Barak7: which industrial sideboard is right for you?

If you are a decoration lover, you have surely heard of the Barak7 industrial sideboard. This furniture is renowned for the comfort and originality it brings to the dining room. Find out here what there is to know about this exceptional buffet !

Why choose the Barak7 industrial sideboard ?

the Barak7 industrial sideboard is part of the range of industrial products of the Barak7 brand. It comes in a clean design and boasts a quality you won’t find anywhere else. This type of furniture has a charm that is not easy to describe. In its design, it is composed largely of wood and / or metal which gives it all its strength, resistance and vintage look.

Fortunately, the industrial sideboard by Barak7 is available in several low-rise and regular-rise models. Feel free to Choosing a barak7 industrial sideboard if you want to change the look of your main room. Like shine, the Barak7 sideboard does not lose its strength over time. As if that weren’t enough, you can go for different styles of this sideboard. Whatever your preferences, with Barak 7, you are sure to find the living room furniture you need.

In addition, you can benefit from delivery of your industrial buffet right to your doorstep.

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What are the models of Buffet Barak7 that you can order? ?

It exists different models of this industrial sideboard that you can adopt after renovations. In these, you will surely find the one that meets your aspirations and matches your purse..

The recycled wood sideboard 1

If you have an average apartment and focus more on design, the recycled wood sideboard 1 is the one to see first. It is 90cm wide, 90cm high and 40cm deep. In addition to being made from black metal and recycled wood, it has been polished with matte. No wonder he is stunningly beautiful and above all, radiant. You can also arrange it as you wish. Choose the recycled wood sideboard 1 for an unusual decor in your living room !

Brooklyn industrial wood and metal sideboard

The Brooklyn industrial wood and metal sideboard

The Brooklyn sideboard is made from solid mango wood. It also benefits from an anti-stain treatment. Matched with carbon on the metal parts, it maintains its industrial aspect while being sophisticated. Get this piece of furniture and enjoy an original decor !

100% metal or bleached sideboards

Wood is not all in the spotlight at Barak7. Metal is just as well exploited for the production of certain buffets such as Sixties Design. The whitewashed buffets are rather a preference for those who like decoration on the Indian theme. If you are looking for a storage cabinet in the living room that is both original and luxury, you have certainly found your favorite piece of furniture.

The industrial teak sideboard

Teak wood is highly prized for its color and natural smell. There is a suite of industrial barak7 sideboard models that are designed with this natural wood. You will find sideboards with casters and others with simple legs.

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