Cocooning balcony decor – little tips to create a real oasis of well-being

When it comes to outdoor decor, quite a few of us dream of a spacious outdoor area, equipped with everything you need to fully enjoy sunny days. Unfortunately, however, this dream often ends up fading into reality. Because if you live in the heart of Paris, you probably only have a balcony of a few square meters and a fairly limited budget to transform it into a cozy and pleasant place. To help you live the dream, today we offer you lots of ideas and tips from balcony decor cocooning to copy and adopt in your own outdoor decor.

A soft and very cocooning balcony decoration to spend a beautiful morning outdoors

breakfast on a cocooning balcony with an elegant round table and two black iron chairs on a wooden floor

How to arrange your balcony ?

The design of a balcony is above all a question of needs and configuration of the space. That is to say, before embarking on this adventure, you will need to answer two simple questions. First, what will be the concrete role of the exterior that you plan to develop? Is a breakfast area where you will savor your meal while contemplating the beautiful cityscape. Is it an outdoor resting place where you will spend hours absorbed by your favorite readings, or would you simply like to transform your balcony into a small green paradise, urban jungle style? And second, as great as it is, your landscaping project would be doomed to failure if you did not take into account the peculiarities of the space you have available. So, it matters if you decorate a very small balcony or a larger extension. And then, arranging a very narrow long balcony (as is often the case), that also poses a lot of constraints! Installing a balcony lounge would be almost impossible in this case, but we have a great tip for you! Opt for a simple bench or two minimalist chairs and hang a small table suspended from the railing. Too smart, no ?

How to arrange a balcony in the city? Minimalist decoration seems a good solution

round white balcony table and two white chairs, bouquet of tulips on a table, wood floor covering, woman having her coffee on a balcony

What balcony furniture?

Yes, as we just said, space saving furniture is the number one ally in your balcony design. One or a few seats are a necessity, but their size and character will always depend on the dimensions of the space to be arranged. Among the most popular furniture solutions is the trio of two chairs and a round table which is the perfect breakfast nook for you and your partner. Otherwise, in case you have extra space, don’t hesitate to set up a small living room with a bench seat and a coffee table. And why not make these by yourself by recycling old wooden pallets which will constitute an authentic and unique decorative touch. Finally, for the smallest spaces, a pouffe or cocooning cushion placed on the floor will also do the trick! A soft plaid, a pretty vintage lantern next to it, some exotic plants and you have a Arabian Nights decor.

Balcony decoration idea in a bohemian country style and above all very cozy with pallet balcony furniture

beautiful bohemian chic terrace deco for a cocooning atmosphere with armchair and pallet table on wheels, canopy armchair with gray seat cushion and decorative white cushions, potted plants

How to flower your balcony ?

Gardening enthusiasts will not hesitate to transform their balconies into a mini exhibition room for their most beautiful plants. For their part, these will take advantage of the favorable conditions to “don” their best clothes. The installation of a few flower boxes hanging from the railing is undoubtedly the most classic solution. But since the trend is towards exotic plants including succulents and cacti, we will see a lot of balcony gardens made up of this type of plants. And in quite a few cases, they coexist with oriental decorative elements to create a tropical reverie in a bohemian chic style. Finally, don’t forget that arranging the plants on the ground is far from the only solution! Take advantage of the vertical by creating an exterior green wall or store your plants on a beautiful shelf.

Example of bohemian style balcony decoration invaded by exotic plants

balcony decor idea with sofa and decorative cushions exotic pattern, outdoor succulents, bohemian urban jungle style deco, brown ottoman

What a breeze for my balcony ?

And since the question of how to maintain our privacy is on the minds of many of us, know that these same plants represent a superb way to remedy it in an elegant way. Otherwise, you could also opt for an artificial hedge, wooden slats, a plant screen or a beautiful canisse to protect yourself against the prying eyes of neighbors. The latter exists in two main versions with very aesthetic and natural rendering that are the wicker canisse and the bamboo one..

Bamboo privacy screen to preserve the privacy of this very exotic little hippie balcony

breeze view of bamboo canisse balcony, woven coffee table and purple hammock, palm tree on terrace deco with oriental brown carpet

Decorative elements to cocoon more

Heaps of cushions, cozy Scandinavian-style throws, outdoor light garland, candle lanterns, all these little details add to the cozy character of the exterior. On the furniture side, we could still think of installing a swing or hanging chair – an extra cocooning seat. The same goes for the hammock which is another must-have for hygge style decor. Finally, a nice carpet on the floor will have the same personalizing and cocooning effect, especially if it is also imbued with the Berber spirit.

The hanging chair – a piece of cocoon furniture par excellence 

hanging chair or swing to install on the balcony, original balcony decoration idea for cocoon outdoor space

A very romantic balcony decoration to spend a pleasant evening in the open air – the perfect outdoor resting area

corner sofa on a terrace with cozy plaid and decorative cushions, light ball garland, decorative plants, champagne glasses

Furnish your balcony in the style of a thousand and one nights – here are the elements to achieve a bohemian decor

bohemian chic decor of cozy balcony with sofa decorated with plaid and colorful cushions, oriental carpet, small outdoor garden with succulents, round coffee table

The jungle decor in all its splendor! A nice getaway from everyday life

bohemian chic decor idea of ​​cozy balcony with hanging chair and rattan bench, rattan storage basket, tropical plants urban junge deco

Small all-wooden balcony furnished according to hygge aesthetic rules

outdoor ball garland, cocooning armchair with cushions and plaid, candle lanterns, wooden terrace of a wooden house, Scandinavian decor on balcony

balcony arrangement with wrought iron chairs and table with marble top, candles and vase of flowers decoration, beautiful view, cocooning decoration

And here is how to arrange a flowered and very romantic long balcony

example of a balcony decoration with two folding chairs and a folding round table on a woven round carpet, pots and flower boxes, create a romantic atmosphere

small balcony lounge with wooden sofa with gray seat cushions, nesting coffee tables, large mesh rugs, herb tray

how to arrange your balcony with gray chairs and table, black and white carpet, decorative tree in basket, plants in flower box

wooden sofa with blanket and plaid, gray cushions, chair with colored cushion, decorative coffee table, plant shelf, cocooning balcony deco

Arrangement of a small narrow balcony to create a mini outdoor living room that is too pleasant

dream decor, small balcony layout with seats decorated with pink cushions and designer coffee table in black, wood terrace covering

model of deco covered terrace balcony with table in recycled pallet, sofa in pallet decorated with gray cushions, wall decoration of hats, interior blinds, interior decoration chic champagne

small balcony with view, low round table and wooden chairs on balcony with wooden floor covering, large and plaid cushions, flowerpots

Monochrome balcony decoration with green touches

idea of ​​landscaping small balcony style Scansinave with white wooden chair, black coffee tables, potted green plants, black railing

orange trees on a terrace with woven armchairs and table, tropical plants on a terrace, gray and white flooring

shelf overloaded with succulents and other green plants, wooden and metal chairs and table, gray floor covering

table and woven armchair on a balcony with brown carpet, exotic plants, oriental style balcony decoration

The outdoor light garland to introduce the cozy spirit to the balcony

romantic atmosphere balcony decoration with outdoor ball garland, wooden corner sofa, black and white cushions, candle lanterns, gray and white carpet

romantic atmosphere on a cocooning balcony with wooden tables and chairs, garland of electric bulbs, green plants in flowerpots

folding canvas chairs, folding wooden coffee table, raw wood terrace covering, potted plants, black balustrade

patio deco idea with stone slab coating, original round table, metal bench, green plants outdoor deco

deco terrace and balcony covered with white tiles with wooden benches and rattan chair, black coffee table, exotic plants of the outside, gray carpet

flower boxes hanging on a balcony railing and lemon tree pot, folding wooden chair on wooden balcony

Practical space-saving technique with a very nice rendering – hang the flower boxes on the railing

flower boxes hanging on the railing of a balcony, idea how to furnish your balcony with chairs and metal table, gray carpet, wooden bench covered with cushions and soft plaid\ design idea for a narrow balcony with a wooden armchair seat with wood exterior green wall, wooden base, covered baclon

small flowered balcony arrangement with designer chair, gray carpet, flowered balcony plants, small hanging corner balcony table

breeze view balcony in white canvas, white parasol for shade, wooden sofa, round coffee table and black and gray carpet, hanging flowered stockings

breeze view of balcony and exterior green wall in wood pallet with garland bulbs, wooden corner sofa and wooden chair with cocoon blanket, wood floor covering

Superb Mediterranean balcony decoration in white with reclaimed accent introduced by the charming little table in reel

how to decorate a Mediterranean balcony with a white bench, white cushions and coffee table reel, pergola balcony wooden terrace

hanging macrame jar, blue metal bench and tropical pattern cushion, beige and white rug, folding serving table, bohemian balcony storage bin

apartment balcony decoration with woven corner sofa sofa and wooden coffee table, wooden terrace covering, hanging flower boxes

wooden green wall with hanging pots, black and white corner sofa with gray cocooning blanket, wooden chairs and minimalist round table

orange metal balcony chairs and large wooden terrace sofa, wood floor covering and plants arranged on a shelf, original design pendant light

Several small details that could transform your balcony into a cozy little nest

wood and metal table and chair on a wood-clad balcony, decorative candle lanterns, flowering balcony plants, throw on chair, romantic cocooning balcony decor

balcony table and chairs on a terrace floor with round carpet, flowered balcony model with beautiful view of old buildings

gardening tools on shelves on shelves, wicker storage basket, green plants decoration, balcony vegetable garden model and garden corner

small balcony layout idea with small armchair on the floor decorated with black and white cushions and gray blanket, candle holders and hanging lantern decoration

Large balcony to enjoy beautiful summer evenings

deco hygge of spacious balcony with swing, black corner sofa with gray seat cushion and light garland deco, balcony covering with artificial grass, decorative plants

balcony hygge decor idea with artificial breeze, hippie chic style outdoor hammock, cocoon reading corner, round oriental rug, plants in terracotta pots

mini balcony in the city of Paris, white metal table and chairs, black and white carpet, balcony green plants, black metal railing

balcony decoration idea with mattress covered with plaids and soft blankets, gray decorative cushions, garland of electric bulbs, candle lanterns

decorative cushions to decorate an outdoor cocooning sofa, plant breeze, flower boxes hanging from the railing and potted flowers on the ground

bohemian chic balcony decor, vintage wooden armchair, oriental rug and orange circle decoration, bohemian chic colorful blanket, oriental floral decoration, flower pots, hanging drooping plant

And if you want to declutter the ground, the vertical pallet garden is a great solution.

how to make a pallet planter with small green flower pots and ball garland, white sofa with gray cushion and colorful decorative cushions, small coffee table

apartment balcony decoration with a breeze seen in white canvas on the railing, gray round folding table, wooden sofa with gray seat cushions, decorative cushions, oriental carpet

bohemian decor idea shock on a balcony without roof amcramé decoration, woven corner sofa with blanket and gray and white cushions, wood and metal table, oriental lanterns

Narrow but very warm balcony layout with bohemian touches

what a narrow balcony arrangement with a wooden armchair decorated with cocooning cushions, folding table, blue painted wall, hanging lanterns, flowering plants, outdoor hygge decoration, floor covered with artificial grass

swinging hanging chair, white sofa decorated with blue and white cushions, white coffee table, blue and white striped rug, outdoor green wall on a cozy balcony

how to arrange a cozy balcony with exterior wooden green wall, exterior ball garland, wooden table and chairs, colorful striped carpet, narrow design balcony

hippie chic decor on a tiny balcony with pink outdoor hammock, green plants, small carpet, glass patio wall

wooden balcony flooring, pebbles and artificial grass, small wooden fence, escabeay plant shelf, several flowerpots for a flowery balcony, urban landscape setting

several flower beds on a fairly spacious balcony, spiral staircase, sitting area with table and chairs with blanket

A very nice idea for an exotic terrace or balcony decoration

balcony lounge in bohemian chic style, with wooden sofa and recycled wood table, vintage oriental candlesticks, metal and canvas pergola, light bulb garland, black and white carpet

small balcony in Japanese style, white tiles on the walls, wooden sofa with soft plaid and gray cushions, exotic plant in wicker pot

covered balcony with wooden roof, outdoor hammock, blue and white tiled floor, white furniture, table and chairs for a resting area, exotic plants in pots

designer chairs on a flowered balcony with coffee table, flower pots on the concrete slab floor, view of a cityscape

The outdoor hammock to spend beautiful moments of laziness outside

decorate your terrace in bohemian style with an outdoor hammock with oriental cushions, cocooning rugs, candle decoration, exotic outdoor plants, hanging black lanterns

wicker balcony breeze, woven wicker sofa, gray plaid and off-white cushions, oriental round rug, storage basket

furnish your balcony bohemian chic style cozy and hygge, sofa, table and braided armchair, soft decorative cushions, balcony covering in concrete slabs, exotic plants, exotic atmosphere

white hanging ball to decorate a furnished balcony with wooden decking and balcony parasol, gray carpet, flowerpot shelf

flowered balcony model with several flower pots on the ground and hung on a railing, black sofa and decorative cushions, Scandinavian black and white carpet

furnish a long balcony with cocooning sofa with cushions and gray plaid, designer wooden chair, wooden terrace covering, green plants for the outdoors

Decoration of apartment balcony illuminated by multiple lights … the dream !

romantic balcony decoration with light garland, black metal table and chairs, organize a romantic dinner, hanging lanterns, light ball garland for a cozy atmosphere

wooden balcony bench with green back cushions, small round balcony table, teak flooring, designer balcony chairs

minimalist decoration of narrow balcony with wooden armchairs and white seat cushion, imitation brick wall covering

breakfast served on the balcony, chairs arranged around a round table, yellow carpet, glass railing, ball garland, exotic plants

balcony with city view, gray walls, zebra carpet, wooden chairs and table, potted plants, shabby chic and cozy atmosphere

small outdoor dining area composed of wooden table and wooden chairs decorated with gray cushions, floral centerpiece

All-wood balcony lounge with sitting area and dining area

wooden balcony with wooden corner sofa decorated with gray cushions, designer wooden chairs and table, potted plants, black railing

flowered balcony with several small flower pots placed on the wooden floor, white coffee table, metal railing

small resting area in sofa and wooden table on a glazed balcony with breeze view white curtain, gray and white carpet and wood and metal table and chairs on wooden baclon

plants in pots hanging on a balcony with breeze view in gray curtain, designer balcony chair, oriental tiled floor, storage bin

wooden balcony with metal railing, minimalist chairs and table, beige cushion and plaid, flower boxes and pots for a well-flowered balcony

wooden and canvas chairs on a balcony decorated with plants in flower pots, balcony floor deco with oriental tiles, exotic atmosphere

Nordic Scandinavian decor on a balcony with white metal bench and minimalist white table on black and white carpet, plants in po, decorative white lanterns

colorful balcony living room with wooden sofas and wooden table on orange carpet, flowers in pots and original light garland

white metal table and chairs on a tiny balcony with flowery decoration, relaxing and cozy atmosphere

chic country atmosphere on a balcony with rugs and cushions and ottomans on the ground and outdoor hammock, several potted plants

inspiring image breakfast on balcony with view of paris and the eiffel tower, original landscape wallpaper

colorful ball garland on a balcony furnished with blue metal table and chairs and gray carpet on wooden floor, small shelf for storing plants and decoration

example of a narrow balcony layout with wood and metal table and black and white chairs, flower pots on the floor and flower boxes hanging from the railing

flowery balcony with palm tree for a tropical touch, black metal chair, round coffee table, city view

Scandinavian cozy monochrome balcony decor idea with wicker breeze, black and white carpet, round white table, sofa decorated with Scandinavian hygge cushions, macrame wall decor

outdoor seating area in north sea style with wooden wall, black chairs decorated with cushions and hanging chair, beautiful view of the sea

rattan armchairs with white seat cushion, wood covered floor part, balcony curtains, hanging flower boxes, green balcony plants

outdoor hammock and outdoor sofa on a balcony dressed in wood with several cocooning decorative cushions, white balcony curtain

table and storage box, wooden bench and gray seat cushion with gray decorative cushions, balcony decorative plants