Ottoman in the hallway: recommendations for arranging space in the corridor and tips for choosing such an accessory

Arrangement of the hallway is an important task, thanks to which it is possible not only to maximize the functionality of the room, but also to realize the most extraordinary design ideas. At the same time, depending on the size of the room and the taste preferences of the owners, a sufficiently spacious set of furniture and other items can be installed in it. In this case, a compact and comfortable ottoman can be called an indispensable attribute that simply must be in every hallway. After all, you must agree that it is much more convenient to take off and put on your shoes while in a sitting position than standing in full growth. And the most interesting thing is that such a product has many varieties, which allows you to choose an option for any stylistic direction of the interior, and, as a rule, does not take up much space, which deserves praise and applause. In our article, we propose to take a closer look at this type of furniture. About what types of ottomans can take pride of place in your hallway, and how to choose the right attribute, read on.

Ottoman in the hallway – the advantages and features of the product

Such an amazing piece of furniture as an ottoman is presented today in a fairly large assortment, therefore, having come to a furniture store, each buyer can easily select a suitable model for himself. Ottomans are made in relevant and convenient sizes, so they can be used to equip a hallway of any size. This is an ideal auxiliary surface and a cozy place for changing shoes, which once again emphasizes the ergonomics of this type of furniture..

In addition, such accessories can have a wide variety of designs, and can be used not only as a decoration for the hallway, but also serve as shelves, a comfortable shoe rack, an armchair or additional storage space for various things. In any of the options, the ottoman is practical and stylish furniture that will make the interior design more original and complemented..

Hallway ottoman with drawer

Models of poufs with a spacious storage box are a product that combines both a decorative and a practical function. By purchasing such an accessory, on the one hand, you get a beautiful attribute that serves as an excellent addition to a particular style of design. On the other hand, you have an additional compartment for storing various items, which is hidden from prying eyes. These ottomans have a low height and a soft lid, and in most products there are no sharp corners. In addition, such ottomans are lightweight, which allows you to move the product at your own discretion..

Varieties of ottomans with shelves

The purchase of this type of furniture allows you to supplement the hallway with several shelves, which, as a rule, are used for storing shoes, therefore such ottomans are often called shoe racks. The upper part of such devices, as a rule, is equipped with soft upholstery, on which it is pleasant and comfortable to sit..

As for the shelves, it can be both open horizontal devices and tilted options, shelves that can be closed with doors and combined models.

Models of ottomans in the hallway with a set

An equally attractive and multifunctional option for arranging the interior in the hallway is the use of a device in which the ottoman is a continuation of the hanger. This solution allows you to compactly combine in one place the area for the location of outerwear, hats, various accessories and an ottoman, which in turn can act as a shoe rack, supplemented with practical shelves or serve as a cabinet for storing many things. In most examples, such a furniture model is a vertical structure, where the hanger remains the dominant item. The ottoman in this case serves as a complementary detail..

Hallway ottoman

The use of a pouf-pedestal in the design of the hallway is a direct proof of the fact that modern furniture manufacturers are trying to satisfy the needs of customers as much as possible and are constantly expanding their assortment. And we absolutely agree with this, because a pouf cabinet is a simultaneous combination of a seat, a compact cabinet and shelves where you can store anything. Such a solution is relevant for arranging small hallways, because as you understand, several objects in this example are perfectly replaced by one and allow you to free up space from unnecessary accessories.

Living room pouf – types of upholstery and materials

Many buyers, when choosing a suitable model of an ottoman for the hallway, often forget that the cost of an accessory directly depends not only on the size and design of the product. In this case, the leading role is assigned to the materials from which the ottoman is made and of course the upholstery. For the production of the frame of such furniture, manufacturers use a variety of materials, including MDF, natural wood, rattan or metal. Products whose frame is made of MDF perfectly combine quality and reasonable price.

Modern rattan ottomans, at first glance, seem a little fragile. However, in fact, such an impression is erroneous, and such furniture has a rather long service life..

Poufs with a natural wood frame are distinguished by a high price, are considered an environmentally friendly product and look very attractive. As for the metal frames, it all depends on the personal preference of the homeowners. Such products are durable and look very stylish. The most common materials for the upholstery of ottomans are natural leather, eco-leather, velor or velvet..

Rules for choosing the right ottoman for the hallway

In order for the purchased furniture to meet all your needs and ideally complement the interior of the hallway, you need to be able to choose it correctly. Therefore, when buying an ottoman, as in many other cases, you should adhere to some rules. First of all, we recommend that you carefully examine all the connecting parts and fastenings on the legs, if they are provided for in the design. Also, do not hesitate to ask the seller for special documents confirming the quality of the materials from which the ottoman you like is made of. Well, and most importantly, the chosen model should be as suitable as possible to the general interior of your hallway, not have sharp corners and, of course, please all family members..

A soft and comfortable ottoman is an amazing invention that allows you to simultaneously add some zest to the interior and save money on the purchase of several pieces of furniture. Improve your hallway, because, as you know, this room is considered «business card» your home.