Matte black kitchen and wood – elegance and sobriety

The minimalist trend imported from Scandinavian countries in terms of decoration generally results in the use of white paint or other very light shade, supposed to bring more light inside, relatively rare in some regions. The furnishings will also be in a discreet but efficient style. Still respecting this standard of minimalism, black is gaining ground, supplanting white with its classy appearance and an innovative touch in terms of wall decoration. As we have known for a long time, the sobriety of black is synonymous with elegance, as Chanel demonstrated in her time, thanks to her “little black dress”. If black furniture is no longer new to our interiors, especially with the development of Ikea, dark murals are a bit more so. However, a distinction must be made between shiny black and matte black. Indeed, shiny black will bring slightly more light and tinsel thanks to its reflections, but these will also give it a glossy side a little too sustained at the risk of becoming a bit kitsch, not to mention the fingerprints that could cover. A black shade with a matte finish will bring this touch of simplicity and naturalness, which can also recall the feel of slate, depending on the grain of the wall or the material on which it is affixed. The matte black kitchen and wood blend very easily with a white background, while carefully bringing out the various objects therein, especially metallic ones. A somewhat daring choice that requires time to think, especially in terms of brightness, black also easily shrinks surfaces..

Matte black kitchen and wood decorated with copper touches

matte black kitchen and modern wood copper design

Matte black kitchen and wood on the worktop and the floor, with golden notes

matte black kitchen and light gold wood floor

Matte black kitchen and woody notes

retro black and mat wood kitchen with worktop

Stripped kitchen in a modern style with matte black wall and furniture and wooden worktop

retro matte black ikea kitchen wood and black and wood

Matte black open kitchen with central island and wooden bar

wood and black kitchen model fitted kitchens design

Matte black kitchen with retro notes with two-tone wall parquet

retro kitchen matte black ikea and wood parquet wall

Matte black kitchen furniture on wooded wall

small matte black kitchen model and wooden wall

Large matte black furniture and wooden central island in an open kitchen 

black and white kitchen design model light wood

Small modern matte black kitchen on white walls 

small matt black and white kitchen and parquet

Tiled kitchen with wooden wall shelves and sideboard with matte black accents

wooden wall shelves and matte black cabinet

Large matte black and wood kitchen

large open kitchen in matte black gray and light wood

Kitchen in matte black and wood length

lay out the long kitchen in matte black and wood

Small simple kitchen imprinted with black and wood

black and wood kitchen furniture on white wall

Kitchen open to dining room with matte black furniture and wooden island

fitted kitchens black ikea kitchen models

Large modern matte black kitchen shelves

kitchen storage shelf matt black dresser

Wooded kitchen in a minimalist Scandinavian style with sink and matt black designer worktop

wooden wall in kitchen modern sink countertop in matte black

Small retro kitchen mixing wood and matte black

black and wood retro kitchen layout idea

Kitchen with modern design and matte black tone

matte black design kitchen model on light wood worktop

Large wooden kitchen with matte black metal frame and fireplace

black and wood design kitchen with fireplace

Simple and modern kitchen in wood and matte black colors

simple black and white kitchen and light wood

Matte black and light wood two-tone kitchen wall shelves

kitchen cabinet wall shelf mat black and light wood

Black and light wood fitted kitchen

purpose of black and wood kitchen cabinet wood central island

Minimalist kitchen with large wooden storage and black sink

designer kitchen in light wood and matte black sink

Large professional-style kitchen mixing matte black, wood and concrete

Modern retro kitchen layout ideas matte black

Black and white kitchen on parquet

large black and white kitchen design on parquet

Large black kitchen sets with dining area on waxed parquet floor

retro kitchen dining room black and wood

Modern kitchen imprint of matte black and light wood

kitchen cabinet black and matt wood

Large kitchen equipped with numerous retro-style matte black wall storage

black and wood retro kitchen furniture wall shelves

Fully equipped kitchen and mat black wall

matte black kitchen cabinet facade on parquet

Large open and modern apartment

matt black fitted kitchen model and wooden furniture

Matte black kitchen with exposed light wood beams

central kitchen island mat black and light wood beam

Matte black kitchen furniture

mat black fitted kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen with designer architecture

modern design open kitchen model with matte black wall

Matte black and wood kitchen shelf

light wood shelf and matt black handle

Furniture and light wood and central island with matt black worktop

modern light wood kitchen and matte black island

Matte black wooden sink cabinet

matte black sink cabinet and light wood worktop

Matte black kitchen cabinet and wood on white background

ikea black and white kitchen scandinavian style

ikea kitchen model on wooden floors and furniture with black island

Fully matt black kitchen furniture

matt black fitted kitchen and central island

Matte black kitchen worktop and wood on white tiled wall

white tiled kitchen facade and matte black cabinet

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