The kitchen with central island – decoration and design ideas


To make an original decoration of your kitchen you can choose a decoration from the kitchen with central island – very current and practical. This is a good choice for those who love to cook – they dream of a large worktop that is very comfortable on the central island. Here you will see some original design ideas and even idea how to make your own model by hand that suits your decoration. Normally to have a kitchen with central island you need a large room – for the space to be comfortable it is false that there is a distance of one meter and the whole kitchen must be minimum 3.5 meters.


It is important to decorate the central island and arrange in your unique style. To do this you can take an idea from our article – we have look like the best examples of contemporary decoration.


The materials, shapes, colors and sizes are different – it depends on your taste and the available space. You will see kitchen models with round, small, large, rectangular, rounded central island and many more. And also a large choice of colors for the worktop and entire kitchen decoration.

kitchen-with-central-island-white - wood-floor

This is how you can make a pretty central island with cheap boards


A kitchen with luxurious white central island


Cozy kitchen with central island


The central island can also be metallic


Original decoration for a kitchen in vintage style

kitchen-with-central-ivory-island - wood-and-soft

A book shelf in the central island


A small vintage table for a practical and comfortable kitchen


Why not make a central kitchen island in the garden?


Very comfortable country style kitchen


A simple table, instead of the central kitchen island, is a cheap option


Current colors – strong and fresh and how to decorate the central island with them


If you have a smaller kitchen – get a central kitchen island with a built-in table


Cozy du Home, sweet home!


A unique design solution for a small kitchen island of art


Natural wood is a popular material


A central island can be practical and small too


We hope you liked our ideas for kitchen with central island  and you found something interesting for you!