The surveillance camera invites itself outside

While the burglaries suffered a further rise this year with more than 166,000 cases recorded in France, personal surveillance systems are increasingly appealing to individuals, especially as technology tends to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Long considered as the last resort and reserved for a certain segment of the population because of their complexity and cost of installation, combined with reliability that is always up to the task, alarms and other cameras now find their place inside and outside. outside, thereby reassuring anxious owners. Because although the offenses until recently mainly concerned habitats, we are witnessing a worrying increase in theft and damage in surrounding areas, such as gardens, garages and of course public roads. Actions, supported by the development of discreet, wireless devices that can be viewed directly on smartphones, which are pushing more and more individuals to equip themselves with outdoor surveillance cameras.

The new generation surveillance camera finds its place in the outdoors

The outdoor surveillance camera market is attracting more and more French people

Like all delinquency, theft adapts to an era and home jacking is a perfect example. Like carjacking, which consists in taking over, often by violence, someone else’s vehicle while it is there, this new form of damage to property is frightening by the determination of thieves who no longer even bother to act discreetly. As the latter enter occupied homes, usually in order to steal car keys that will no longer need to be broken, the risk of being surprised by the owner can give rise to tragic results, without talk about a long-term trauma for the person who comes face to face with the person who came to steal her. Even though these home-jacking thefts take place mostly without a weapon, according to Interior Ministry sources, they have been steadily increasing for the past fifteen years. Like the so-called “traditional” burglaries carried out inside an empty home, the percentage of cases solved by the police remains low, in the order of just ten percent. The lack of clues left by those responsible and the speed of action make it difficult for the authorities to search.

The surveillance camera market boosted by the explosion of malicious acts

The outdoor surveillance camera is now wireless and can be viewed remotely

While homejacking is the worst case scenario, other types of theft are also on the rise, affecting not only jewelry and other electronic equipment, but other more unsuspected goods. Indeed, outdoor spaces and other garden shelters are increasingly falling prey to thieves, who have come to seek their loot made up of previously neglected objects. Thus, garden tools like chainsaws, brush cutters and other DIY and gardening equipment fall prey to thieves, to the chagrin of homeowners who find out too late through their outdoor camera that their products had value and could arouse the lust of dishonest people.

Gardens, new targets for thieves

Video surveillance systems develop at the same time as crimes

Another worrying practice and all the more marked by its moral violence, dog theft, which also continues to be emulated. Once rather rare and reserved for specific breeds to extort ransom, the practice has now spread to many different pedigrees, leaving owners in utter disarray. Usually removed in order to multiply reproductions and take advantage of innocent puppies, females are particularly affected, as well as hounds already trained..

We will add to all this the theft of food products, such as fruits, vegetables, the theft of fuel which fluctuates according to the price at the pump, agricultural equipment or farm animals, prized for the resale of their meat. . In short, securing property no longer only concerns the interior, but also the garden or the courtyard, in view of the diversification of acts of theft and malicious intent. Equipped with a wifi connection which makes it more nomadic and easy to install due to the absence of wires and connections, the outdoor surveillance camera adapts to the times in order to be more discreet and more practical. Connected to the Internet, it thus benefits from the advantages of connectivity, such as an extended data storage space and, above all, flexibility of use. Indeed, a simple smartphone and a dedicated application are now sufficient to take a discreet but attentive look at what we care about.

Barely one in ten burglary cases is solved by the police or the gendarmerie

Faced with the increase in burglaries and break-ins, individuals are opting for the new generation surveillance camera