploited. Starting with the cupboards, continuing with the little cocooning reading corner, and ending with the office corner or even a kitchen under stairs. Yep, you never thought about it? Yet it is quite possible! Today, we will give you lots of advice and tips to properly arrange the slope under the stairs without overloading it.

Linear kitchen model under straight staircase

light gray kitchen decoration black splashback wall black central island stools white suspensions under the slope

Why adopt the kitchen under the stairs ?

The main reason for having a kitchen area under the stairs is often the lack of sufficient space. Popular in small studios with a mezzanine and in any accommodation concerned with wasted space under the slope, this type of kitchen is a great space-saving solution. In fact, a simple walk-in closet, a bookcase or a cupboard under the stairs only offer additional storage space. Arranging a whole kitchen under the stairs allows you to fit a whole nook, even an entire room of your house in this niche with enormous decorative potential. Hence the fairly large scale of the savings made. So, this is also a possible idea in case you want to free up space and offer yourself an additional surface area..

White Scandinavian kitchen under colorful stairwell

wallpaper to decorate a stairwell under stairs with elegant white kitchen

What staircase to accommodate a kitchen ?

Then, the choice of installations and furniture to accommodate under the steps would depend on the character and design of the staircase. That is, is it a straight or a quarter-turn staircase? With or without landing? Are there risers? The triangular configuration of the space under the stairs makes it quite difficult to fit out. The downward part of the stairs in particular is often impossible to use, in the absence of a tailor-made solution. We could possibly think of filling it with a trash can, for example, or another utility object. And yet, if you are considering a kitchen cabinet, the most appropriate design would be the low quarter-turn. This would allow, in many cases, the installation of a low prefabricated kitchen cabinet.

Low quarter-turn staircase easily convertible

pastel blue kitchen under mezzanine wooden staircase original kitchen cabinet table surrounded by black and white chairs

Is the tailor-made solution the only one possible? ?

Of course, if your goal is to place the kitchen cabinet under the stairs, the “tailor-made” and the “modular” are sometimes the only possible solutions. Hence the need to seek the help of a professional in the trade. He would be able to offer you suitable solutions to exploit every corner of your home. Better yet, it would allow for a design that is not only personalized but also sometimes original and extraordinary. Yes, the unusual configuration of the underside of the stairs requires creative solutions! However, the kitchen cabinet itself is far from the only option that can be converted in this space..

Standard kitchen under high staircase

golden brass effect backsplash white low cabinet wooden table chairs upholstered in fabric light wood parquet oriental rugs arrangement under open staircase

How to arrange the space under the slope ?

However, to get into the concrete, we give you below some of the most popular design solutions. First of all, take the necessary measures and choose the one that would be best suited to the space you have.

A kitchen cabinet whose cupboards and drawers follow the contours of the staircase. It is the kitchen in particular that requires the highest degree of customization. Usually, the part that slants is the one with unusual shaped storage – triangle or trapezoid. If you decide on a conventional low kitchen cabinet, you could possibly fit in some decorations or shelves. And so much the better if the piece of furniture blends into the staircase or the piece of furniture itself serves as a staircase. Have you never thought about it? Here is an example to show you how it goes.

Kitchen whose steps are kitchen cupboards

wooded kitchenette studio with wooden splashback black worktop blue sofa decorated with bohemian chic cushions

A cupboard / kitchen cabinet that we will most often choose sliding for the elegance thanks to which it blends into space. In a kitchen that does not care so much about the lack of space, the sloping cupboard offers the possibility of multiplying the storage space. Because we must admit – additional storage – we always need it. Preferably, we will choose the color of the front of the cupboards so as to associate it with the color of the walls. Thus, its presence will be subtle and minimalist.

Closet under the stairs that blends into the space 

kitchen cupboards under wooden and stainless steel stairs ideas for kitchen with concrete effect minimalist design

Appliances may well find its place under the stairs unless its dimensions allow it. In the upper part, a fridge would, for example, be well built-in. As for the part with small height, on this, the stove is possibly the one that can fit there. To make better use of the space, you could combine household appliances with some storage space.

Shelf and fridge under the stairs – creative idea for under the stairs

pastel green fridge white shelves open white kitchen under staircase scandinavian desing

Open shelves floating to give lightness to the space. Plus, it’s a great way to add a little decorative touch to the kitchen, by displaying its finest crockery. Very easy to install, the great advantage of shelves is the fact that you can place them wherever you want. They turn out to be minimalist kitchen equipment and very clever to exploit the high space, just below the stairs.

Small vintage kitchen area under staircase with open shelves at the top

chic vintage apartment deco with white fridge gray cabinet marble worktop open wood and metal shelves deco under stairs

The bar under the stairs is a great idea, if you’ve always dreamed of having such a corner in your kitchen. Here is a little extra charm in the kitchen that lovers of cocktails will surely appreciate. The idea is then ideal in case you are used to organizing aperitif evenings. You can still think about displaying your more exotic liquor bottles to reinforce the bar feeling..

Arrange a bar area under the stairs – a design idea to consider

open wooden shelves under wooden staircase white kitchen cabinet and gray worktop opening onto dining room

Custom lacquered wood kitchen fitted under white staircase

lacquered wood kitchen with green LED lighting wood central island and gray worktop black bar chairs white and gray stairs

Modern kitchenette perfectly fitted into a contemporary interior

gray triangle backsplash white kitchen cabinet gray sofa yellow armchairs minimalist under staircase deco

Built-in cupboards and appliances under the stairs 

black and wood kitchen decor under the stairs fridge central island wood and white janes stools original suspensions

white kitchen under wooden stairs wooden worktops table and mismatched chairs idea of ​​deco under stairs original

white kitchenette under the stairs with wooden doors open wooden shelves blue tiled splashback

Wood and stainless steel kitchen with custom storage

wooden kitchen with stainless steel worktop under the stairs with glass railing light wood parquet original white suspension

anthracite gray kitchen cabinet and gray panels white central island with white stools kitchen under stairs kitchenette

Mezzanine kitchen to save space

white kitchen below staircase example with central island white staircase design modern apartment

gray and granite kitchen under white staircase white splashback wall open metal shelves wall decoration plates white floor tiles

minimalist apartment deco layout under the stairs of a small white kitchenette with wooden worktop

gray and blue wall covering light gray central island pink color accents copper lamp

Removable staircase so as not to have to obey space constraints

example of removable stairs in kitchen yellow facade white brick wall white tiles hanging plants

kitchenette under slope black staircase white kitchen marble splashback accents industrial chic deco

small u-shaped kitchen area with large charcoal gray island stainless steel fridge colored carpet staircase above

Scandinavian white kitchen under Japanese style staircase

white cupboard under stairs large central pilot white corner kitchen and wood parquet light wood

white kitchen floor and brick wall covering wood and metal stairs

layout under quarter-turn staircase with wooden risers kitchen cabinet and splashback with bleached wooden planks

Small country gray kitchen under the stairs 

small gray kitchen under the slope with white worktop open wooden shelves country chic design

under the slope of white cabinet anthracite gray splashback central island concrete effect high wooden shelves

furnish a kitchen with raw wood and wood shelves under white stairs vintage chic country house decor idea

arrange a kitchen under mezzanine in light gray color central island and gray cabinet backsplash white paneling dark wood parquet fabouret wood

Open shelves under wooden staircase 

marble effect backsplash central island and light gray kitchen cabinet staircase not Japanese wood suspension bohemian chic

staircase separated from a glass roof kitchen cabinet and white island light wood parquet modern interior design

Chic loft space with industrial stairs

indstriel loft decor idea with black kitchen under mezzanine layout under stairs without risers

brown corner wall ideas black low cabinet storage wooden wine bottle under black staircase

low wood kitchen cabinet with mini bar granite countertop brick wall art black and white splashback

white under-slope cabinet gray staircase glass suspension open shelves chic open kitchenette

gray kitchen model under stairs with splashback white tiled wall black sink white worktop quarter turn staircase

kitchen cupboards under stairs wood kitchen decor and gray floor covering white worktop open shelves

Vintage storage units under the stairs with central island

white and stainless steel professional kitchen cabinet under stairs white central island tiled original floor

gray and stainless steel kitchen with dark floor covering green plant gray staircase

white corner kitchen with marble worktop and large kitchen island with light wood parquet floors stainless steel appliances

original white kitchen design with sleek and chic u-shaped kitchen island

stainless steel appliances and cupboard under wooden stairs kitchen wood and minimalist black