Tiled splashback – a mosaic of possibilities

The splashback is one of those decorative elements that sometimes takes a back seat but often turns out to be decisive in the final result. Indeed, it will generally accompany or on the contrary contrast with the overall atmosphere of the room. We will thus find colored patterns in a general plain shade, white on a dark background, or, as in the examples below, a metallic finish in the middle of a classic decor, bringing a remarkable and noticed cachet imbued with modernity and luxury. Although there are many options as to which one to choose, the tile splashback remains the most common, especially for the variety of styles it concentrates. Thus, the shape of the elements, their area, color, finish, allow almost total customization of this part of the kitchen, combined with the choice of furniture in particular..

Metal finish tile for a luxury effect

Tile splashback with copper metallic finish

copper finish metal style tile splashback for a luxury design kitchen decor

Gold metal tiled splashback model

Golden tile style kitchen backsplash with shiny copper gold colored tiles

Too much for some, the height of style for others, splashbacks with a gold or silver metal finish are tending to become a new trend, generally appearing in a decoration tinged with modernism and design, through its brilliance.

Mosaic-style splashback

Mosaic style kitchen splashback with golden finish

kitchen wall tiles small gold metal tiles for design splashback

Wall and splashback composed of small silver earthenware for a modern industrial type decoration

large kitchen splashback small gray metal silver tiles as wall tiles in industrial design kitchen

Credenza in small shiny red squares

backsplash for kitchen small red tiles for red gray white decor

small tiles of anthracite gray kitchen backsplash style earthenware

glossy white glss and anthracite gray kitchen backsplash with small tiles

Mosaic in shades of gray for kitchen splashback

kitchen backsplash model with small tile three colors gray

Silver mosaic type credenza

original gray metal shiny splashback tile for modern kitchen decor

Small mosaic-style tiles are a classic of the genre. A style that can sometimes appear outdated, but the choice of colors and rendering can turn out to be more modern than you might think.

Hexagonal shaped splashback

Original kitchen backsplash imitation pearl metal tiling

idea of ​​original kitchen backsplash hexagon style with pearly metal finish

Hexagonal shaped wall tile in gradient gray

gradient gray hexagonal kitchen splashback for a modern decor

Small hexagon tiled splashback in marbled finish

kitchen wall tiles for marble white gray splashback with small hexagonal tiles

Glossy white hexagonal tile splashback

white kitchen wall tiles for original hexagon shape tiled splashback

Small hexagons for this contemporary black dress

photo splashback modern blue gray kitchen with hexagonal black tiles

Hexagonal white kitchen splashback and wall tiles

glossy embossed hexagonal white kitchen tile for wall splashback

Hexagonal kitchen backsplash decorated with blue and white in a vintage style

Hexagonal tile plates blue and white decor mosaic style kitchen backsplash to glue

Decorated tiled splashback

Mustard yellow decorated tile backsplash

mustard yellow kitchen backsplash model with vintage sunflower type decor

Credenza tiled with small decorative tiles in red and gray tones

decorative earthenware tiles for kitchen splashback vintage style red gray

White and black patterned tiles as splashback and wall decoration

black and white decorative wall tiles as a kitchen splashback above the worktop

Backsplash tiles with colorful vintage patterns

geometric decorative faience tiles model in colors for kitchen backsplash

Decorative kitchen backsplash in purple and pastel green

a plate to cover kitchen wall tiles pastel purple mandala patterns

Rectangular or “metro” format tiling

Glossy anthracite gray rectangular splashback tile

glossy anthracite gray rectangular tiles for kitchen splashback

Rectangular matt black tiled splashback 

kitchen backsplash for mat black tile splashback with rectangular tiles

Blue kitchen backsplash composed of fine rectangular tiles

thin strips of shiny blue tiles for white kitchen wall splashback

White wall tiles composed of rectangular plates forming the splashback on petrol blue wall background

adhesive rectangle white kitchen wall tiles as white splashback on petrol blue peacock wall

Simple glossy white splashback to match glossy finish furniture

simple rectangle glossy white metro tile backsplash in modern kitchen

Bright yellow splashback tiles on a charcoal gray decorative background

yellow tiled kitchen splashback model on charcoal gray walls

Mauve kitchen tiles

glossy purple mauve kitchen wall tiles for tiled splashback

Matte white splashback tile

matte white wall tiles as a modern white kitchen splashback

backsplash for kitchen in shiny blue gray green tiles and gloss white furniture

Hood bottom

Square hood bottom with gray decoration

square backplate style backsplash in gray decorated glass hood

Fancy hood background with map of NYC

square backsplash style glass hood for wall with new york city metro deco

Mosaic tile imitation hood background

imitation glass hood bottom mosaic tiling vintage green burgundy square

Hood base with slats in natural colors

square plate as hood bottom with colored ornamental slats in stone style

Splashback made of blue tiles striped with white

blue striped kitchen splashback model on white wall

decorative kitchen wall tiles with triangle pattern splashback type

kitchen wall tiles for glossy white splashback and modern charcoal gray furniture

Marbled splashback in traditional white kitchen

Marble style kitchen backsplash in gray white tiles for white decoration

Apple green tiled splashback and bamboo pattern hood bottom

kitchen tiles for splashback with large apple green plates and bamboo hood base

kitchen wall tiles for colorful kitchen backsplash

glossy marble imitation kitchen splashback for countertop renovation ideas

hood base and splashback imitation shiny stainless steel metal tiling

blue earthenware tile model for kitchen splashback

wall tiles for kitchen backsplash deco geometric pattern shiny white

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