How to keep cats away – the most effective remedies

Cats can be great companionship for humans. In addition, they repel mice and insects. Yet cats, regardless of breed, are very rebellious and difficult to tame, unlike dogs. They roam everywhere, enter neighbors’ gardens and enter forbidden places. Cats can harm our plants, our furniture, or defecate anywhere. So it leaves us only to think of natural repellents. These turn out to be the best alternative to answer the question: How to keep cats away without endangering them? We have prepared for you some effective methods and useful tips.

What skill !

what smell cats hate a cat sticking out of a fence

A cat who feels at home

natural repellent cat a cat in the garden

A cat that’s ruining an armchair

how to keep cats away from a cat that destroys an armchair

How to prevent the neighbor’s cat from coming to my house ?

First and foremost, you need to behave appropriately. Know that if you pet the cat or especially if you feed it, it will feel welcome in your garden. If it doesn’t, avoid giving it any attention. Yet we realize that the right attitude being a great start is not enough. Cats can not only be attracted to human attention, but also to rodents, bark of plants, dug out soil, bins, plains of food, etc..

A cat that sharpens its claws

how to keep cats away from a cat that sharpens its nails on a tree

A cat who takes advantage of the spade soil

garden cat repellent a cat peeing in the garden

It’s time for lunch !

cat repellent a gray cat that hunts a mouse

How to ward off cats with repellent odors ?

The pepper

Pepper should be put on the seedlings after watering. This will prevent the cat from defecating there, but it is harmless to plants. The only downside is that the smell of pepper doesn’t last long.

The mustard

Mustard is a very effective remedy with a longer lasting effect. Mix 2 or 3 tablespoons of mustard with water and sprinkle the solution in the places where your cat is not allowed or trace the path it takes to come into your garden.

A spoon of mustard to repel cats

homemade cat repellent a spoon of mustard

Anti-cat plants

Plants that are pleasant to humans, but the smell of which cats dislike, may be one of the best options. You just have to enrich your garden with a few specific plants such as lavender, rue officinale, coleus, rosemary, geranium and thyme.

What a beautiful protective remedy against cats

potted lavender cat repellent plant in the garden

The beautiful coleus against cats

cat repellent coleus plant in the garden

Fresh rosemary

rosemary cat repellent plant in the garden

Officinal street 

repellent plant cat rue officinale in the garden

Onion and garlic

This is a remedy that you should not use inside the home unless you are not a fan of the scent of onion or garlic. Take into account that with cats you can hunt, for example, your friends. On the other hand, it is a very good option for the outdoors. You can apply it in the garden or in the balcony. Cut a fresh onion in half and rub some objects or throw garlic cloves cut in half here and there.

cat repellent grandmother's remedy garlic cloves and green onion

Coffee grounds

If you love the scent of coffee, cats don’t share your opinion. And that’s great news! You can put coffee grounds anywhere in the garden, for example near plants that cats attack or directly in the pots of houseplants. Your plants will thank you, because coffee grounds are also a very good natural fertilizer. And these are just two of all the benefits you can get from coffee grounds.

how to repel cats putting coffee grounds in a jar

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, and especially lemon, emit an odor that cats dislike. So you can sprinkle zest in the garden. Or, you can boil the zest in water and spray the cooled mixture all over. Unlike cats, you will appreciate this smell !

outdoor cat repellent peeled lemon on a wooden board

A useful mixture against cats

how to scare cats away lemon zest boiling in water

anti cat plant lemon zest in the garden

Essential oils

You can of course use citrus fruits and lavender in essential oil form. It would be both a wonderful flavoring and an effective protection against cats. However, we must be careful! Essential oils can be toxic to cats. Do not apply them directly to the cat or to a plant that the cat eats or touches. Make sure the cat is only going to smell the oil, which is absolutely sufficient.

essential oil cat repellent lavender oil on a towel

White vinegar

White vinegar helps us a lot in our daily life – in the kitchen or in the fight against flies. From now on you can also use it to dissuade your cat from defecating in forbidden places. You can mix the vinegar with a little water and clean the area with this mixture. The specific smell of white vinegar will repel the cat and he will be forced to choose another place.

how to get rid of neighbors' cats white vinegar in a bottle

How to repel cats with effective cleaning ?

Cats don’t change the places they go. They smell their own scent and always come back to the same crime scene. The only solution for you is diligent cleaning. A lot of people make the mistake of using bleach. It is true that it is a very strong cleaning tool, but its scent attracts cats and causes them to urinate. Instead of bleach, we recommend that you use Baking soda. In the first place, it is perfect for disinfestation. Then it makes the smell of cat urine go away and then that place won’t attract him anymore. That’s not all, baking soda is a very good anti-flea remedy and it is not dangerous for cats..

Good cleaning is the key !

baking cat repellent cleaning with baking soda against cats

How to scare cats away by scaring them ?

Apart from repellent odors and cleaning, there are some things that can be used that scare cats, but indeed they will not hurt them at all..

The water

It is a universally known fact that cats hate water. You can therefore use a water spray to directly spray the intruding cat. Maybe the effect will not come right away, but if you repeat this action regularly, the cat will give up. You also have the option of leaving water bottles in the garden. The sight of the water will repel cats. The third variant is to install a sprinkler system which can even have an auto-reaction of the movements.

how to get rid of invasive cats watering system

The sounds

Hearing of cats is very sensitive. This is why there are too loud or high pitched sounds which are very unpleasant for them. You can use for example a shrill whistle or an ultrasonic device.

how to prevent cats from coming into my garden a cat in the garden