The different types of water pump

The role of a water pump is to move water from point A to point B by suction. There are two main types. Depending on the case, it can be pumped to redistribute it (drinking water) or evacuate it (waste water). The engine that equips it can be electric or thermal. This activates the turbines to suck the water, then push it back to the desired network, supply or discharge.

The water pump – essential garden equipment

what use and what types of water pumps for redistributing or discharging water

Surface water pumps

The first type of water pump is the surface water pump. As its name suggests, it should be installed out of the water, on level and stable ground. It is suitable for pumping water up to a depth of 8 meters. It can be used to empty a swimming pool or a garden pond. In most cases, it is used for watering the garden and supplying your home’s equipment from a source (rainwater collector, river, etc.).

The surface water pump – a multipurpose pump in the garden

model of surface pumps for watering a garden or emptying a swimming pool, outdoor garden equipment

If you plan to use pumped water to supply several pieces of equipment in your home, it is possible to use a booster pump to significantly increase the pressure of the water entering your home network. The booster is a pump that maintains the pressure on all of your installations at an adequate level, even at the most distant water point. Just install it at the outlet of your rainwater collector.

A surface pump is made up of three main components: the motor, the suction body and the discharge outlet. It must be equipped with a hose to suck water. In addition to watering the garden and supplying water to your home’s equipment, the resulting water can also be used for cleaning your vehicle. It significantly reduces your drinking water consumption.

Get to know the structure of a water pump to choose the best

what structure of a water pump to redistribute or evacuate water outside a garden

Submersible water pumps

The second type of water pump is the submersible water pump. As its name also suggests, it must be immersed in water to be aspirated. It is available in various versions depending on its use. The first of these is the well pump. It can be used at a depth of more than 8 meters. It is suitable for pumping water from a well as well as for sucking water from a river or a pond.

The lift pump is another version of submersible water pump. Unlike the well pump, it is usually placed at the bottom of the water to suck and evacuate it. You can use it to empty the septic tank, a flooded cellar and the swimming pool. It is very useful for drying wastewater which is impossible to evacuate by gravity. However, it can still be used for automatic watering of your garden..

Other versions of submersible water pump are available on the market for uses such as drilling. Narrower than the well pump, the well pump allows you to access a greater depth to suck water. There are also pumps designed specifically for garden watering. They are connected to a water tank and directly supply an automatic sprinkler system or a water jet.

A lifting pump – submerged to the bottom for better evacuation or watering

example of a submerged water pump to be installed for a well or a lift pump to vacuum and evacuate the water