Choose the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle from a long list of proposals

Are you invited to a wedding as a bridesmaid? It’s truly a privilege. You will be the closest to the bride and perform a sacred and important role that you cannot underestimate. You are emotional, touched and a little anxious, you have to help the bride in the smallest details and make her start as a married woman easier. But don’t forget that you are also going to be part of the ceremony, which means also thinking about your style for the big day. The bride will be the prettiest, that’s for sure. But the bridesmaids represent her lovely entourage which symbolizes feminine energy and the sacred bonds in the female community. They should also be beautiful, but in a delicate, gentle and not so obliging way. This is why the bridesmaid hairstyle is so important – it complements your outfit and puts the finishing touches on your important guest look.

Romantic bridesmaid hairstyle – half up hair with pink flower

long hair wedding hairstyle, pink hair, chestnut hair, half-tied hair

When choosing your bridesmaid hairstyle, align your style with the design of the wedding. Keep in mind if it will be bohemian, rustic, vintage, formal or with a special theme. One can choose from a large number of hairstyles suitable for all types of weddings. Vintage weddings are growing in popularity among the bride and groom, and one of the most important clues to period attire is the hairstyle. Here are some examples of vintage bridesmaid hairstyle:

  • pin-up hairstyles – their pretty, structured rollers are one of the most coveted items women have at a retro-themed event. The ladies are adorned with a glamorous shine, the hair shines dressed in lacquer, the volumes are exaggerated and give the ceremony an undeniable chic. And the variations of hair with these curls are inexhaustible.
  • English waves – light and flat, formed close to the head, these waves give women a real ladies’ look. Perhaps nostalgic traditions and values ​​are important to the bride and groom, and by being as beautiful as a lady, you can symbolize life and human relationships in a different time. English waves are possible on long, shoulder-length or short hair and there is no girl who cannot be sublimated with them.
  • the bulging bun – be like Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot at your sister’s or your best friend’s wedding – why not? Will you be attending another occasion where this hairstyle will make sense? Especially if the bride has chosen a hairstyle with half-up hair. You can accessorize the hair with headband, barrettes, jewelry. The important thing is not to overload the hairstyle.
  • the braid bun – a romantic hairstyle, ideal for bucolic weddings and outdoor ceremonies. The wind will not prevent you from being beautiful all day long

Two friends who adopted a bohemian bridesmaid hairstyle

country wedding, bohemian wedding hairstyle, open back, long hair, flower hair crown

To adopt a modern look you can wear an official hairstyle such as a strict bun, straight or slightly curved hair, asymmetrical etc. There are also romantic variations – curly hair, braid updo or fuzzy bun, asymmetric braid bun. There are no rules. Here are some suggestions for a modern bridesmaid hairstyle:

  • fringed bob with the angled bangs – the main idea of ​​modern hairstyles is to look stylish enough with the fewest modifications possible. This is why a beautiful bob with the side bangs will give you the nonchalant style you want that draws attention to your personality and not your hair.
  • the curly bob with a simple hair jewel to assemble the bangs or a tiara with a romantic effect. There is no shortage of hairstyle ideas for medium length hair and you can take advantage of them
  • the low bun to the side – a super neat hairstyle that goes with a strict, simple and elegant outfit, for example a bodycon straight dress with asymmetrical shoulders, with or without sleeves
  • the low ponytail for medium hair and the curly ponytail for long hair. The volume in the upper part of the hair is of great importance
  • ponytail high on slicked hair
  • the easy bun – if you want to improvise something at the last moment and you are not afraid to try to do a hairstyle yourself

For bohemian weddings, it’s easier – long hair half-tied up and accessorized with headband, jewelry or clips are the hottest trends. Asymmetrical hairstyles styled with a simple hair piece, with half of the hair falling loose are also very popular. The small braids in the top part and the crown braids are very pretty and romantic and chosen by several women. Don’t forget the side braids which are a true symbol of youth and tradition. Consider adding ribbons, flower crowns, tiaras that will add romance notes to the outfit.

Bridesmaid hairstyle – low fuzzy bun with small side braid

Greek dress with asymmetrical shoulders, hairstyle blurred bun with flower accessory, dark blue dress

Stylish hairstyle – fuzzy low bun

fuzzy bun on blonde hair, low bun, medium length hairstyle ideas, white dress

Braided bun on long hair

low braided bun, side braid, romantic hairstyle, brown hair, hairstyle for wedding

Bun with twisted locks

wedding bun hairstyle, sophisticated bun with twisted locks, domed bun, gray sweater

Voluminous bun – hairstyle for a romantic event

voluminous bun, low bun, side braids, white dress, brown hair

Side bun decorated with a white rose

wedding guest hairstyle, white rose, scarlet lipstick, white dress, low side bun

Busty updo for longest hair

wedding guest hairstyle, brown hair, twisted bun on the side, formal hairstyle for long hair

Bohemian hairstyle for guest or bridesmaid

two bohemian braids, bohemian long hair wedding hairstyle, illusion back dress with sequined ornaments

medium hair tied up, simple hairstyle long hair, curly hair, hair knot in the upper part  bohemian wedding hairstyle, Greek style tiara, blue dress, accessorized fuzzy bun

A compound bun that shows the splendor of long hair

wedding hairstyle made up, blonde hair, side bun on curly hair

bridesmaid outfit blue dress, crown braid, curly hair, backless dress

Easy hairstyle with two twisted strands

mid-length square accessorized, white hair jewel, twisted locks, lace blouse

vintage bun, bridesmaid hairstyle, detached bangs with chiffon sleeves, top in black and green

wedding braid hairstyle, vintage wedding guest hairstyle, blonde hair, large lined braid

Classic crown braid on long wavy hair

young woman with crown braid hairstyle, wedding braid hairstyle, white lace top

high ponytail, Reese Witherspoon, natural makeup, black eyeliner, green earrings, tiara

blonde hair bridesmaid hairstyle, braids and fuzzy bun on blonde hair

braided bun wedding hairstyle, blonde hair, sophisticated wedding witness hairstyle

Braid bun with pretty accessory

low braided bun, white pearl and gold thread hair jewelry, wedding bun hairstyle

wedding witness hairstyle, braids near the skull, woman with blond hair, nude makeup

hairstyle for long and shoulder-length hair, simple makeup, black eyeliner line, loose hair

braided low bun bridesmaid hairstyle, scarlet lipstick, black hair, silver suspenders

cute dotted dress with ribbon off the shoulder, Kirsten Dunst, easy hairstyle medium hair

Fringed hairstyle with tiara – easy hairstyle idea

hairstyle with star tiara, bangs on both sides, nude makeup, romantic hairstyle

country hairstyle, two hairstyles for wedding on long hair, original crown braids for bride or guest

long hair wedding witness or guest hairstyle, high part of voluminous hair

bridesmaids in soft colored dresses, white bouquets, loose hair, country wedding

A small waterfall made with pliers decorated with flowers

romantic hairstyle for wedding guest, flower hair jewelry, backless dress

chestnut blonde hair hairstyle, braid wedding hairstyle, soft makeup, cat's eye

wedding bun hairstyle, side bangs, dangling earrings, white dress

braid wedding hairstyle, blonde hair, hanging necklace, fabric roses in hair

Medium length hairstyle ideas, crown braid, brown hair, blonde highlights

braid crown on long hair, elegant wedding hairstyle, woman with long hair

Fantastic updo for bride or wedding guest

braid wedding hairstyle, long necklace, strapless dress, bridesmaid outfit

hairstyles for wedding guests outdoors, blue dresses with bare back with ribbon tied at the back

young women invited to a wedding, elegant dresses, simple hairstyles and bouquets of flowers

Romantic country hairstyle

chestnut hair, crown braid, bohemian wedding hairstyle, backless pink dress, country dress

side blur bun hairstyle, big curls on blonde hair, vintae earrings, Scarlett Johansson

woman with blond hair, wedding braid hairstyle, asymmetrical shoulders dress, pretty hairstyle for romantic event

mid-length square hairstyle, strapless blue dress, black hair, flower hair jewelry

Multi knot bun

low bun hairstyle, thin neck tattoo, bun bridesmaid hairstyle

long hair, wedding braid hairstyle, curly hair, high rounded part


wedding hairstyle idea, brown hair blonde highlights, low bun, bridal hairstyle or wedding guest

Multi knot bun with braid

outdoor wedding, romantic ceremony, women in pink and white dresses, man in suit  Kirsten Dunst With Easy Wedding Witness Hairstyle, Simple Makeup, Star Earrings, Loose Hair

bridesmaid hairstyle, half tied hair, long brown hair, open back

long gorgeous hair, crown braid, curly hair, backless blue dress

Taylor Swift's long hair, purple plunging neckline dress, cat eye eye makeup

bridesmaid hairstyle, blonde hair, asymmetrical shoulder dress

braid wedding hairstyle, petrol blue dress, dangling earrings, long hair hairstyle idea

hairstyle for vintage wedding, braided bun, sequined dress, red lips, graceful young lady

Romantic red carpet hairstyle

butterfly hair jewelry, scarlet lipstick, country hairstyle, ivory dress

hairstyle for vintage wedding, retro style braided bun, turtleneck sweater, pink cardigan

Hairstyle for wedding guest on short hair

wedding guest hairstyle short hair, metallic tiara, tapered bias frand

The side bun – one of the classic options for a wedding hairstyle

long hair wedding hairstyle, side bun, gold earrings, strapless dress

Short bob with bangs on the side

black hair wedding hairstyle, natural makeup, boho chic earrings

twisted braid bun, wedding bun hairstyle, white butterfly hair clip, bridesmaid hairstyle

hairstyle ideas for long or medium hair, small hair jewelry, sophisticated bun