Golden blonde – adopt this warm coloring for a radiant look

Golden blonde is a warm color that reflects the sun with grace. Unlike the cooler tones of blonde, this shade will enhance even the complexion of brunettes. Since she’s hot but not overly engaging, everyone can enjoy her. The golden blonde coloring mimics the hair color of those who have vacationed in the sun and it’s still called a Californian blonde. She evokes positive thoughts and attributes a warm look to the women who adopted her. It doesn’t dull the face like ash blonde and doesn’t require a cold complexion like platinum blonde. Among the stars who adopted her are Claire Danes, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon. Golden blonde is a natural color that sits between dark blonde and light brown, a bright blonde with golden highlights.

Kate Hudson adopted a gorgeous golden blonde

glamorous champagne color dress, red lipstick, wavy blonde hair

Golden blonde is suitable for warm people and girls who would avoid choosing a shade that is too light for their hair. Brunettes won’t be able to skip the bleach step, but at least it won’t be very damaging to the hair. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hataway are among the brunettes who have succumbed to the charm of blonde coloring and of course tried golden blonde. To preserve the right color, colored hair should be washed with a special shampoo. Shampoos that fight against yellow undertones are known to all followers of the blonde color. Although golden blonde is a less temperamental shade than platinum blonde, you need to be careful not to leave your hair looking yellowish blonde. Don’t be afraid of dark roots, with a golden blonde it’s easier to space out your color touches. The ombre effect remains current and looks great with dark roots and blonde lengths.

Scarlett Johansson’s golden blonde

Scarlett Jonasson with Californian blonde, gemstone necklace, red dress, blue eye shadows

The golden blonde color has its different shades, such as dark golden blonde, coppery golden blonde and golden honey blonde. Which shade you choose depends on your base color. For very dark hair it is better to go for a copper or dark shade to choose a coloring technique like balayage or ombre. Golden blonde adapts very well to color that is not uniform. Thinning hair ends or a few golden strands in chestnut hair will brighten up the face of the classic brunette. The best season for this coloring is spring / summer when your hair will appear naturally lightened by the sun. But don’t risk spending a lot of time in the sun if your golden blonde looks unnatural. In fact the pigments of this coloring can be destroyed by the rays of the sun. They should be protected with shampoos for blonde hair that will make the hair sleek and shimmering and hats for days outdoors.

A golden blonde that resembles the Venetian blonde

messy styled bun, Nicole Kidman, red lipstick, inlaid light beige dress

Warm golden blonde with ashy undertones

Taylor Swift hair, red lips, black and beige dress, honey blonde curly hair

Fantastic dark blonde shown by Cate Blanchett

golden blonde hair color, Cate Blanchett, red lipstick, understated eye makeup

Karlie Kloss with her Californian blonde

golden hair color, Karlie Kloss, black dress, subtle necklace, long californian blonde hair

Light but warm shade of hair

wavy hair, half-parted bangs, black chiffon dress, burgundy colored lips, subtle necklaces

Romantic blonde hairstyle

californian blonde hair color, white dress, long wavy hair, understated makeup

Emma Stone, discreet makeup, original hoops, nude lips, straight bangs

Ash blonde mixed with lighter blonde

white dress, asymmetrical model, female makeup, pink lips, golden dark blonde

brown hair with shades of blonde, large sunglasses, Olivia Palermo look

cute hairstyle by Drew Barrymore, blonde hair tips, venetian blonde hair color

Dark golden blonde mixed with platinum blonde

honey blonde hair color, curly hair with straightener, green sweater, long hair

Cara Delevigne, strapless sequined dress, dangling earrings, long hair on the side

Taylor Swift, ash blonde hair, blonde lock on chestnut hair, original white dress, side bangs

pink dress, blonde hair color, asymmetrical faux bob, nude pink dress, cat eye makeup

Golden blonde is Reese Witherspoon’s favorite color

Reese Witherspoon's hairstyle, blonde hair, blue eyes, earplugs, elegant black dress

asymmetric mid-length square, trendy print shirt, natural make-up, blonde woman

golden blonde hair, messy honey blonde bob, brown eyes, blue eyeliner, green satin outfit

blonde woman coloring, golden hair color, blue eyes, pink lips, side bun

The blonde coloring goes very well with an intense lipstick

slicked blonde hair, ruddy lipstick, blue eyes, black eyeliner, californian blonde hair color

blonde hair color, slightly curly square cut, blue eyes, black jacket

blonde coloring on brown hair, braid hairstyle, blue eyeliner, matte orange lipstick

Anne Heck asymmetric black dress, massive earrings, swept curly bangs and rolled bun

  blonde balayage on brunette, Drew Barrymore, long hair, understated makeup, wavy hair

Emma Stone, straight blonde hair, straight bangs, red dress, blue makeup

woman with golden blond hair, long slicked hair, half tied, pretty blonde woman

blonde woman, light gray dress, elegant hairstyle, curly golden blonde hair, man in suit

black sweater, sunglasses, mechanical wrist watch, accumulated necklaces, red nail polish

long hair, crown braid hairstyle, long wavy hair, black dress, young blonde woman

long hair, black strapless dress, blue eyes, discreet makeup, curly hair

Scarlett Johansson with gold in her hair

young star in white dress, pink back tattoo, short bob hair, eyeliner stroke

blonde woman, black and white tank top, blonde hair color, dancing woman

honey blonde hair, nude lips, simple makeup, long honey blonde hair

Scarlett Johansson, blonde hair, mid-length bob cut, side bangs, blonde wavy bob

californian blonde hair color, white shirt, Kirsten Dunst straight hair

The blonde coloring is very feminine and perfectly complements pale skin

long blonde hair, black dress with red flowers, dark golden blonde, black eyeliner

Karlie Kloss's hairstyle, golden blonde hair, blonde balayage on brunette, white dress off the shoulder

  pink hair with honey blonde highlights, Katy Perry blonde coloring, simple makeup

Californian blonde hair color, Kirtsen Dunst, black dress, tapered bangs, asymmetric wavy bob

Nicole Kidman with impeccable blonde colored hair

blonde hair dye bun, strapless black dress, elegant Australian actress

Kristen Stewart, Venetian blonde long hair, blonde hair color, long hair

long curly hair, blonde hair color, cream beige dress, large Peter Pan collar

shade of dark golden blonde and platinum blonde hair two pretty blonde women

Gigi Hadid with long hair, blonde highlights on chestnut hair, outfit in peach pink

Blond hair and elegant red dress – classic combination

blonde hair color, red dress, long necklace, silver earrings, side bangs, bun

blond balayage on brunette, blond woman with blue eyes, beige shirt, discreet makeup

honey blonde hair color combined with golden blonde, matte lips, Drew Barrymore

slicked hair, blue shirt, honey blonde, blonde highlights on brown hair

blonde highlights golden shade and platinum highlights, fuzzy bun, swept bangs, ball necklace

Blurred bun on blonde hair

champagne color glitter outfit, simple makeup, messy hair bun, elegant blonde woman

Paris Hilton, asymmetrical bob, orange lipstick, curtain bangs, necklace with extravagant suspension

long hair, blonde color, black shirt, discreet makeup, fringe parted in two tapered

long curly hair, white sweater, white earrings, blue eyes, swept bangs

elegant dress, mid-length wavy golden square, neckline and sleeves in white dress chiffon

The alternation of light and dark tones gives the hair an intriguing look

californian blonde hair, blue eyes, black shirt, side swept bangs, dark golden blonde hair color

Sarah Jessica Parker honey blonde hair color, lace dress, Californian blonde highlights

blonde hair color, Sienna Miller, simple makeup, square cut, side bangs, blonde hair

woman with long blond hair, light gray shirt with floral patterns, natural makeup

blonde color, glittery light gray dress, bright color lipstick, elegant makeup

Two shades of blonde and tone-on-tone coloring

golden color, woman with golden blonde hair, long hair, neutral lips

blonde hair color, Sienna Miller with long blonde hair, neutral makeup

ash-colored hair with blond highlights, straight curtain bangs, blue eyes

Annee Hathaway, long hair, necklaces with pendants, dark golden blonde hair, animal print jacket

Scarlett in a subtle red shirt, black eyeliner, neutral lips, short bob, side bangs

blonde hair color, Californian blonde wavy bob, chiffon back with inlaid ornaments

Long curly hair, a very light blonde on brown hair

light blonde hair, shade of Californian blonde, natural makeup, black eyeliner line

Short bob with bangs

Short tapered bob haircut, Michelle Williams, curtain bangs, light makeup

asymmetrical parting, long blonde hair, elegant dress, necklace in pink balls

blonde hair lo, gs, red lips, smokey eye makeup, long earrings

blonde hair, red dress, neutral makeup, side bangs, smokey eye makeup

Blonde highlights on brown hair

blonde hair color, Giselle Bundhen, blue eyes, nude lips, curly hair

Jennifer Lopez, long hair, nude lips, imitation snakeskin asymmetrical dress