The custom closet, the solution to optimize your storage!

An essential part of the house, the closet is useful for optimizing storage. But what if you don’t have enough room for a standard closet? Or do you simply want a personalized closet, designed to the millimeter to blend in perfectly with your home? The solution is to think about the tailor-made closet. Real space saving, it is now possible to have a closet that perfectly meets all your expectations.

The tailor-made closet for all needs

pretty-custom-made-beige-cupboard-in-light-wood-beige-carpet-white-floor-cabinet-beige-made to measure

The first advantage of the custom closet is that it adapts perfectly to all desires. Unlike the standard closet, it does not take into account the constraints of your home. You can therefore install it anywhere: against a wall, in a slope, inside a recess or in a corner. Optimize the smallest square meters, too, by fitting out a custom closet. It is not only practical to have maximum storage, but it can also help add charm to your decoration. 

The different types of custom cupboards


Currently, we can find different types of custom closet. Closets that meet everyone’s tastes. We can distinguish among others:

1. The removable custom closet

2. The built-in custom closet

3. The fixed custom closet

For each room, a custom closet


You have the choice between dedicating an entire room for your custom closet or placing it just on a wall. Whether it is one or the other, we must take into account the room of the house to be able to install it. From floor to ceiling, the custom-made cupboard fits perfectly into your kitchen. To optimize your storage as much as possible, think about putting it in unusable places, such as under worktops or suspended or even on a whole section of wall. You will then have the choice between a sliding opening or a hinged door. For the bedroom, consider dedicating a room for your dressing room (4 m² is sufficient). The walk-in closet will allow you to store not only your clothes, but also jewelry or household linens, so it must be large enough. For small rooms with little space dedicated to storage, adopt custom-made cupboards under the eaves or even under the stairs.

Custom closet with sliding doors