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Caramel Balayage – Gorgeous Hair Colors for All Hair Types

Do you know what the magic of the perfect hair color is? When you find your perfect color, you don’t even need to apply a lot of makeup because the face is well framed and sublimated by the color. Sometimes the perfect color includes several tones combined and “arranged” on your hair. This is the case with the caramel balayage which is so current and so beloved today. Several modern women and a large part of the stars have adopted it and here we are going to show you how and why the balayage is a good choice for many women. Perhaps you will find inspiration for your next hairstyle there. Among the celebrities who have fallen in love with the caramel balayage are Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Ariana Grande, Jessica Alba, Julianne Moore and several others..

Caramel balayage sublimates your chestnut hair with its rich color highlights

caramel brown balayage, mid-length bob lightened with honey tones and wavy hair

If you have naturally brown hair and want to refresh or soften your color, caramel balayage is a perfect solution for you. To brighten up your face and create a pretty frame around it or just to lighten your hair and make it look more natural for this summer, caramel balayage comes to your rescue. Caramel, as its name suggests, is a delicious shade. It adds gourmet notes, softens features and goes perfectly with blondes and brunettes. A caramel balayage is just as good for pale skin as it is for dark skin. The real magic of caramel tones in hair is that they sublimate faces with green and hazel eyes, giving them a nice shine..

Caramel balayage is a perfect decoration for any girl with a tanned complexion

caramel brown balayage, pearl-skin tone makeup, close-to-the-ear braid and hazel eyes

Balayage is a revolutionary technique that allows us to have lighted hair with a natural effect. This is the type of hair that is very often seen in children. The base of the hair acquires a darker color while the lengths become lighter and lighter. When done to reproduce the authentic effect it is a unique lighting and application of the special color so that the strands light up gradually and until the ends. If you want you can leave the roots painted in a base color or work in the same balayage tone. Balayage can be combined or replaced with ombre but an original balayage looks much more natural since the colors here are applied near the base of the strands. To get a really pretty balayage, it is best to entrust yourself to a professional..

Caramel balayage and messy hair – trendy hairstyle and hair color

caramel brown balayage, messy hair with caramel undertones, knitted blouse

What are the benefits of caramel balayage? With it you don’t limit yourself to just one color and your hairstyle is always original! With the caramel undertones in your hair you get almost blonde without dramatically changing your look. No need to worry about black or darker roots – the ombre effect combined with balayage is more of a plus than a flaw. You won’t have to run around the salon all the time. The desired effect is immediate on chestnut hair. It’s much harder to get blonde locks than caramel-colored locks. A visit to the hairdresser and you will have a flattering and original color with warm tones. In addition, caramel is easily adopted by most women, while blond and red have certain limits regarding the complexion..

Jessica Alba with a blinding smile and fiery hair color

caramel brown balayage, luxe necklace, Jessica Alba, simple makeup and orange lipstick

The two color combinations are a stylish, modern and refreshing option that will give your hair a healthier and more radiant look. If you want to adopt a bronde color that is so trendy now, the most practical variation is especially refreshing your chestnut hair with highlights of light caramel. Blonde highlights on chestnut hair are another possible option, but caramel is the color that is closer to the brown color and will blend in with the base tones producing a muted contrast. It’s always good to pay attention to our natural hair color and skin tone. If you have tried red hair before and liked the result, you can color red with caramel highlights. In fact, the caramel highlights added to a color that you have already tested and that looks good on you will be a good solution..

Caramel color illuminates chestnut hair with its natural shine

caramel brown balayage, black lace outfit, sloppy hair, brown eyes, blue eye makeup

Caramel balayage is also possible on very dark hair 

caramel balayage on brunette, brunette woman, pastel makeup, nude lipstick

The discreet makeup in tan and chocolate tones goes very well with the caramel balayage

caramel sweep on brunette, square mid long curly symmetrical parting, everyday hairstyle

Eva Longoria stays true to the caramel hair color

caramel balayage on brunette, Eva Longoria, simple and stylish hairstyle, balayage on brown hair

Rihanna and her hair color that sublimates her natural exoticism

caramel balayage on brunette, Rihanna in a red dress, makeup in brown and peach tones

caramel balayage on brunette, Jesssica Alba with smooth hairstyle and fine hair

caramel balayage on brunette, almost black, everyday makeup, young woman with brown eyes  honey sweep on brunette, very dark hair, blue eyes, pink lipstick

honey sweep on brunette, very long hair, pretty waves, thick hair

Caramel highlights on very dark hair

honey sweep on brunette, very dark hair with warm copper highlights

Honey-on-brunette balayage, braid hairstyle, matte skin tone, understated makeup

honey sweep on brunette, short square cut, chunky necklace, petrol blue outfit

honey sweep on brunette, young girl, pale skin, blue eyes, gray woolen sweater

honey sweep on brunette, long straight hair, pretty brown eye makeup

Short square illuminated with caramel undertones

honey sweep on brunette, fair skin, blue eyes, wavy short bob, caramel highlights close to the face

brown caramel highlights, short bob, copper highlights on brown hair

brown with caramel highlights, long brown hair with lighter highlights

brown caramel highlights, curly hairstyle, several locks in warm color

caramel brown hair, discreet makeup, wavy and long hair

Caramel highlights add depth to chestnut hair

brown caramel highlights, copper highlights, elegant hairstyle, shoulder-length hair

brown meche caramel, denim jacket, green scarf, long hair with curly ends  brown meche caramel, tanned face, simple everyday makeup  caramel brown hair color, dark brown hair coloring, brown eyes and simple makeup

caramel highlights on brown hair, hair in light caramel undertones, long wavy hair

Ash brown hair with caramel tones

caramel highlights on brown hair, fringed hairstyle, light brown hair, blue eyes

Caramel highlights on brown hair, Drew Barrymore, nude beige outfit, messy effect hair

caramel highlights on brown hair, messy hair and everyday makeup

Olivia Palermo’s hazel eyes received their perfect frame with this caramel balayage 

caramel highlights on brown hair, smooth hair of Olivia Palermo, copper highlights on light brown hair

caramel highlights on brown hair, balayage light brown hair, winter outfit

caramel balayage, gorgeous hair color, dark chestnut with caramel undertones

caramel balayage, original hair coloring, honey brown hair with light highlights

square caramel balayage, wavy plunging square, caramel-colored highlights,

Caramel is a magnificent blend of brown, red and blond

caramel balayage, long hair, caramel highlights on dark chestnut hair

caramel balayage, bright honey-colored highlights on long dark chestnut hair

caramel balayage, thick hair, ombre effect, light brown hair, curly waves  caramel balayage, formal outfit, layered hairstyle with long asymmetrical bangs

honey balayage, simple makeup, brown eyes, short bob, wavy bob

Curly hair makes the colors visible

honey balayage, wavy bob, caramel tones, wavy hair in several shades

honey balayage, super long honey brown hair with caramel highlights

honey sweep, long dark chestnut hair, white shirt off the shoulder

honey sweep, caramel highlights, dark brown hair, pretty hairstyle

honey balayage, long hair in black color with coppery highlights

Have flamboyant hair – caramel color on red hair

honey balayage, mahogany hair, ombre balayage, black outfit for women

honey balayage, caramel-colored balayage on dark chestnut hair, striped blouse

caramel brown hair, caramel-colored wavy highlights, on dark brown hair

brown caramel highlights, curly hair with the straightener, bright curly highlights

brown caramel highlights, short hairstyle, asymmetrical hairstyle for short hair

caramel brown hair, curly hair with straightener, caramel highlights on black base

chestnut caramel highlights, highlights contrasting with the base color

brown meche caramel, long hair with side bangs, big black necklace

brown hair with caramel highlights, brown hair with caramel highlights, hair color for women

brown meche caramel, red dress with white stripes, very long curly hair

brown meche caramel, everyday outfit, in beige and white, elegant mid-length hairstyle

caramel highlights, denim dress, honey highlights, dark chestnut base color

caramel highlights, shimmering wavy hair, balayage on brown hair

caramel highlights, mahogany hair, caramel highlights on red hair

caramel highlights, balayage on red hair, caramel-colored curls on fiery hair

caramel highlights, straight hair, balayage on long hair, caramel cardigan

caramel lock, white shirt and blue skirt, very long hair, flattering color

caramel highlights, denim jacket, feminine hairstyle, brown eye makeup

caramel highlights, long hair, pretty hairstyle with bright hair, black cardigan

caramel highlights, mid-length bob with wavy locks, red blouse, everyday hairstyle

caramel highlights, gorgeous hair, dark brown hair color, blue eyes

caramel highlights, long hair, balayage long hair, trendy hairstyle

caramel highlights, light caramel highlights, white shirt

caramel highlights, dark brown hair, voluminous curls, gray blouse

caramel highlights, thick hair, black eyeliner and brown eyeshadows, nude lip makeup

caramel highlights, curly bob, ethnic blouse, stylish lady's hairstyle

caramel highlights on dark brown hair, white dress, tanned skin, symmetrical bangs