99 photos and tips for landscaping your garden like a pro

During the days when the earth is bathed in daylight, nothing better than going for a breath of fresh air to revitalize your body and recharge the batteries. And if your home has outdoor space, you’re really in luck. Sitting on a nice bench, a book in your hands and surrounded by all kinds of life swarming around, that’s the dream. However, arranging your garden could prove to be a real challenge. For this reason, knowing the main landscaping tips is of paramount importance before starting your garden project. To make your task easier, we present a guide specially made to guarantee you a non-turbulent entry into the world of gardening.

Welcome to our article which will present the main tips for arranging your garden.

landscaping your garden, plants, flowers and garden tools near a fence, different kinds of spring plants

Have an idea of ​​the type of garden you would like to develop

The first big decision to make, concerns the type of garden you want to develop? Would it be an orchard, a vegetable garden, a flower garden or Japanese style? And then, if you decide to flower your garden, will you opt for an English or French arrangement? The first draws its inspiration from irregular shapes and the raw state of nature, and the second – from structure and symmetry. (Be careful, because the latter is quite difficult to keep in shape!)

Or maybe you will go for a simple lawn that is fairly easy to maintain and only requires a stroke of the mower and watering every now and then. There is also nothing to prevent you from choosing any covering for your garden (gravel, wood or concrete slabs) and then arranging flower pots there without planting them. In this way you can, in case of bad weather, protect your plants from inclement weather by sheltering them indoors.

A great idea how to arrange your garden. All the elements are present: the mineral, the aquatic and the plants. A superb outdoor relaxation area

landscaping your garden, gravel, concrete slabs and teak terraces, small water basin, deck chair, green shrubs around a wooden fence, several flowers

Choose the right location for your garden

The choice of a location for your garden will largely depend on the natural characteristics of your garden, such as the availability of shaded and sunny areas. Spend a day outside to spot these areas. This is essential, because most vegetables and flowers need about six hours of sunlight per day. It is according to this criterion that you will choose your plants. But don’t panic because there are quite a few plants that love the sun or, conversely, prefer shade. Just turn to the florists for advice, once you go hunting for plants for your garden..

When choosing the location of your garden, also think about the access side. Finally, you need to be able to move around freely and have a water source that’s close enough. Wind exposure is also something to consider, as well as the climate of course. Make sure you have chosen plants that have the same requirements in terms of climate, sun exposure and soil.

A pretty lawn surrounded by flower beds. Idea how to arrange your garden in a chic country style

outdoor garden landscaping, a green lawn with a border of shrubs and flowers, trees, brick fence, countryside nature setting

Make a very precise garden plan

Before proceeding with the arrangement of your garden, it is good to make a very detailed plan to decide on the design of your garden. Remember that foresight is the foundation for the success of your garden project. So, you have to think carefully and decide how and if you are going to furnish:

  • plants in your garden – fruits and vegetables if you have decided on a vegetable garden / orchard; in case you have opted for a flower garden: the arrangement of trees (only if you have a large garden), flower beds (these are perfect borders), box trees (excellent for delimiting the space and creating a partition natural), climbing plants (to hide an old wall), ground cover plants (also very easy to maintain); shrubs (preferable over trees when you don’t have too much space)
  • dry ground to set up small, non-flowery islands that could serve as a passage or to set up garden furniture; as coating, the latter most often use gravel, stone slabs, tiles, wood, etc .; and speaking of dry land, remember that even if you have not planned for it, you must at least create a passageway that will allow you to circulate through your garden
  • a water source because the water will bring extra freshness to your garden; you could opt for a simple aquatic basin or just a barrel filled with water, a fountain, a small waterfall and even a pond or a koi carp if you are setting up a Japanese garden
  • a relaxation area to rest in a natural, peaceful setting; such a seating area could take many forms – from the simple rustic wooden bench, through the small outdoor dining area, consisting of a table and a few chairs, to garden furniture in pallet, resin, teak, etc .; to this are also added the pergolas and verandas which represent a cozy outdoor nest, sheltered from the vagaries of the weather
  • a fence which will protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbors and preserve your privacy; here too you have several options – a chic country style palisade, a fence wall, a screen, a fence or a natural separation, such as the garden hedge
  • a summer kitchen or a playground for your summer barbecues and so that your children can have fun at their leisure

A lawn surrounded by flourishing vegetation on the edge. Next to it, a small dining and rest area sheltered under a modern pergola. This is how to arrange your garden

how to arrange your garden, a patio covered with stone slabs, garden furniture, chairs and table under a modern pergola, a lawn next to it, tree and shrubs to create a partition

Prepare the ground

After that, you have to take action. The first thing to do is get rid of the sod, if you have any. In this case, you can dig it up, but the easiest solution is to level the ground with newspaper. On a lawn that is already well mowed and wet, lay out a fairly thick layer of newspaper (8 to 10 leaves, soaked in water). Once the integrity of the area is covered with newspaper, spread a layer of compost or mulch. The decomposition of newspaper and compost will take around four months..

Then, it would be nice if you can subject the soil to a fertility test, but whatever it is, even moderate fertilization will probably be necessary. The best solution is a layer of compost mixed with dead leaves, dry grass or organic fertilizer. If you have decided to dig the soil, mix the compost with it. Otherwise, lay a layer of compost on top of the soil. Nevertheless, we advise you to plow the earth because this will help the best development and the penetration of the roots into the soil. Dig to a depth of 20-25 cm, making sure to do this when the soil is neither too dry nor too wet.

Preparing the ground for your garden is essential to have a successful garden

garden decor ideas, prepare the earth, plant green plants, a necessary step to create a pretty garden

Choosing and planting your plants:

  • in the vegetable garden / orchard: start with crops that are fairly easy to grow such as lettuce, beans, peas, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, chives, basil; know that the vegetable garden and a little more require in terms of development conditions than the flowers and you will then have to make efforts; however, the most important thing is to choose your plants taking into account the climatic conditions of your region; also know that the vegetable garden calendar will be your first ally in the cultivation of your garden; thanks to the latter you will know when to plant what for a satisfactory result;
  • in the flower garden: in the decorative garden, it is best to have plants that bloom in turn all or most of the year; however, we recommend perennials, as they will save you a lot of effort, unlike annuals which are generally very beautiful but their beauty only lasts a short time; attention – every flower, tree and shrub has its flowering period; this will then be the starting point for arranging your flower garden
  • in the zen garden: it is a rather dry garden; a layer of gravel or sand with a few stones on it and finally a few shrubs and voila, you have your Japanese garden; it really takes little effort; here you will find another very useful guide to create such a type of garden

Choose pretty colorful flowers to create a garden setting that shines with its charm 

choose plants to plant in your garden pretty flowers to bloom your garden, garden layout ideas

Maintain your garden 

As Voltaire finally said “you have to cultivate your garden”, regular maintenance and care are essential. Watering, weeding, and regular fertilization are necessary to be able to enjoy a well vegetated garden, the beauty of which lasts over time. The pruning, hoeing, mulching, cleaning of your garden are not the same to be underestimated..

Take care of your garden like you take care of your children. You have to make an effort to be able to harvest quality fruits afterwards.

take care, cultivate, water, prune plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, idea what to do to develop your garden

Garden decoration idea with a very small rest area and abundant vegetation all around

garden landscaping idea, gravel path, wooden deckchairs, tree, shrubs, climbing plants

A magnificent garden landscaping idea with shrubs and flowers that melt into a colorful mass. A feast for the eyes

landscaping your garden, a rustic landscape wooden bench surrounded by all kinds of flowers set of flowering shrubs, stone path

Garden decor idea inspired by symmetry. Box trees, roses and the arch in the center are the stars of this breathtaking landscape

garden landscaping idea, boxwood and several rosebushes on a green lawn, a white arch, sea view

Idea of ​​a sublime small garden. A pretty flowerbed of several plants and a tiny garden furniture next to it.

small garden layout model, garden furniture, woven table and chairs, small lawn, flower bed and shrubs, fence and wooden partition

arrange your garden on a terrace, a pallet table with wheels, yellow woven chairs, teak covering, hanging wooden swing, several plants in flower pots

garden decor idea, gravel bed, green grass colorful flower bed, garden statues sculptures

garden, lawn and path deco idea with a flowery arch and flowerbed, a cute cat, country house

A pretty country house submerged in greenery – a fairytale atmosphere

landscaping its garden, gravel path, garden arbor, shrubs and green trees, country house

landscaping your garden, a stone-clad area, vintage white bench and round garden table, bamboo and several flowering shrubs

garden landscaping idea, raised terrace, gravel and vegetable patch entrance in metal arch with flowers, small blue country house

garden idea with grass and large tree, patio and garden furniture with table and metal chairs, ivy climbing on the wall of a vintage country house

Boxwood maze, flower beds, aquatic pond and several trees with pretty carved crowns. A spectacular garden idea

project to develop your garden, boxwood as a natural separation, water mirror, labyrinth, water jets, several pruned trees, flower beds

modern garden layout, tiled flooring, garden furniture with woven sofas and coffee table, outdoor dining area with table and chairs, modern fountain, wooden fence overgrown with climbing plants, shrub border

landscaped garden idea, lawn edged with flowering shrubs, stone statuettes, trees, countryside natural setting

A small flower garden that welcomes a very nice visitor

small garden arrangement, aptio garden furniture, white bench and folding wooden table, blue decorative cushions, several flowers and shrubs planted in flower pots

how to arrange your garden, green lawn surrounded by flowering shrubs and flowers, country house, green natural setting

idea for landscaping your garden, woven garden furniture with a sofa, table and stool, palm tree in a flower pot, climbing plants, watermelon pattern

garden idea, brazier, outdoor fireplace, wooden chairs, tall trees, wooden plank fence, forest frame

This is a great idea for landscaping your garden in a modern way. Coating with concrete slabs – a space strewn with small patches of grass. A magnificent border of flowers and small garden furniture woven in height

garden deco idea, concrete slab cladding, rattan garden furniture, green spaces with lawns, shrubs and trees along a wooden fence

genius idea garden, swimming pool, wooden fence, bamboo, shrubs and several trees as natural partition

We continue with two excellent examples for landscaping your Japanese zen garden

zen garden layout, japanese statues, a water fountain, boxwood, shrubs and palm tree, exotic outdoor deco idea

genius idea Japanese zen garden, a stone lantern, river of pebbles and rocks, green lawn and low trees

garden landscaping idea with a patio garden garden furniture, tiling, several trees, shrubs, flowers, English decor, metal bench with multicolored cushion

garden landscaping idea with swimming pool, wooden deckchairs, boxwood, large trees and palm trees, summer house, abundant vegetation, exotic tropical outdoor decor

modern dry garden layout, a square gravel covering, boxwood green wall along the fence, small aquatic pond, concrete slab path

Idea for a small garden in an urban setting – a small garden furniture surrounded by vegetation

example of how to decorate your garden, small garden arrangement, trees with green crowns, fence with ivy, climbing plant, tile covering, patio, small garden furniture, garden table and chairs

garden decor idea to do yourself, a patio, swivel chairs, outdoor rest area, stones and rocks with some shrubs, example of a dry garden

idea of ​​landscaping a small garden outside with flowerbed, trees with green crowns, small pond of water, shrubs

brilliant idea of ​​garden, lawn with patio, stone path, a few shrubs, garden furniture with table and chairs with parasol

garden landscaping idea, rest area with a wooden bench with a vegetated arch, metal chairs, stone slab ground, several green feet

landscaped garden, gravel covered terrace with water fountain and pond, a lawn with boxwood and trees, small water pool

landscaping your garden, example of landscaping green grass, shrubs and flower beds, country house, French garden

Garden decoration idea on a teak wood terrace. Braided garden furniture and small dry garden next to it

garden furniture on a teak terrace, rattan sofa with gray seat cushions, wooden table, small dry garden in gravel and shrubs, stones, green tree

a concrete terrace with summer kitchen, barbecue wooden armchair and plants in concrete pots, grass with shrub border

simple and natural garden idea, trees, shrubs, grass and wooden gazebo, pergola model

landscaping your garden, idea of ​​green grass, chairs and table in metal, a wooden trellis with a flower bed, country house

simple garden decoration idea, fountain, wooden bench, stone path, climbing plants on a wall, trees and shrubs

garden idea, several green spaces, grass, boxwood roses and other shrubs, flowers in a French-style adjoining with a sculpture

garden deco idea, a small wooden bench under a vegetated garden arbor, garden with several flowers, trees and boxwood

garden layout with an arch, old pergola, concrete slab path, surrounded by rosebushes, boxwood, shrubs and trees, forest setting

A house with a large courtyard which is transformed into a beautiful garden. Small islet resting in a pond surrounded by vegetation and stones

how to arrange your zen garden, a pond, aquatic basin, surrounded by stones, rocks, several trees, Japanese statue, relaxation island with sofa and garden furniture at the back

brilliant idea of ​​garden, patio in stone slab, rest and dining area, with outdoor table and chairs, lawn with boxwood, shrubs, flowers, country garden

small simple French garden with a lawn, flower bed and shrubs and trees, a country style house

garden decoration idea with a lawn and plants, shrubs, boxwood in built-in containers, modern garden decoration

garden idea to create yourself with a lawn, wheelbarrow with flowers planted in it, a flower bed and shrubs, a white arch

dry garden landscaping idea, relaxation area, concrete bench and small black metal coffee table, tree with green crown, wooden fence, shrubs

A lawn surrounded by flower beds with a few deckchairs to rest at will

garden idea simple and aesthetic lawn with a flowerbed along a fence, tree and blue deckchairs in the shade

develop your garden, English cottage style house, a garden with several planted squares at different heights, entrance in a flowery arch, trees and flowers

garden decor idea with lawn, waterfall in a flowered rock garden, shrubs and trees, a metal bench with red seat cushion

flourishing vegetation, arranged in the English style, several flowering shrubs, flowers, garden furniture, consisting of a metal table and chair

landscaping your garden, wooden plank path, grass and flower bed, garden sculptures, gazebo, wooden chairs and table, flowery screening

small garden with stone paths, a fountain surrounded by boxwood, flower bed, deck chair in the courtyard of a small country house

Decorative garden idea with a wooden garden furniture, sheltered under a parasol. The natural setting gives charm to this extremely welcoming outdoor space

garden layout with concrete slab patio, wooden chairs and table, parasol, boxwood and flowerpots, wooden fence

Japanese zen ajrdin deco idea with a small water basin, path of pebbles on a green lawn, tree with green crown, bamboo, islet mattress relaxation area

how to arrange your garden, plant covers green ground, climbing plant on the wall of a chic country house and trees

garden decor idea, boxwood and flowers, modern victorian veranda idea in a natural setting, english garden

garden layout example, design round sofa on a bamboo bed, stone slab path, shrubs, trees

A charming country house, overgrown with flowers and climbing vegetation

small flower garden with lots of flowers and flowering shrubs and climbing plants, outdoor dining area with white table and chairs

garden layout with stone path, boxwood in geometric shapes, flowering shrubs, partition of trees with green crowns, wooden bench, wooden pergola

garden deco idea, concrete slab path, grass with shrubs and flowers, antique stone bench, mediterranean style house

how to landscape your garden, a relaxation area in stone slabs, a garden bench and table, small trees and shrubs around

develop your garden, a barbecue area with black metal chairs, wall overgrown with ivy, climbing plant, country house, stone slabs

Landscaping your French garden – there the help of a landscaper will undoubtedly be necessary for you

example how to landscape your French garden, boxwood maze, with purple flowers, wooden benches, wall wrapped in ivy

garden deco idea, lawn with border flowerbed, green crown trees, landscaped garden

garden deco idea, a stone tile path, a garden arbor with several pink, white, red rosebushes

small garden layout, stone slab cladding, wooden sofa with black and white cushions, several plants in flower pots around a wooden fence, bamboo

landscaped garden, path of stone slabs, boxwood, shrubs and roses, a fountain

landscaping its English garden, gravel path, several flowering shrubs and trees with green crowns, white house

A flower garden arbor and flowerbed along a gravel path

how to arrange your garden, stone and gravel path, a garden arbor, vegetated, flowery, flowerbeds and shrubs

small garden landscaping idea, kardin lounge with metal table and chair, gravel in a natural setting, flower beds

landscaping your garden, green grass, wheelbarrow with colorful flowers planted in it, rosebushes, shrubs next to a fence

develop your Japanese zen garden, gravel paths, shrubs and green boxwood, waterfall with a pond, Japanese trees

garden layout idea, a raised terrace in concrete slabs and teak wood, several boxwoods, trees and shrubs, dining area with table and chairs

Another nice idea to decorate your garden is the plant screen. The braided garden furniture will allow you to enjoy this beauty during the beautiful sunny days

brilliant garden idea, patio garden furniture in stone slabs, rattan armchairs and tables, green wall and large flower pots

garden landscaping idea, a ground covered with pebbles and stones, statue of a woman, border of flowerbed, garden fountain

garden layout idea, wooden bench, raised square with shrubs and flowers, a house overgrown with ivy, a stone path

landscaped garden, lawn with border of roses and other flowers next to a brick fence wall, flourishing vegetation

In spring, you have to think about landscaping your garden with pretty seasonal flowers. How beautiful they are!

flower garden idea with tulips and other spring flowers, stone path, flower beds

landscaping outdoor garden with a pond and a stone bridge, several stones, shrubs and trees

garden landscaping idea with a large swimming pool, surrounded by grass, seaside style vases, with boxwood in it, several sun loungers, windbreak

simple garden deco idea, a small dining area, garden furniture with a dining area, wooden bench and wooden chairs, a natural separation of trees

develop your idea garden, gravel floor with flowerbeds and stones, a sort of flowered rock garden, wooden garden hut

And here are some more ideas for arranging your vegetable garden. Garden landscaping idea to organize the plants that we have decided to cultivate

garden decoration idea, vegetable garden in a wooden planter, flower and vegetable box, idea how to arrange a vegetable patch

Raised vegetable garden landscaping idea, grow different vegetables, natural green setting

how to arrange a raised vegetable garden, garden decor ideas with different squares for different crops, garden greenhouse

landscaping your garden with a woven garden furniture, sofa and table with glass top, colorful bohemian-style cushions, outdoor fireplace, green lawn and flowerbed

garden layout, a grass path, several flowers, shrubs and trees, river of stones, anturel setting

The border of flowers to be arranged to delimit the garden and thus create a magnificent flowery setting. Brilliant idea for landscaping your garden

garden layout with grass and colorful flower border, idea of ​​natural garden separation

Japanese zen landscaped garden, a stone and wood pot, several trees and fuschia-colored flowers, summer landscape

wooden garden furniture on a green lawn, natural separation of green boxwood, roses, lantern with candle

simple garden furniture on a lawn, black round table and black chairs with beige seat cushions, several shrubs and trees on the border

brilliant idea garden, lawn, vegetable patch, flower bed, fence with wooden posts and chains, flower garden with several shrubs and flowers, country house, pastoral setting