Garden decor

Decorate your garden to transform it into a stylish oasis

The sun is smiling at us again, the beautiful days are indeed here! We are therefore thinking of renovating and decorate your garden for the new season! And this is where we come in, to offer you lots of great ideas for the layout of your outdoor spaces. You will also see accessories to make yourself. By spending more and more time outdoors, we would like to have a garden that immerses us in a magical and exotic atmosphere. What are the styles and elements that help you make this wish come true??

Trends in garden design

The basic question you are going to ask yourself is: “What is my lifestyle and how will I use my garden?” “Are you going to grow fruits and vegetables there, do you need to install furniture there for parties with friends, or do you want to create a landscaped garden, in an Asian style? It all depends on your priorities and, first and foremost, the outdoor space you have.

  • The light effects interesting: the fairy lights and the luminaries scattered in the strategic corners of your garden, the metal lanterns, the candlesticks… As you will see later in this article, there are models which you can make yourselves, starting from jam jars, for example, or any other container – jar or vase – with an attractive shape. Garlands can form interesting patterns in tree branches or you can arrange them on hedges. Or above your garden furniture, where you will spend your evenings with friends. More complex, the illuminations of the stairs with LEDs, arranged in a zig zag, even better if the light is in bright color …
  • The colorful accessories: we indulge in making them ourselves with synthetic pearls and metal. And they are arranged among plants and flowers, to accentuate particular areas of your garden and to make them shine in the sun. We decorate the branches of the trees with colored balls of metallic wire of different sizes, to create a magical and playful atmosphere. You can paint small pots, drill a small hole on their bottoms and string them into a garland, with which you can decorate a gloomy corner, to make it more cheerful..
  • The salvage items: Old teapots, metal basins, pieces of boat oars, spoons and utensils that you no longer need, are wonderful basic elements, from which you can make wonderful garden accessories. And the colorful dishes that are in pieces, you can use to make pretty mosaics. The cut and painted plastic bottles serve as beautiful plant holders, which you can hang on the fence, for example. Pallet wood patio furniture is a hit.

Decorate your garden with light garlands: magic in the air!

bird cage used to contain white balls which are elements of a light garland, partially hung on the branches of a tree, decorate your garden by creating light effects

A table covered with mosaic in bright colors for an exotic atmosphere

mosaic table rich in bright colors with circles patterns, metal and glass lantern with a cactus plant in it, idea to decorate your garden or yard

  • The mosaics: a mosaic garden table plan in exotic colors, details accentuated by colored pieces, all these elements will take you out of your way in places that you associate with a dream vacation.
  • The mirrors: if you have old mirrors, you can use them for your garden decoration. The older they are, the better. You can put them on the ground, in front of an original plant arrangement, for example. Or hang them on an outside wall of the house. You can have two or three mirrors in the corners of your outdoor space, they will produce crazy effects. The mirror frame is very important, it is part of the decoration, so think about the allusions you want to create. Oval shapes and baroque ornaments are trendy. But your choice will also be dictated by the mood you want to achieve. If the surface of the mirror has stains, it is even better. The vintage spirit is welcome in the garden of 2018.
  • The Gothic and Baroque themes: very fashionable now. Reproducing a past era in your garden is an idea that will help you in your mission of disorientation. A journey through time is beneficial for your well-being. It is by creating an atmosphere typical of ancient times that you will transform your outdoor space into a special oasis, where you will indulge in sweet romantic reflections.
  • The japanese themes: we find them very often and during this new season they are one of the popular trends. It is about reproducing a landscape in miniature format. Water is an essential element of this type of development. You could install small bridges over the water that should be moving, as prescribed for this type of garden. Green plants are strongly present, to the detriment of flowers. The stones covered with green moss give an aspect of antique decor. Lanterns mark certain areas, illuminating them with a mysterious light at night. The asymmetry is welcome here, the straight lines – not so much. The Japanese say, “Harmony is born out of imbalance. This is why the rocks and trees in your Japanese-themed garden should form asymmetrical effects. Plants for this type of decor: maple, oak, fruit trees, pines, bamboo and slow growing shrubs. Garden furniture is not present here. If you go for one or two, choose them in natural material and not synthetic.
  • The pastel colors, pistachio green, orange and fuchsia are the colors for the 2018 garden accessories. Look for contrast effects – for example a radiant garden armchair in fuchsia and a wall in pistachio green. Or a corner of a wall in royal blue with plant pots in yellow, red and orange.

Decorate your garden with recovered objects and transformed into fun elements

garden decor, reclaimed garden decor, little guy on his bike among the plants on the lawn, decorate his garden with old objects giving them new life

Install Indian teepees for outdoor children’s play

Indian tipi for children in the garden, in white with colorful pompoms, decorate your garden on a theme, fun atmosphere

A layout in pastel colors 

decorate your garden with colorful furniture, mint green door, veranda with towel with the message Hello, soft and friendly atmosphere

Why not install a shower in your garden? Here is an idea:

outdoor shower, decorate your garden, landscaped garden, climbing roses on the white wall, large terracotta pot with green plant, romantic retro atmosphere

Small decorative elements with plants

wooden cart, decorate your garden, reclaimed garden decor, garden layouts, garden layout ideas in front of a house, tiny flowerpot

Buckets used as wall decoration

wall plant holders, wooden arched windows, decorate your garden, inexpensive garden decor, green plans, garden in spring, decorate your garden with objects found in the attic

Details are very important for a successful decor

orange metal round plant-holder stool, two square-shaped flower pots decorated with small squares in orange and brown, cheap garden decor

A brilliant garden accessory

jewel accessory for the garden in colored synthetic pearls, decorate your garden with colorful accessories, touches of bright colors among the green plants

An idea for a fairy tale atmosphere in the garden

decorate your garden with colorful mushrooms, among the trees with white trunks, impeccable lawn, beautiful sunny corner, accessories for the joy of children

A pergola decorated with hanging flower pots

decorate your garden with hanging plant pots, magical atmosphere, corner with pergola, hanger in creamy white color, exterior layout

Foldable furniture for the garden

wall accessories for the garden, green plant in a large pot, white metal lantern on the wall, folding furniture, garden furniture

Do-it-yourself lanterns from jam jars

jam jars that serve as candlesticks to illuminate the lawn, reclaimed garden decor with white candles, magical atmosphere

A decoration for the garden in front of the house 

a veranda with garden accessories in cane and woven rattan

Bamboo lanterns and rattan garden furniture for this friendly garden corner

exterior design with classy furniture in woven rattan in light color, decorate your garden in southern or mediterranean style

Windmills made from tin cans

toys to make the wind turn, metal used in drink cans, recycled garden decor, sunny garden, shiny playful elements on the lawn

Decorative balls in metal wire for a playful atmosphere in your garden

transparent braided balls of any size and color hanging from the branches of a tree, decorate your garden, decorative garden, playful atmosphere

An oval mirror in baroque style for a refined atmosphere 

oval mirror white frame hanging on the white hanger, garden furniture in white metal in baroque style, with lace effects on the backs, decorate your garden in style

Here is another idea to use a mirror recovered in your attic, to make your garden elegant.

a large baroque mirror painted in pastel blue, positioned on the red brick wall, beautiful play of lights and images, decorate his garden

A chair transformed into a plant holder

garden ideas in front of a house, garden decoration, outdoor garden ideas, garden furniture, reclaimed wood chair plant holder

Beautiful contrasts between the mint green wall and the pink garden armchair. All completed with a beautiful vintage mirror

mirror placed on the ground in a corner of the garden, large buckets transformed into pots with green plants, pink metal armchair, reclaimed garden decor

Colorful pieces of broken dishes can serve you as elements, to create beautiful mosaic accents

decorations around a window, reclaimed garden decoration, arty corner space, ornaments in the shape of leaves in royal blue, green, black, pastel gray

Romantic garden design

outdoor landscaping, decorating your garden, window transformed into a mirror, classic stone elements, garden ornaments, decorative stone and metal sphere

Decorate your garden in white and blue

garden landscaping idea in front of a house, landscaped garden landscaping, a small part of a white wooden hanger as decoration, two blue metal chairs and a round table, cushions with white and red tiles

Here is how to create a family of Minions with a few pots colored in blue and yellow

Minions made with pots painted in yellow and blue, flowering plants in yellow, decorate your garden with recovered objects

An arty flamingo as a garden accessory

flamingo garden decoration in bright colors, garden accessory to put among the green plants and among the flowers, touches of psychedelic colors

A beautiful synthetic flower among natural flowers, to create beautiful light effects

a green plastic flower as a cheap garden decoration, shiny surface that reflects the sunlight, outdoor landscaping, landscaping garden

A boho chic atmosphere

garden furniture, cheap garden decor, decorate your garden, large plants with large green leaves, bohemian garden decor

A fun composition with objects recovered

an original composition with seals, transformed into a mini fountain, decorate your garden, cheap garden decor, fun corner

A few garlands above the furniture in your garden – only memorable evenings in perspective!

inexpensive garden decor with garlands on the trees, chat room with garden furniture and cushions in green and yellow and graphic patterns

In gothic style

landscaped garden layout, gothic style window, reclaimed garden decor, a window among the plants that serves as a hanger, exterior layout to create beautiful horizons

A garden accessory that sets the mood, made from old objects that have been repainted in radiant colors

decoration on the hanger, decorate your garden with an insect using used objects, reclaimed garden decoration, blue sky with white clouds

A chat room under a tree with a large crown, adorned with lanterns of different shapes and colors

outdoor arrangement in bohemian style, lanterns in different shapes and colors hanging from the branches of a tree, oriental carpet strewn with cushions with polka dots, lighting with classic lampshade placed on the floor

Half-cut, orange-painted plastic bottles serve as plant holders 

plant holders hanging on the hanger, made with orange plastic bottles, homemade decoration, garden landscaping with recycled objects

A corner of the garden made in cheerful colors

how to decorate your garden in royal blue, pots in blue, yellow and terracotta with plants, Moroccan atmosphere, mosaics with elements in royal blue

Moroccan-style lanterns gently illuminate this garden

decorative lanterns in oriental style, hanging on the branches of trees, mysterious light, lighting to decorate your garden, garden landscaping idea in front of a house

A refined little accessory among the plants

refined accessory for the garden of type jewel in silver metal with synthetic pearls, landscaped garden, cheap garden landscaping, decorating your garden

Chinese-style lanterns in vibrant colors adorn tree branches

cheap garden decor, Chinese lanterns of all colors hanging on the branches, decorate your garden, garden decor, bohemian atmosphere

Give your garden individuality, using fancy decor like this one 

cheap garden decor, garden decor, garden furniture, decorative object with shells and synthetic pearls, an instrument for the wind

Three lanterns that change everything

outdoor arrangement, three black metal lanterns with white candles, hung with ropes on the branches of a tree, decorate your garden with style

Illuminate your plants with fine garlands

a light garland placed on the plants, magical atmosphere in the night, light accents, decorate your garden with light

A water well made with tires painted with red brick patterns

tires transformed into a beautiful construction, decorate your garden with salvaged objects, decorative garden, composition for a landscaped garden

Salvaged spade parts to create a charming owl

a shovel salvaged as a decorative accessory for the garden, made in the shape of an owl, decorate your garden, reclaimed garden decor

Another way to decorate the spaces between flowers and plants

colorful accessories among the flowers, make them yourself, decorate your garden, lawn made cheerful and shiny with sparkling elements

A friendly corner of the garden

decorating your garden, garden landscaping ideas in front of a house, white wood furniture with multicolored cushions, garden landscaping ideas

Old spoons turn into figurines for fun compositions 

decorative composition with spoons, fisherman with fish floating in the air with small transparent ropes, decorate his garden

Pallet wood garden stools, painted in the most cheerful colors

yellow, white and pastel blue pallet stools

A rocking chair for the relax area

garden design idea in front of house, black rocking chair in wood, pergola with green plants, cool relaxing atmosphere

A mattress and a few cushions and you have a sofa among the plants

garden sofa covered with white cushions, cream-colored hanger decorated with a large woven rattan heart, decorative garden, decorating your garden

In a minimalist spirit

exterior layout, entrance to a house, decorate your garden with a white bench and black dishes on the wall of the house, two gray lanterns, zen corner

Interesting accents in a landscaped garden

decorative pattern in the garden, decorate your garden, stone elements in the shapes of circles, green plants and yellow flowers, landscaped garden

Black metal garden furniture, matched with black metal lanterns and black pots for plants 

landscaped garden layout, corner with black metal furniture, black ceramic pots, small gray pebbles covering the ground

Decorate your garden with cool details

decorative element, large wagon wheel leaning against a tree, decorating your garden, landscaped garden, outdoor landscaping, spring flowers at the base of the wheel

Decorate your garden with a wide variety of colorful plants

landscaped garden landscaping, creeping plants used as a hanger that delimits the space, vintage style staircase, exterior landscaping

Vibrant colors and patterns

the ground in a landscaped garden, small pebbles painted in indigo blue and mint green, in concentric spiral shapes, decorate his garden

In classic style

a zen garden in classic style with terracotta pots, decorate your garden for the new season of 2018, minimalist atmosphere

In a bohemian spirit

garden layout in boho chic style with two rattan armchairs with wide backs, oriental carpet, large pot with cacti

Colorful glass garden lamps

colorful glass garden lamps, decorate your garden in a thousand colors, economical garden lighting, landscaping garden

Another solution for garden lights

garden lamps in oriental style, outdoor furniture, decorating your garden, sofa furniture with mint green cushions, landscaping garden landscaping

Two gardens decorated in Asian style

exterior arrangement in Asian style, cream white parasol, three lanterns on the ground, two candlesticks on the table, flowering shrubs in yellow and white

decorate your garden with two deckchairs with red cushions, a round baroque mirror positioned on a pergola, red parasol, decorative garden, garden layout

The mirror in the garden as an element of the decoration allows very interesting solutions

garden with decorative element large white mirror, decorative garden, decorating your garden in minimalist style, white wooden chair with pastel pink cushion and folded straw hat

Decorate your garden with small colorful garland pots 

pots in bright colors organized in a garland, placed on a black metal stand, decorate your garden with recovered objects, joy and good humor

Here are other solutions to decorate your garden in any style:

reclaimed garden decor, light garland with naked bulbs, four hats hanging on the hanger, garden sofa and armchairs, rectangular carpet in beige and green, cheap garden decor

small path with black stones between green and yellow plants, landscaped garden, zen relax corner, shrubs arranged in zig-zag

exterior landscaping with large pots of green plants, large gray stones organized like a small irregular path, landscaped garden in Asian style

garden landscaping idea in front of a house, large vintage mirror mounted on the wall, two large black square-shaped pots on both sides of the mirror, two 50s style lantern lights

outdoor furniture, cheap garden decor, pallet coffee tables with pastel colored tablecloths, fuchsia and pastel blue seating cushions

front house garden ideas, garden decor, beige painted house, door frame accented with white, door in duck blue, staircase decorated with pumpkins of different colors and sizes

exterior layout, pebble path leading to the central door, diamond patterns in black, white and yellow, entrance to an arty house

landscaped garden, decorative garden, exterior layout, large pink painted stones, reclaimed garden decoration, pink flowers, white painted wooden hanger

decorative columns in white and gray stones, landscaped garden, reclaimed garden decor, decorating your garden, garden landscaping, house entrance

wall decoration for the garden, wooden tree applied to the wall, with branches that serve as plant holders, decorate your garden with green and red plants

stone decorations for the garden, part of a column and a crocodile, garden landscaping idea in front of a house, arch in green plants

decorate your garden in shabby chic style, classic mirror on the wall, sofas and armchairs in light beige rattan, pergola covered with creeping plants, house window in pistachio green

landscaped garden, exterior landscaping, floor covered with tiles in bright colors and pastel blue, orange door, pot with green plant

outdoor landscaping, decorating your garden, reclaimed garden decor, tree with the trunk wrapped in a light garland, two black metal armchairs with cushions with graphic patterns in red, white and black

deco garden, exterior layout, landscaped garden, cacti and exotic plants, light gray concrete pavilion, decorate your garden

landscaped garden, corner with small goldfish lake, creation in the shape of a ball with a tree and part of a semi-circle shaped hanger

decorate your garden, landscaping garden, cheap garden decor, rectangular table in light wood and black metal, optimal organization

garden decor, reclaimed garden decor, garden layout, duck blue seals with roses, sofa with brown cushions, small flowery space surrounded by a hanger

garden front house ideas, landscaped garden landscaping, entrance decorated with a green arch in creeping roses, small vintage style metal door in pink color

idea of ​​landscaping the garden in front of a house, decorating your garden in Asian style, with small stones and green plants, lighting of the entrance

tomatoes planted in square pots decorated with diamonds and leaves in black, white and beige

decorate your garden with light garlands, central fire, round fireplace, multicolored cushions for seating, outdoor furniture

landscaping garden, wooden pergola, bamboo arch stones, wood and stone elements, decorating your garden, decorative garden

decorate your garden by making it modern, green plants, and walls covered with gray wall coverings in tiny stones, floor covered with white circle patterns

car tires used as plant pots, decorate your garden with recycling, exterior landscaping, reused objects

A small alley with spiral and flower motifs

decorate your garden, landscaped garden, small stone path shaped like spirals, lawn with green plants, exterior landscaping

outdoor landscaping, decorative garden, decorating your garden, plants in green, red and yellow arranged in such a way as to offer a beautiful show

upside-down amphora used as a decorative element, indigo blue flowers come out of its interior, landscaped garden, exterior landscaping

pistachio green pavilion, with colored stones in lavender color, decorate its garden, flowering shrubs, stones and roses, green lawn

decorate your garden, garden furniture, wooden table and chairs painted in pastel blue, woven rattan armchair, hanging straw hat

a corner of the garden with transparent glass bottles, a niche covered with gray and fuchsia cushions to form a sofa, decorate your garden, inexpensive garden landscaping

An old staircase used as a plant holder

decorate your garden with a large ladder, steps covered with pots of green plants, pots hanging from the pergola ceiling