Enhance the summer holidays with the help of a garden swing

Transforming the outdoors into a heavenly corner to escape the heat and rest in peace is a very popular summer activity. Nowadays, there are many ways to adapt the space to the needs of the whole family. Among the coolest solutions, here is our idea of ​​the day: to convert the garden into a play area for the little ones using a garden swing or a child swing. Let’s see together everything you need to know to succeed in the project.

Create an outdoor play area for the little ones by installing a garden swing

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Swing in the garden

Exploiting a shaded area by installing a swing for the little ones is an excellent alternative to allow them to socialize and share fun moments with friends or siblings. In addition, you can also enjoy the good weather while drinking your favorite refreshing drink without losing sight of them. However, there are some facts to consider before embarking on setting up a swing. Let’s take a look at the essential tips !

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Materials and Safety


In general, most outdoor games (swings with slide, playhouses, trampolines etc…) take up a lot of space, so they are more suitable for medium to large gardens. Note that the dimensions of the surface are of great importance not only for the easy installation of the games but also for the comfort and safety of the little ones..


When it comes to materials, when you are looking for the perfect swing, there are two main types of material you can choose from: metal and wood. Metal swings are less expensive while wooden models are stable and more resistant to sunlight (metal retains heat more).

Choose the model of the perfect swing according to several criteria

choice of materials children's swing, swing model for garden in wood and metal, idea of ​​outdoor games for garden

Development and extension

Among the other advantages of wooden porticos: they are not only more aesthetic, but also customizable. So, for example, the models offered by the Wickey website can be easily adapted to the needs of children according to their age. It is possible to add gymnastic equipment, slides or replace the seats. Here are the options for the different types of seat:

  • according to age: a progressive and adjustable seat (according to size and age) for babies or a child seat
  • depending on the number of children: a single swing (one seat) or multiple (for 2.3 children)
  • depending on the type: a classic seat, a bird’s nest seat, a tire or disc swing

Opt for a gantry that can be personalized according to the needs and age of the child

idea of ​​additional equipment for garden swing, wooden swing model with slide

Additional accessories and safety

In addition to the choice of the gantry, it is also necessary to pay attention to the safety of the playing field. For this, do not forget to think about the surface of the field. Shock absorbing tiles, for example, are an ideal option for protecting little ones from injury. In addition, the use of quality equipment and accessories (hooks, fittings, anchors, rings, etc.) should not be underestimated.

Secure outdoor games and the field well to avoid accidents and injuries

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Garden swing for fun and a happy childhood

idea how to arrange the outside with play corner, example simple metal swing with plastic seat