The kitchen trend 2020 and its distinctive features

Very often, when you want to transform your home, you turn your gaze to the strong trends for the current season. Renovation or change of decor in the kitchen are among the most common projects in interior design. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the Kitchen Trend 2020 Specs to show you how to adapt your kitchen space to the modern spirit. Focus on the major points in the design of the contemporary kitchen.

Ultimate guide to the key elements to include in your kitchen trend 2020

example of kitchen wall color with wood cabinet repainted in blue, lacquered wood worktop with metal tap

Dark colors with predominantly black

This year, the classic white kitchen is undergoing a contemporary makeover by adopting dark shades such as black, gray and dark green. Dark tones invite themselves into the culinary space to give it a more dramatic and modern look. Black, in particular, fascinates not only with its power to create an elegant ambience but also with its easy maintenance and cleaning. In addition, it fits easily into any style (from a rustic decor to a contemporary design). Indeed, it is the black countertops, especially with a matte finish, which will make the real accent in the kitchen trend 2020. This predominant shade settles in the space also in the form of household appliances, cabinets and others. decorative accents. To achieve a more stylish and seamless look, you can combine black counters with cabinets of the same color chart..

Black comes into our interiors to add a touch of elegance and modernity

modern kitchen facade example, light laminate wood flooring, modern kitchen lighting ideas

Two opposing types of storage: closed cabinet and open storage

Practical and functional solutions are gaining more and more popularity. That’s why, it’s hardly surprising that contemporary tricks are used to tidy up the kitchen by hiding all small appliances, containers and utensils out of sight. Thus, the integral storage with sliding doors from the ceiling to the floor helps us to camouflage the chaos of objects and hide the cabinets..

In the meantime, open storage (in wood, metal or glass), which acts as transitional furniture between the kitchen and the living space, is still in fashion. In a modern design, shelves also replace wall units to contrast the raw elements and allow guests to display their precious dishes.

Storage units play a major role in the design of the contemporary kitchen

kitchen cabinets for open and closed storage, how to optimize space with wall storage cabinets

We put the emphasis on clean lines

modern kitchen decoration with white walls with closed dark brown wood storage units, kitchen layout with central island

The central island is the star in the kitchen

This classic element makes the kitchen more airy while providing additional workspace. While there are many decent designs out there, it is the one-tier model that ranks first when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. The extendable island with an integrated dining area is also a star in the modern kitchen, especially in the limited space where we are looking for a solution to accommodate more people without having to install a large dining table.

The modern central island combines functionality and aesthetics

gray kitchen model with brown wood parquet, example island with integrated dining area, light rail for kitchen

Linear lighting and pendant lights

As in every space, lighting is a major factor in establishing a comfortable and modern ambience in the kitchen. For this, linear luminaires are proving to be an excellent alternative. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between contemporary design models or more classic vintage style models for example..

Pendant lights from them are still very current. They are good enough to divide the space into small areas. So you can choose a hanging lamp model to illuminate the dining area or the space above the island. On the other hand, bright color accents will also be a key trend this year, so you can go for a fixture in a bolder shade..

Pendant lights and linear lighting: two excellent alternatives to illuminate the kitchen

what type of lighting for a modern kitchen, concrete effect paint ideas for the modern dining room, kitchen trend 2019

Matte finishes give an ultra modern air to the space

pendant lamp in gold and matte black finish, island model with matte countertop, modern kitchen model with dark blue furniture

The materials that invade the culinary space 

Inspired by minimalist trends, contemporary designers continue to value natural materials in interiors. Wood and stones, therefore, are two key words in the kitchen 2020. To create a stylish and simplistic decor, we opt instead for models in a single material (when it comes to the choice of splashback, shelves or counters ).

Metallic accents and luxurious finishes remain highly appreciated in the decor. Gold in all its forms: rose gold, black or shiny gold, sublimates appliances and objects while bringing a stylish touch to the kitchen. For an elegant but relaxed look, try mixing different metals (copper, brass, silver).

Natural materials and metallic accents reign supreme in the kitchen trend 2020

kitchen wall colors with wood cabinet repainted in pastel shades, wood frame wall for the kitchen, fireplace effect wall shelf

Beautiful white kitchen model with matt green furniture and black elements

modern wood and white kitchen idea, kitchen layout with central island with marble worktop and matte green cabinets

Decoration in the spirit of hygiene and well-being

To give a modern look to your kitchen, Scandinavian trends are a fantastic option. Clean lines and matte finishes, for example, will create a minimalist and modern vibe. Green plants and designer pieces are a great idea to add a natural touch.

Scandinavian style and well-being decor are at the top of the trends

white and black kitchen decor with wood finish, kitchen wall color with light wood cabinet, dark gray panels wall covering

Add some pep to the white kitchen with some accents in vibrant colors

idea what color for a kitchen, kitchen layout with island, kitchen splashback model in white brick tiles

Paint of earthy shade to dress the walls of the modern kitchen

what paint for contemporary kitchen walls, kitchen cabinet model with matte black countertop and marble base cabinets

Various models of modern kitchen design that mixes contemporary style with retro chic trends

kitchen wall color ideas with wood cabinet, kitchen layout with open and closed storage island, marble worktop model

Dark shades create a sophisticated ambiance in every room

black marble splashback idea, modern kitchen layout with black marble central island, type of lighting above island

Deco in white and matte black with copper accents

suspended ceiling model with light rail, what color for a modern kitchen, white and gray decor

Perfect example of a stylish kitchen with wooden furniture and matte black walls

kitchen wall color with wooden cabinet, tall cabinet in matte black, wall storage with light wood shelves

Modern lighting at different levels

matte black kitchen facade model, modern kitchen lighting, example of splashback with under cabinet lighting

Furniture with recessed or automatic opening handles is on the rise

modern kitchen decoration in black and wood, kitchen top units in matte black, closed storage without handle

Fantastic idea for the layout of an open and spacious kitchen

contemporary interior design in a large open kitchen, suspended ceiling model with led spotlights

Contemporary design in dark tones

kitchen color trends 2019, kitchen models in matte black and charcoal gray, kitchen decor with island table

What color to associate white with?

how to combine colors in a kitchen, modern L-shaped kitchen model with central island

Integral wall storage unit to hide all items

minimalist design in a kitchen with clean lines, what color for a kitchen, closed storage without handle

what color to combine gray with, kitchen layout idea in parallel with an island, marble effect worktop model

Choice of original splashback that makes a key accent in the decor

kitchen trend 2019, low kitchen furniture in matte black with copper handles, example kitchen storage with hooks for utensils and dishes

What paint color for a light wood kitchen?

dining area in a large modern white and wood kitchen with raw wood dining table, stone effect splashback

Charcoal gray kitchen and wood with white ceiling

kitchen facade idea in matte black, closed and open wooden storage cabinet, large kitchen layout with dining area

low kitchen cabinet model in blue, kitchen lighting with hanging lamp in white and gold, splashback idea in resistant wallpaper

Central marble island with small integrated dining area

iron kitchen cabinet with glass front and dark wood bottom panels, high cabinets in matte black

spacious kitchen decor with island and dining table, wall and ceiling idea for kitchen, low furniture in gray

The pastel pink storage brings a note of freshness to the room

gray and white kitchen model with wooden parquet floor, open wall storage units in pastel pink color

modern wood kitchen interior design with white furniture without handles, what paint for kitchen with dark walls

Serene and elegant decor with neutral colors and wooden accents

how to decorate a Scandinavian kitchen with dark wood furniture, example wall storage with shelves

rustic wood kitchen facade idea, white and wood kitchen decor with metal finishes, kitchen model with island

L-shaped kitchen with marble design wall covering and gold sconces for a luxurious design

trendy kitchen wall covering 2019, kitchen base units in green with silver handles, gold wall light

small space kitchen model with white walls, furniture idea without handles in dark color, metal finish decor

Kitchen open to the living room with white walls and matte black and wood furniture

modern kitchen decor in white and black with wood furniture, kitchen layout with dual-material island in wood and matte black countertop

modern kitchen decoration with central island in terracotta color, white kitchen furniture with silver handles

Refresh the culinary space by opting for green furniture

green kitchen facade ideas, white kitchen with wooden floor and tiles, white splashback example

kitchen model with pale green tiled splashback, light wood kitchen cabinets with white worktop

Contemporary design with island model impressive

how to arrange a kitchen, closed kitchen storage with doors without handles, modern kitchen model

exe; ple of small modern kitchen with wall storage, trendy painting idea 2019 for kitchen

Matte black worktops are a highlight in the modern kitchen

example of kitchen wall color with wooden cabinet, splashback covering in shades of blue tiles with dark cabinets

what color for a kitchen, kitchen cabinets in dark gray without handles, wall storage with dark wood shelf

What color with dark wood?

how to arrange a modern kitchen with island, idea of ​​integral wall storage with wooden shelves with back panels in gray

kitchen decoration in white and black, marble tile splashback model, kitchen layout with island with white worktop

Mix the rustic style with elements of contemporary decor

rustic style interior design with exposed wooden beams, kitchen with stainless steel equipment and white walls, wall storage with wooden shelf

what paint for a kitchen, contemporary interior design in a kitchen with mustard yellow and gray walls with white ceiling

living room decoration with stone wall, wall covering idea for living room, open kitchen layout

Welcoming and relaxing atmosphere

how to decorate a kitchen in scandinavian and bohemian style with brick effect wallpaper, modern kitchen decoration white and wood kitchen models

modern wood kitchen with gray walls and concrete effect tile floor, black kitchen worktops, dark wood kitchen fronts

small kitchen layout with matte black cabinets, kitchen decor with black island, kitchen flooring with wood flooring

Dark colors and linear furniture 

modern kitchen model in anthracite gray and black, modern lighting idea for kitchen cabinet

retro chic kitchen decor with dark green wall paint and white beamed ceiling, kitchen layout with island

contemporary design in an open kitchen with island, example kitchen cabinet for closed storage from ceiling to floor

White and gold shelves that replace wall units in the kitchen

kitchen layout with central island, example white kitchen cabinets with golden handles, marble worktop

kitchen wallpaper model in black and gray, trendy kitchen wall covering, kitchen decor with central island

what paint for a kitchen, kitchen decor with dark gray walls with white ceiling and wooden and black furniture

open kitchen layout with central island, white kitchen cabinets without handles, example kitchen splashback with natural stone effect

industrial style kitchen layout with gray and wood island, wall covering idea with brick effect wallpaper

Lighting suspended above the island and the dining table

what color for a kitchen, retro style kitchen model with light gray cabinets and splashback in white wood panels

how to arrange a small white kitchen, example of kitchen splashback storage with metal shelves

Black is the accent in the kitchen trend 2020

kitchen decoration in white and black, concrete effect tiles pattern, matte black kitchen cabinets, anthracite gray kitchen facade

kitchen splashback model with brick tiles, modern kitchen decoration with dark blue matte color cabinets

kitchen model with wooden furniture, kitchen layout with dining area, idea of ​​led lighting for kitchen ceiling

Favorite combination: marble worktop and wooden furniture

how to decorate a modern open plan kitchen with a dual material island in wood and marble, example of a modern wood kitchen

what lighting for modern kitchen, wall storage with white shelves, white kitchen worktop

kitchen facade idea in blue, kitchen layout with central island, wooden floor covering, white worktop

modern kitchen decoration with wooden floor and matte black cabinets, white worktop, marble kitchen splashback

retro chic kitchen decoration and modern style, matte blue kitchen cabinets, wood worktop model

Idea how to arrange a small white kitchen

contemporary kitchen decoration in white and black, kitchen cabinet without handles, white kitchen model

modern kitchen model with matte black cabinets and gold handles, wall storage idea with white wood shelf

modern wood kitchen, kitchen layout with central island in dark green and marble, iron wall cabinet

modern kitchen worktop idea in black, white kitchen decor with dark wood furniture and stainless steel hood

example of a brown wooden kitchen splashback, gray kitchen worktop with white cabinets without handles

The blue chairs completely transform the decor

white kitchen decor with metallic effect tile splashback, open kitchen layout with island

retro chic style kitchen model, dark green kitchen cabinets with golden handles, idea of ​​exposed wooden beams on the ceiling

modern white kitchen decoration, white marble kitchen splashback model, example wall storage with shelf

contemporary design in a white kitchen, kitchen layout with central island, contemporary design lighting model

Open kitchen decor with corner fireplace

how to decorate an open kitchen with a concrete fireplace, lighting fixture model suspended above an island

what color for a kitchen 2019, island model with black marble worktop, kitchen storage idea for herbs

example of a white and black kitchen fitted with dark wood furniture, white brick effect tiles splashback idea

fitted kitchen model with matt blue furniture, kitchen layout with stainless steel central island, wall kitchen storage

how to arrange a kitchen with island, marble counter and splashback model, lacquered wood floor covering

Contemporary design wall-mounted storage cabinet

contemporary design in a white and gray kitchen, wall storage model with wooden back panels

example of retro style kitchen with charcoal gray wall and white ceiling with exposed beams, kitchen decor with dining area

how to arrange a white kitchen, white kitchen furniture with gold handles, kitchen countertop ideas

Trendy kitchen 2020 with matte black walls

how to decorate a kitchen with matte black walls with pastel colored furniture, example white tile splashback

wall storage unit with wooden shelves, small kitchen decoration with white countertop and matte black cabinets

kitchen splashback idea country style with white brick effect tiles, white kitchen model and wood

how to decorate a modern white and wood kitchen, example of kitchen lighting with metal pendant lights