A narrow wall in the living room: product features and room decoration options in different styles

Until recently, this type of furniture, such as a wall, was present in almost every house or apartment, and this design was a set of cabinets with shelves of various configurations, many spacious compartments with doors and drawers in which services, collections of various books and things, put on a TV and other equipment. Modern walls differ from the products popular in the past in a more stylish and lightweight design, which allows you to choose the right option for rooms of any shape. Today we propose to discuss the arrangement of the interior of the living room with the help of a narrow or, as they say, a compact furniture wall. What design options exist for this, and how you can beat similar types of furniture in the living room interior, you will learn further.

A narrow wall in the living room – furniture features

Since the living room is always in sight and performs many functions, its arrangement should be approached with all responsibility. Here it is important to pay attention to every detail, from finishing materials to a selection of decorative elements, textiles and furniture. Today, in the catalogs of furniture stores, you can find many furniture ideas that impress with their design, unusual shapes and other details. At the same time, the walls intended for placement in the living room have a number of features..

If earlier the installation of such oversized furniture meant storing everything that could fit there, nowadays, such structures serve both as a storage place and act as a decoration of the room..

Modern furniture walls are multifunctional, complement any interior style, save space and help visually adjust the geometric shape of the room. Especially when it comes to non-standard and narrow spaces.

And most importantly, the narrow walls for the living room have a fairly wide range, and the depth of the products can vary from 30 to 35 or 40 cm..

Varieties of narrow furniture walls

All wall models for the living room can be divided into several types, and the mini-format products proposed by the designers are also no exception..

Modular walls

The main feature of such walls is that they are made up of component parts. In other words, all details and objects, for example, dressers, shelves, shelves, wardrobes or cabinets, can be selected individually and placed in the room in any order..

Case models

Products of such a plan are considered a standard option and consist of a certain number of items that fit tightly to each other. Such furniture can occupy the entire wall or only part of it. It all depends on the wishes of the buyer..

Built-in constructions

The main advantage of built-in walls is the maximum space savings. In addition to the fact that narrow models already have a depth of no more than 40 cm, so they can still be compact «hide» in a wall or niche. The overall design of the room with such furniture looks very interesting and original. One «but», the opportunity to additionally purchase the missing item, as, for example, in the version with modular structures in this case is absent.

Corner walls

Products of this kind have recently become more and more popular. They blend perfectly with any interior style, contribute to the successful organization of the space and help to avoid the feeling of emptiness in the corners. Such walls are not inferior in spaciousness to larger specimens, they look compact and attractive.


The design of these models very harmoniously combines mini size, originality and style. Suspended structures do not weigh down the interior, they can consist of a variety of objects, and due to the special wall mounting method and shallow depth, they seem weightless.


Walls with such an original name, as a rule, have a massive bottom, if I may say so in versions of narrowed designs, and a looser and more open top. In other words, all storage units, cabinets and drawers are located at the bottom of the product. For the top, the presence of shelves and glass showcases is acceptable. Slide walls have many configurations, so they will be an excellent decoration for a living room of any size.

Wall with wardrobe

Despite the fact that at first glance it is very difficult to fit a lot of things into a wall 35 or 40 cm wide, designs that include a glass cabinet are not inferior in popularity to models without them. Similar options are installed along one of the walls. If desired, you can give preference to the corner structure.

Narrow wall with chest of drawers

An equally popular option for arranging a living room is the purchase of a furniture wall with a chest of drawers. And in this case, you can look at one of the examples where the chest of drawers completely occupies the entire lower part of the structure, or give preference to copies in which the product of the same name is part of a set of several furniture items.

A narrow wall for the living room: color and design

According to the designers, everything in the living room should be kept in the same style, therefore, when choosing suitable furniture, you should pay attention not only to the functional side of the product. The color and design of the furniture wall in this case also plays a significant role. The shade of ivory, beige, white, milk oak or walnut will be the perfect solution for lovers of furniture in light colors..

For connoisseurs of dark colors, we suggest paying attention to wenge-colored walls or models of chocolate, black or gray. Creative personalities can make the living room look brighter and more creative. Yellow, orange, lilac, blue or red furniture in this case looks very interesting, a little unusual, but attractive and positive.

As for the surface of the wall, here you can play with matte, glossy and semi-gloss products..

Living room wall in different styles

The miniature size and shallow depth of the furniture walls for the living room is not at all an obstacle to choosing a product suitable for the overall style of decoration. The depth of cabinets or shelves in this case is not a hindrance at all. For classic interior styles, it is important to choose beautiful and elegant specimens made of natural wood with characteristic shapes, curves and decor.

But in modern styles, you can experiment a little. Walls with simple shapes and laconic design will be an ideal complement to minimalism. High tech «adores» monochromatic glossy surfaces, metal parts, glass and lighting. For an interior in the art deco style, the presence of jewelry, expensive materials and other chic is acceptable. Wooden facades in muted colors with characteristic abrasions and other details will be a great addition to Provence. Open shelves or cabinets with glass doors look especially gorgeous in such narrowed wall models..

A furniture wall in the interior of a living room is an excellent solution for those who want to simultaneously get functional, beautiful and stylish furniture. Moreover, the options for narrow models proposed in our article additionally save space and are in no way inferior in terms of external attractiveness to larger structures.