How to choose a hanger: which option should you prefer for different types of clothes?

Did you know that the type of hangers you store your clothes on affects the condition of your belongings? If you’ve underestimated the question of a clothes hanger, it’s time to learn more about this wardrobe item. This will not only make you enjoy your favorite blouses or dresses for longer, but also make it easier to organize your wardrobe..

What clothes are suitable for hangers?

First, think about what kind of clothes should be on the hangers? First of all, one that wrinkles or can deform if stored folded on shelves. These are, of course, shirts, jackets, dresses, coats and skirts..

 Interestingly, hanging sweaters on hangers is a common mistake. This, unfortunately, can lead to premature aging of your belongings. You should be aware that fibers can stretch under their own weight. This, in turn, will cause the sweaters to become shapeless and look bad. Therefore, if you want to take care of the condition of your wardrobe, fold the sweaters and place them on the shelves..

Which hanger should you choose? Types of models for clothes

To begin with, consider which hangers are the best solution. First of all, they need to be strong to support the weight of heavier clothing. It is thanks to this that your clothes will not slip off the hangers and fall to the bottom of the cabinet..

The best choice is wooden hangers or those made of hard plastic. The latter are less environmentally friendly, but cheaper and lighter. You should definitely avoid thin and lightweight wire or plastic clothes hangers. Sooner or later, you will find that your clothes will slip off of them..

Once you understand that a wooden hanger is the best option, focus on specific types of these accessories. You should be aware that certain hangers are designed to hold specific items of clothing..

Profiled hanger – most often made of wood, metal or plastic. Clothes hangers of this type are shaped like the line of human shoulders. Thanks to this, you can store clothes more or less the way they fit into the figure..

These thinner garment hangers are ideal for shirts, blouses or light jackets. For coats, down jackets, or leather jackets, use profiled clothes hangers with a slightly more chunky design. This will avoid deformation of the material and, as a result, the unsightly arrangement of outerwear..

Clothes hanger with clips Is the perfect item for storing elegant trousers or skirts. It eliminates the risk of delicate clothing falling and holds it well. On the market you will find wooden and plastic hangers for clothes of this type, while the former are much more durable, as their metal clips provide a better grip on the held clothes..

Round hanger – will work especially well if you have scarves and shawls in your wardrobe. Accessories of this type will not fold and will be very easy to access.

Hanger for delicate clothes – will be used to store delicate dresses or blouses. It is equipped with additional accessories that allow you to hook the ribbon on the dress so that the product does not fall off the hanger. This type of wooden hanger has cavities that allow you to hang dresses on, for example, on ropes.

How to choose a floor hanger?

An additional wooden floor hanger is also a good idea to make keeping your clothes organized at home easier. You can store, for example, your favorite clothes that you usually wear. It’s also a good solution to avoid accidentally scattering everyday items in the corners, if you currently don’t want to put them in the closet, you can always hang them on such a permanent hanger. As a result, you will not only take care of the quality of your clothes, but also maintain order in the room..

Correct selection of wardrobe hanger kits

It is worth choosing all the hangers in the same form. If you want your closet to look really neat and aesthetically pleasing, then all the clothes hangers that look the same will give the impression of order. Wooden or white plastic hangers look especially good as they have a slim style, unlike their flamboyant counterparts, for example..

Hallway idea

If possible, a wardrobe and a clothes hanger are ideal options in the hallway. The best solution is a wardrobe in which you will store your most used jackets, coats and shoes. But you also need a place in the hallway where you can hang wet coats and jackets before you put them in your wardrobe. A clothes hanger should not only be functional, but also pleasant to look at..

If the apartment is made in a modern style, then the clothes hanger should be modern, if you are fans of the classics, then place the traditional version. Depending on the place, you can put the hanger on the floor or hang it on the wall. You can also design and manufacture custom designs with a hanger bar hidden behind a tall mirror. Thanks to this, the wet clothes hanger will fulfill its function, being completely invisible from the living room. If small children live with you, consider hanging baby jackets on a low level. It will be more convenient for you, because the children will be able to get the clothes themselves.

What hangers to choose for outerwear?

A good hallway should definitely have clothes hangers. In addition to its obvious function, it must fit well in the entire apartment. It is in the corridor that we meet and see off the guests. That’s why it’s worth making sure the hanger is a unique calling card..

Clothes hanger in the Thonet model

The traditional method of manually bending wood to produce selected furniture is a technique used by Michael Thonet, one of the best furniture designers. Hangers in the Tonet model are timeless furniture for the hall.

Thonet hangers can complement any interior design, both traditional and modern. It can be found both in the bedroom and in the design office. Thanks to the multi-colored enamels, the hanger from this series can liven up a sad room. You can choose from black, white, gray, red and purple.

If you don’t have an idea for hangers, use the tips in this article. In the gallery you will find inspiration for decorating hangers in various styles.