Sloped dressing room – to organize your belongings well while optimizing space

Who says fitting out of attics, says techniques saving space. Yes, indeed to successfully decorate a room under a slope, it really overuses optimization tips. The number one rule to follow is therefore to bet on practical furniture. The latter will allow you to take advantage of every corner of the room and save you the risk of overloading the decor. In this article we will focus on walk-in closet. Very functional, it proves to be a very smart way to organize clothes, shoes and accessories.

Unlike any other room, the layout of the attic space imposes several constraints, which it takes into account. So, your task is not at all easy because you will have to develop a real planning strategy. As for the walk-in closet, you can create it yourself. However, our team advises you to entrust the task to specialists who will come up with a solution. tailored. They will know how to adapt the furniture to your taste, to the dimensions and specificities of the space.

Usually, storage depends on the degree of incline of the slope. There are generally two main types of walk-in closet – low closet and walk-in closet. Rather, the decision which of the two to adopt depends on the available space and the settings of your room. But of course the best solution is to combine the two. Most walk-in closets are actually made up of several parts. That is to say, not only wardrobes and cupboards, but also drawers, boxes and modular cubes. These transform the walk-in closet into a multifunctional piece of furniture that makes optimal use of space.

Always in order to make the most of the space, consider installing shelves. They could serve as storage for your jewelry or accessories. … Or for all those little things you never know where to put. Another thing to think about is protecting your belongings. For this purpose, you can either install a curtain, or swing or sliding doors which are again a fantastic space saving solution..

An idea of ​​classic and very elegant sloping dressing room. Wardrobe, several drawers, shelves and cupboards to store clothes, shoes and accessories in style

idea of ​​walk-in closet under slope, open wardrobe and cupboards, sheath storage for shoes and clothes

You may also need the right lighting. There, we advise you to fix LED lighting inside your furniture, preferably at height. In this way, the light can be installed in every corner of your storage under the slope. And finally, in case you do not know where to install your mirror, know that it could also be integrated in the door of your cabinet. In short, the key word in this article is functionality.

And so that this publication is useful to you as much as possible, we offer you several interesting models. We hope you will find the one that suits you best and we wish you good luck in the realization of your project..

How to fit out a wooden sloping dressing room with sliding doors? Here is a top solution!

Sloping wooden walk-in closet, with sliding doors, idea how to organize your things in a clever way

Deco bedroom under slope that any woman will love! Clever sloping wardrobe storage to optimize space

sloping walk-in closet, sloping female bedroom decor, wardrobe, shirts, open cupboard drawers, female bedroom paint and dressing table

A sloping wardrobe with designer sliding doors – perfect for saving a little space

walk-in closet with a sliding glass door, dresses, shoes, wardrobe, light parquet

Closet under the slope to organize your clothes and accessories

low sloping cabinet, cupboards, fitted with wardrobe, drawers, idea how to organize clothes, shoes and accessories

Sloping dressing room, fitted with wardrobe and shelves. A bedroom decor in the Scandinavian spirit

attic unit, wardrobe, open cupboards, clothes storage, jeans, bedroom in white, simple deco bedroom under slope

Unit under the roof with wardrobe, shelves and dressing table. A woman’s dressing room and a charming intimate corner

idea how to arrange a small dressing room, a separate space with dressing table, wardrobe, jewelry box, shelves, storage under the slope

A piece of furniture under the slope with several storage spaces to organize the chaos in your room 

adapted sloping cabinet, how to organize clothes and shoes, elegant dressing room idea

A suggestion of furniture under a wooden roof. Different types of storage designed to accommodate all our belongings

sloping walk-in closet, cupboards, drawers, wardrobe, wooden cabinet, clever storage to optimize space

Sloping dressing room which acts as a dividing wall. A great idea for the organization of the space under the roofs that comes to us from Scmidt

idea how to arrange a dressing room under slope, idea of ​​furniture under roof, dividing wall, matque schmidt

storage under the slope, various compartments, shelves, modular boxes, clothes boxes, wardrobe

wardrobe under slope, piece of furniture under roofs. lighting, wardrobe, storage column to put your things in order

Example of a walk-in closet inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics

example of a walk-in closet, a modular piece of furniture, open wardrobe, shelves and drawers, clothes organization idea

wooden attic cabinet, cupboard under the slope at different levels, cupboard, mirror integrated into a cupboard

dressing room idea under slope, wardrobe, several shelves and drawers, storage boxes, an idea how to arrange a large dressing room

idea of ​​furniture under huge slope, wardrobe, wooden furniture saving space to organize your business

Storage under wooden slope. A large original design dressing room

wooden attic cabinet, interesting design, open wardrobe, shelves, shoe and clothes storage

idea of ​​cabinet under roof, white open cabinet with drawers, idea of ​​dressing, organizer clothes

storage under the slope to organize your shoes and clothes, cupboard under the slope, attached beams

under-slope wardrobe with shoe storage shelf, under-slope walk-in closet in a vintage bedroom

An example of a walk-in closet, fitted with curtains and lighting 

idea of ​​furniture under the slope, dressing room with white curtain, wardrobe to hang dresses, shirts, coats, LED lighting

attic unit, wardrobe, cupboards and drawers, idea of ​​how to organize clothes and accessories

Attic cabinet, open wardrobe and accessory storage column, stylish woman's dressing room idea

sloping walk-in closet, double bed, dark parquet, wardrobe with sliding doors, wardrobe and other compartments, sloping bedroom decor

Cupboards under slope save space. Wardrobe and shelves to make sure all of our clothes are tidy

attic unit, wardrobe, open shelves, small dressing room idea to save space to organize clothes and shoes

under-slope wardrobe with hinged doors, wardrobe different levels, wardrobe, cupboards, white bedroom decor

idea of ​​furniture under the roof, wardrobe, clothes storage, accessories and shoes, open wardrobe

wooden sloping wardrobe at different levels, sloping cupboard, idea of ​​sloping wooden walk-in closet, built-in mirror

Deco baby room under slope. A wardrobe under a contrasting slope against the background of an essentially white decor

Deco children's room under the slope, rattan cot, wardrobe under the slope, idea of ​​golden stained attic furniture

Deco elegant bedroom under slope, bed, wooden furniture, wardrobe under slope at different levels, wardrobe, storage

walk-in closet, cupboards and wardrobe, furniture idea to store your belongings, built-in mirrors

sloping walk-in closet, wardrobe, shoe storage, idea how to use the comles space

A piece of furniture under the slope with sliding doors. Idea how to decorate and organize a child’s room

storage under the slope, wardrobe with sliding doors, rocking chair, chest of drawers, bed, children's bedroom under the slope deco idea

Sloping walk-in closet, shelving wardrobe, accessory storage bins, modular compartments, personal belongings storage idea

furniture under the slope, wardrobe and cupboards, a dressing table, idea how to arrange an attic bedroom

small white wooden under-slope wardrobe, simple under-slope dressing idea, how to organize clothes

idea of ​​furniture under the roof, sliding doors, shelves, drawers to organize clothes and shoes

Sloped walk-in closet, white sloped wardrobe and open shoe storage space on shelves, LED lighting

Storage under the slope, made up of several modular shelves. Great space saving in a Scandinavian bedroom

interesting design attic walk-in closet, modular shelves, wardrobe idea and storage cube, Scandinavian design

under-sloped cabinet, fitted with wardrobe and drawers, coat hooks to store scarves and hats, light parquet

Deco bedroom under slope, Scandinavian design, wardrobe, mirror, makeup and accessories storage, bed, white decor

storage under the slope, wardrobe, storage cubes, chair, Scandinavian design bench, white dressing room decor idea

A large walk-in closet in a vintage baroque style. Wardrobe and shoe storage

vintage walk-in closet, wardrobe, cupboards and shoe storage shelves, vintage walk-in closet idea

walk-in closet, wardrobe, cupboards and drawers, lighting, idea of ​​storage under the roof, wooden furniture

idea of ​​furniture under the slope, hinged doors, wood, wardrobe and storage shelves, how to organize your clothes

model of cabinet under slope, cabinet under roof Scandinavian design, carpet in black and white, stool, wardrobe and storage shelves

Brilliant idea of ​​storage under the roof – a cabinet designed by a concern of multifunction

drawer-type under-sloped cabinet, wardrobe, cupboards to optimize space, sloping dressing-room with an interesting design

white sloping wardrobe, wardrobe, clothes storage, idea how to organize and store your clothes

idea of ​​furniture under slope, wardrobe, drawers, shelves, idea how to store clothes and accessories