Ottoman in the interior – practical, comfortable, beautiful

A versatile piece of furniture – an ottoman, loved by many and has become an integral part of living rooms around the world. In our country, this practical and outwardly attractive interior element is also loved by many consumers. The Ottoman came to us from warm Turkey, where it was originally invented for use in the Sultan’s palace. The backless upholstered sofa was used primarily as a footrest. On such a comfortable and soft stand, you could stretch your legs and give them rest. Modern models of ottomans are more modest in size and most often are not made upholstered with expensive brocade, silk fabrics with gilded threads. Today’s Ottoman is practical and versatile – you can sit on it, use it as a pouf or put a tray of tea accessories and it will turn into a coffee table..

Ottoman in dark color

Ottoman with leather upholstery

Modern ottomans can be presented in different shapes – round and oval, square and rectangular, asymmetrical and pretentious. The upholstery of a universal piece of upholstered furniture is also distinguished by its variety – leather (artificial and natural), velor and velvet, linen and even short-cut fur. A variety of design options, colors and textures used for the manufacture of ottomans allows even the most demanding customer to find their own version..

Turkish furniture

Ottoman for the living room

Choosing the shape and design of the ottoman

First of all, you need to decide whether you want your ottoman to become the focal point of the living room, drawing attention to its unusual design or bright upholstery. If your goal is to create a colorful accent, a kind of island in the interior of the living room, then feel free to purchase a large ottoman.

Light island

Original furniture island

Given the small size of most typical apartments and the constant lack of storage systems, many manufacturers began to produce ottomans with lifting lids. You can sit on the soft surface of this multifunctional piece of furniture, use it as a coffee table, or fold inside the household items that your family members do not use very often, but you need to store them somewhere..

Ottoman and storage system

Unusual design

One of the most popular versions of the ottoman is the quadrangle. A square or rectangle looks great in the center of the room and, when attached to the wall, saves usable room space.

Laconic design

In gray

Unusual color solutions

A simple and laconic form in a monochromatic version of the upholstery will harmoniously fit into any interior style from traditional to modern. Perhaps such a design element will not become an accent, but it will definitely fit harmoniously into the overall picture..

In bright colors

Island in gray

Round poufs are no less popular. This can be either a structure with soft upholstery over the entire surface, or a table with a cloth only on the table top. Large, roomy round ottomans for sitting or resting legs, elegant models of modest sizes – you can find your option for any style of interior design of a living room or bedroom.

Elegant table with soft upholstery

Roomy round ottoman

Round ottoman with leather upholstery

In snow-white color

The round pouf-stand can be used both in the living room and in the bedroom, in the boudoir or workplace. Rounded models will be relevant in dressing rooms and even bathrooms – wherever there is a need to sit down or stretch your legs, put a tray or put a book.

Ottoman in the bathroom

Island in the boudoir

Original design

Small island for the bedroom

Some ottoman models are equipped with casters. During family gatherings, you can use the pouf as a stand for board games, for example. And if you need to free up space in the center of the living room, move the ottoman against the wall and it will transform into a seating area..

Mobile ottoman

One of the variants of the pouf-stand is a coffee table with soft upholstery. If your living room is hosting a party or private reception, this piece of furniture will provide everyone with extra seating. In other cases, you can use this model as a coffee table..

Upholstered table

Side table with leather upholstery

A more sophisticated version of the upholstered table is the design with a platform at the base. The convenience of such a model is that it can be used as a stand, a place to sit and store magazines, books or even utensils for tea drinking..

With a platform at the base

Table with storage system

Two types of tables

Convenient and practical piece of furniture

In modern design projects, you can increasingly find the so-called frameless models of poufs. The name speaks for itself – such pieces of furniture do not have a frame, the shape is kept only due to the original design, the interweaving of the main material, which fits a bag with polystyrene balls or other practical material. Apart from its main function. frameless pieces of furniture also perform the task of decoration, decorating the interior, raising its degree of originality.

Frameless poufs

Unusual design

An ottoman with a base made of natural or artificial rattan will not only be an excellent portable option for organizing a resting place on an open terrace, but also decorate an interior decorated in a marine style, with motives for decorating the so-called «beach house», in the style of Provence or shabby chic (with bleached surfaces).

With rattan base

Color solution – variety of ideas

The choice of color for the execution of the ottoman, which will be located in the center of the recreation area, will depend on whether you want this piece of furniture to become an accent or merge with the general color palette of the room in general and upholstered furniture in particular. If you cannot decide on the color of the pouf-stand, choose a light, neutral color and you won’t be mistaken. Perhaps such an island will not attract the attention of everyone present, but everyone will definitely like it..

Snow-white execution

In white

Elegant living room interior

Modern living room design

White is one of the most popular choices for upholstery. It is difficult to imagine another tone that would be able to give the image of the living room more chic, elegance and luxury. White color gives the interior cleanliness and freshness, makes even massive furniture weightless. For those who are worried about the difficulty of caring for white upholstered furniture, it is advisable to use models with leather upholstery, it is much easier to care for it.

Neo-classic with white furniture

Easy and graceful

In pastel colors

Snow-white composition

Gray has long and firmly entered modern design projects. The most neutral color can become the noblest. The main thing is to choose the right shade. Silver or wet asphalt colors, light ash or almost white – any of the options will harmoniously fit into a modern interior.

All shades of gray

Interior in gray tones

Cool palette

Colorful island

If the main upholstered furniture of your living room is made in a dark color, for the execution of the ottoman it is better to stay on a lighter solution. The same applies to the colors of the upholstery – if sofas and armchairs have a single-colored upholstery, then for a pouf-stand, you can use a variegated fabric. If the shade of the ottoman differs significantly from the color solutions of the rest of the upholstered furniture in terms of color temperature, it will be more harmonious to repeat this tone in the design of sofa cushions.

Original color solutions

Patterned upholstery

Contrasting combinations

An ottoman with a pattern or ornament will look original. This design will look especially impressive in combination with covers for decorative cushions made from a similar fabric..

Variegated upholstery

Ottoman-colored decorative pillows

Striped option

When choosing the color of the ottoman, you can focus not only on the upholstery of other pieces of upholstered furniture, but also on the textile design of window openings. Curtains or fabric blinds of the same color with the central island of the living room will give the room a completeness of the image, harmony and elegance..

Matching the color of fabric blinds

Harmonious combination

An ottoman of bright, colorful color instantly becomes the center of attraction for the eyes. Located, as a rule, in the center of the recreation area, and therefore in the center of the room, this piece of furniture becomes an island around which the rest of the upholstered furniture is built..

Bright accents

Bright living room island

The island is the center of attraction

A vibrant focal point

Natural, natural colors always fit organically into the interior of the premises. For modern living rooms, designers often recommend using different shades of beige. Such a choice will help create a pleasant and cozy interior, the atmosphere of which will be comfortable for everyone..

For a modern living room

In beige tones

Natural colors

Padded island upholstery is an important design aspect

Leather upholstery is very practical. Even if you accidentally spill a drink or drop a piece of food on a leather surface, you can remove the stain with a regular damp cloth. If you buy an ottoman with faux leather upholstery, you can save your family budget. Natural material will certainly last longer, but its cost is significantly higher.

Leather upholstery is practical

Leather version

Roomy leather ottoman

Effective design

Corduroy upholstery for upholstered furniture looks luxurious and ottomans are no exception. The colorful color, coupled with the corduroy design, makes this piece of furniture not just an island of the living room interior, but also the center of attraction for all eyes..

With corduroy upholstery

Natural fabric for upholstery ottomans is an excellent option for seating, because such material is capable of «breathe». Not to mention the fact that naturalness always looks expensive, attractive and stylish..

Natural fabric upholstery

Spectacular color combination

Ottoman cover

Upholstery made of short-cut fur or textiles imitating the skin of an animal, such as a cow, will look great in a country-style interior. It is better to use such a colorful upholstery color only in the central piece of furniture in the living room – in a soft island.

Country style

Short cut fur upholstery