Sofa with orthopedic mattress: a smart purchase for your health

Back problems are often a significant reason for buying orthopedic furniture. And if you approach her choice with all responsibility and knowledge of the matter, good health and quality sleep are guaranteed to you. Today we will talk in more detail about sofas with orthopedic mattresses, namely, their advantages, selection criteria, varieties and main differences from traditional designs.

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Advantages of a sofa with an orthopedic mattress

The main mission assigned to sofas with an orthopedic mattress is to relieve tension from the joints and spine for the most comfortable sleep. But modern versions of such furniture have other advantages:

  • long service life;
  • a large number of unique transformation options;
  • a variety of colors and shapes;
  • hypoallergenic properties of materials;
  • the ability to choose a model for the interior;
  • ease of care, the ability to effectively cleanse dirt and stains;
  • a full set of necessary components (poufs, pillows, side tables).

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The cost of a particular model will depend on the complexity of the mechanism, materials, the presence of additional accessories, and the prestige of the brand. Affect the price and dimensions: the larger the sofa, the higher its price, and this is obvious, because more material will be required for its manufacture.

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How to choose a sofa with an orthopedic mattress: basic criteria

So, you definitely decided to put a sofa with an orthopedic mattress in your room. But before you go for a new thing, you should correctly measure the area where the sofa will be located. Do not forget that in the unfolded position it will take up much more space..

Pay attention to the feet – they should not scratch the floor, so make sure they have rubber pads on them. A great option is a sofa on wheels that can be easily moved, which is very convenient during cleaning.. 

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A functional element of most modern models is hidden niches and pockets in the armrests. It is very convenient to hide all sorts of little things here: TV remote control, napkins, chargers, calculator, etc..


The aesthetic appearance of the sofa is also important. The model you like should match the interior design both in shape and color. If there are small children in the house, it is better to buy a sofa with leather or unmarked upholstery. The leather-covered model is very convenient and practical to clean – any stains can be removed without difficulty.

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Pay attention to the passport of the goods. The developers always indicate the maximum load that the mattress can withstand. Also, look inside the sofa, a conscientious manufacturer will take care of the aesthetic appearance of the product from all sides.

Tip: before buying furniture, be sure to sit down or even lie down on it in order to fully feel how comfortable it is. Sellers do not have the right to prohibit you from this, since the thing is bought for many years and costs a lot of money..

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Sofa with orthopedic mattress for daily use

The orthopedic mattress has a special structure that provides the spine with a natural position and optimal relaxation. Unlike conventional sofas with holofiber filling or a spring block, models with an orthopedic mattress have the correct sleeping place and a reliable design from a medical point of view.


Orthopedic mattresses are made from environmentally friendly, high quality materials. Most often these are synthetic modern analogues of natural materials. They perfectly keep their shape, do not shrink under heavy weight, do not absorb moisture and foreign odors.


A distinctive feature of a sofa with an orthopedic mattress is an absolutely smooth and uniform surface in the unfolded position, on which there are no joints and height differences. Such furniture is considered ideal for sleeping..

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Sofas with an orthopedic surface are produced using a technology similar to the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses. Outwardly, such models do not differ from ordinary ones – the same attractive design, a variety of colors and patterns. An independent high-quality spring block accepts absolutely any bends of the human body, ideally maintaining it in the most comfortable state. The filling is elastic and soft. Typically, it is coconut fiber, which allows air to pass through, thereby providing good ventilation, or latex. In synthetic fillers, fungi, mites and all kinds of bacteria will never start.


Note: for people with spinal problems, the best option would be to buy a similar orthopedic chair together with an orthopedic sofa. This will certainly benefit your health, and such a kit will look very harmonious in the interior..

What sofas are according to the folding method?

A sofa-book – popular during the Soviet era, but no less in demand in modern interiors.

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Click-gag sofa – folds out into three positions (sitting, lying and reclining), has replaceable covers and linen drawers.


The accordion sofa is a fairly wide sleeping bed that folds forward. During transformation, the structure itself looks like stretched folds of an accordion, which is why the name.


Eurobook – the design is very convenient for daily use. The seat moves forward, and the back rests in the resulting void. Such a sofa with an orthopedic mattress will perfectly fit both the study and the living room..


Swivel – the most original model with additional elements, with which the sofa can be changed in several ways.

divan_krovat_s_ortoped_matrasom_019-650x436divan_krovat_s_ortoped_matrasom_013-650x460Dolphin is an unusual construction that resembles a dolphin’s jump when unfolding. In such models, a spacious compartment for bed linen is provided..


Note: in order to correctly choose the option of the folding / folding mechanism, you should compare the dimensions of the sofa in the unfolded position with the dimensions of the room.

An important nuance is the frequency of changing the position of the sofa. For daily use, simpler, but reliable designs will be preferable..

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Among all the mechanisms for transforming an orthopedic bed, the most optimal in terms of quality and price is the design of the click-clack sofa. Even with daily use, such a model will last longer than other analogues with a different folding / unfolding mechanism. Its significant plus is the presence of a convenient and roomy box for blankets and pillows.