Choose a headband hairstyle among the many proposals in photos

The headband hairstyle is a chic and different option that can enhance your everyday style. But to achieve a beautiful look you must know what are the variations of hairstyle with headband and combine them well with your outfit. The headband has many variations and it is a characteristic element for some styles like swag, pin up, boho style and gatsby style. A very cool trend is to combine hip hop clothes with vintage headband hairstyles. It is in particular the swag style which counts on the eclectic look and the marriage of controversial fashion codes. Trends return and revalue all the time and we assure you that the headband hairstyle will never go out of fashion. In the past this type of hairstyle was adopted by stars like Brigitte Bardot, Elisabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Shaggy and Ursula Andres. Nowadays, hairstyle is evoked by several stars who have shown us that the headband is an irreplaceable accessory that can accompany us from the pool to the official party..

Charlize Theron with an original headband hairstyle

hair jewelry, floral model tiara, fringed and accessorized hairstyle

Here are some styles for different occasions that you can adopt using a headband:

  • The pretty ornate headbands that brides use are subtle accessories and highlighting feminine beauty. In most cases these are silver colored floral tiaras
  • Headbands for your streetstyle are another thing. To make a streetstyle headband hairstyle you can use scarves, kerchiefs and other pieces of fabric that you must tie in an original way
  • The hippie style is a vintage style that gives us the freedom to combine several colors, designs and materials. And the headband is a mandatory accessory for all followers of this style – men and women
  • Pin-up style – combine a kerchief tied near the forehead or the back of the neck with a thick stretch of eyeliner stretched above the outer corner of the eye

Olivia Palermo with a beautiful headband hairstyle that goes well with her style

Olivia Palermo hair jewelry, black dotted shirt, scarlet lipstick

There are a thousand ways to put on your hair band. Here are some original variations of tying or putting on your hair band:

  1. Wave your hair and give it a loose and sexy style. Then put the headband on top. This is a gorgeous style for your fringed bob
  2. Hide the headband with your hair by wrapping the strands around the face. If you want, you can tie the hair in a ponytail
  3. Put the bangs aside and curl or wave the hair
  4. Make a messy bun and accessorize it with a headband
  5. Have fun with a Greek goddess hairstyle. Leave a few strands around the face and secure the rest of the hair in a sort of loose bun
  6. Make a rounded bun and secure the hair securely with styling product. Put the headband on top
  7. Create a beautiful volume on straight hair and put the headband close to the forehead like the stars of the past did

Headband hairstyle on short hair

short hair headband, metallic hair band, silver color

Bohemian hairstyle with a beaded headband

bohemian hairstyle, hippie chic pearl headband, brown hair

Hairstyle with black headband and tied hair

black bandana, smooth bun with black hair band, brown eye makeup

Original headband on a low bun

head jewelry, a green decorative stone headband, low bun, fluffy waistcoat

Gatsby style with a pretty head jewel

how to put on a headband, Gatsby style hairstyle, brown hair square hairstyle

This 20s look is the go-to outfit for several themed parties

20s hairstyle, subtle silver finish headband, sheer lace dress

Stylish and simple hairstyle for long hair

long hair, subtle headband, black tiara on long hair

Hair tiaras on curly hair

hairstyle with headband, ponytail on curly hair, hairstyle with two tiaras

pin up hairstyle with pink headband, vintage makeup, green outfit

headband for long hair, braided hair headband, chic hippie hairstyle

messy ponytail, striped t-shirt, top ponytail, free streaks around the face

accessorized ponytail, bandana in red and white and high ponytail

Tiara inlaid on well-styled hair

evening wear, elegant hair hairstyle, straight hair, white tiara

hairstyle with headband, blonde hair, metallic hair headband

hairstyle with headband, fairy pale gray dress, chain tiara, curly hair

hairstyle with headband, blue braided headband, ponytail, dark brown hair

Bangs are very important to your style – decide if it will be voluminous, slicked back and set aside or straight and you will have several different headband hairstyle ideas available.

hairstyle with headband, dark color wavy hair, red hair band

hairstyle with headband, pink headband with flower, fringed hairstyle, Katy Perry

Leighten Meester with a high school girl look

hairstyle with headband, Leighton Meester with red hair band

hairstyle with headband, low bun, straight bangs, headband and dress in bright colors

hairstyle with headband of Selena Gomez, small crown braid on brown hair

  bohemian hairstyle, black outfit of the stars, loose hair or bun, two famous sisters

headband hairstyle, knitted headband in gray and orange, shoulder length hair, short bangs

Winter hairstyle combining beauty and comfort

hairstyle headband, white knitted headband put on the forehead, winter hairstyle

Turban-style bandana

hairstyle headbandn turban hair and high bun on brown hair

Pin-up hairstyle – curls formed with fingers and fixed with clamps. Don’t forget the preliminary step – curl the strands with rollers

rockabilly style headband hairstyle, houndstooth patterns, vintage hairstyle

headband hairstyle, Nicole Kidman with a faux bob and subtle hair tiara

Also think about the colors that suit you and that will enhance your complexion by being put close to your face.

Taylor Swift headband hairstyle, striped blouse, trendy sunglasses

how to put on a headband, long hair, black headband, tapered bangs

how to put on a headband, ways to tie your scarf, textile headband  how to put on a headband, red and long hair, retro style hairstyle

Make a romantic hairstyle by wrapping strands around the headband

how to put on a headband, leather hair band, black hair

how to put on a headband, black hair, side bangs, a thin headband with small element

Headband and asymmetrical fringe

how to put a headband, black fabric headband on blond hair

how to put on a headband, red headband, red bag, white shirt

silver colored metal hair tiara, ponytail or high bun

black hair tiara or how to put on a headbnad, brown eyes makeup

An idea to make your ponytail much more stylish

white tiara on straight hair, brown hair, multicolored striped blouse

short hair headband, floral model hairstyle accessory, fringed hairstyle

short hair headband, cool hairstyle for short hair, blue lace blouse

short hair headband, blonde hair, tiara in black and silver

Charlize Theron with a black headband

headband short hair, simple and elegant makeup of Charlize Theron  short hair headband, Keira Knightly with a pretty red headband sophisticated model

short hair headband, short hairstyle with a red headband, platinum blonde hair

hair bandana, exotic girl, white feather braided headband

hair accessories, boho chic style tiaras, curved ponytail hairstyle

Magical look for the bride

wedding headband, wedding tiara with gemstones on blonde hair

wedding headband, elegant bun, elegant bridal makeup, white earrings

wedding headband, a gorgeous bride, lace back, head jewelry with crystals

Headband placed close to the forehead and passing over the ears

messy hairstyle with a black headband, smokey eye makeup, blue eyes

rhinestone headband, brown hair, low bun and tiara, pretty woman with evening dress

Leighton Meester hairstyle, red bandana, formal outfit with tie

Kristen Stewart with a grunge outfit, knitted bandana, white t-shirt, black jacket

nude color satin headband, warm long hair color, easy hairstyle

Alexa Chung with sloppy style

headband hairstyle, Alexa Chung, blue tiara, easy hairstyle with tiara

hairstyle with bandana, white tied ribbon, straight bangs, long hair

An 80s look of Madonna

headband hairstyle, Madonna in the 80s, red headband and earrings

As always, Taylor Swift gives us a super romantic hairstyle with a headband adorned with a large flower

red strapless dress, Taylor Swift, roantic makeup, headband with large flower