Short haircut for 60 year old woman – the hairstyles that rejuvenate

In a fashion and beauty market that advocates the inclusion of women of all sizes and ages, it is no longer rare to see round models, or older women proud of their maturity. This diversification only comes to shatter the misconception of a beauty that fades over the years, including in the area of ​​the feminine cut which tends to shorten in centimeters of hair over time. And if you are starting this reading, it is certainly because you are looking for ways to rejuvenate your figure with a cut that is at the same time chic, modern, discreet and which is especially not the cut of ” grandmother ”that we are all used to seeing. Find below some tips and ideas to find the perfect one. short haircut for 60 year old woman.

Why choose a short haircut at 60? Advantages

Happy are those who have been able to keep their hair volume, once the 60-year mark has been passed. Happy, but very few nonetheless! With age, hair also takes on its old look, just like the hair that wears it. The mane becomes thinner, weaker, often withers and loses its former density. If that’s your case, then there is nothing better than taking leave of your natural lengths in favor of a light, supple and airy cropped cut that is not only super comfortable to wear but also super easy to maintain. In addition, after a certain age, long haircuts tend to add more years. Short hairstyles on the other hand, become a perfect haircut option to rejuvenate and refine the features of the figure..

A light and fresh short cut to sublimate her white hair

cut white hair woman 60 years with tapered locks and bangs on the forehead

What short haircut for 60 year old woman ?

The short square cut

To look younger, nothing is better than a short bob cut which is just as popular among those in their 20s as those in their 60s. A timeless cut, this type of square is very feminine and elegant with a few lengths framing the face, which you could even degrade for an even more refined and original result. And again, if you make the effort to curl them, you will also have a pretty plunging and very romantic wavy bob.

The square short to keep a few lengths

short square cut with locks around the face curly hair and yellow earplugs hair volume

The boyish or pixie cut

Two cuts with a very similar aesthetic rendering, these short variations differ only in their length – the Pixie (1950) being a more recent and shorter variation of the boyish cut (early 20th century). And both present themselves as a very suitable solution for women in their 60s. As long as you want to energize the hairstyle, so as to give it more volume and movement. Do that through a few flyaways, some volume on the top of the head, a section on the side – there’s not one or two ways to make your cropped hairstyle pop again. In this business, the comb (to backcomb your hair) and the gel will be your first allies.

Voluminous woman Pixie cut with dark brown coloring and volume on the top to revitalize her hair

unstructured tapered short cut with volume on the top and side bangs woman in white suit kris jenner

The shag-style layered cut

This dynamism, so essential for any short haircut, could also be obtained through a layered and unstructured haircut, the result of which would be quite voluminous and very airy. This type of hairstyle is then a top tip to give extra texture to your hair. Known as the shag style, the hair effect we are talking about here has long been reserved for young rebels for its free, wild and somewhat neglected nature. A certain facelift except that in your case, it would be better to put some order in the chaos by styling the hair well, at the risk of appearing ridiculous.

The shag-style layered cut for a mature bohemian look

gray hair woman with short hairstyle pepper hair and varied lengths and volume on top transparent woman shirt

The cut with bangs

With or without bangs? It most often depends on the shape of your face, but generally the bangs turn out to be a nice youthful trick to hide the few wrinkles on the forehead. Note, however, that when we talk about short haircuts for a 60-year-old woman, we most often seek to open and slim the face, while too thick bangs could do the opposite. It is therefore better to prefer a tapered bang that is lighter and more discreet. And to better camouflage imperfections, strands around the face are another loyal ally.

Tapered bangs to hide some wrinkles

relaxed mature woman sitting in couch against gray

And what a short haircut for a 60 year old woman with glasses ?

A cut is often chosen based on your face shape, but when glasses come in, things get even more complicated. But indeed, the choice of a hairstyle for a person who wears glasses is based on the simple rule of rebalancing the proportions. That is to say, with an oval face, we will naturally prefer glasses with a rounded shape, while the choice of frame will lean towards more elongated and angular shapes when your face is round. Of course, all of that would still go with the cut, so don’t forget to bring your glasses back to the hairdresser. Finally, note that the color of the frame, for its part, should also refer to that of your hair.

Angular-rimmed glasses to reduce the roundness of the face and rebalance the Pixie 

straight pixie hairstyle short haircut woman 60 years old with glasses polar blond hair color

Assume your gray hair or opt for coloring ?

Speaking of hair color, there are two main options to choose from. Either you assume and wear your salt and pepper hair with pride, or you opt for coloring. In the first case, care should be taken to structure and style properly, at the risk of displaying an overly simplistic or even casual look. In the second, it would be best to go for a shade a little lighter than that of your natural hair. This to give a blow of fresh and new youth to his hairstyle. Quite a few ladies would choose light chestnut, red or golden shades to bring luminosity to their cut. Some will even be adorned with shades of polar blond and white, just to emphasize the beauty of their maturity..

Play with coloring to change your look 

before after unstructured tapered short haircut short tapered haircut woman 60 years old

woman looking away over white background

example of hairstyle woman 60 years flourished with gray jacket dark gray pants red scarf sunglasses white frame

A haircut with a side wavy section to emphasize femininity

gray hair woman with wicks on the side curly hairstyle idea with wick

annie lenox pixie cut woman 60 years old short hairstyles for 50 year old woman hair color polar blond

white hair with short square cut with volume idea of ​​short hairstyle woman 60 years

Short hairstyle for 60 year old woman with subtle volume

short square cut idea with varied lengths around the face and volume on the top and black dress and jacket

hairstyle woman 60 years hairstyle idea short square cut curly dark bolond hair

short haircuts gray hair with volume and side strand tenie woman black and white

Polar blonde hair color on boyish cut hair

short tapered haircut unstructured gray hair woman with rebellious locks front strand rejected to the side

short tapered haircut woman 60 years old with glasses with short bob with bangs and long front wick

short haircut woman 60 years old with glasses-anette-bening red lipstick glasses black frame model short haircut woman

Charming and enigmatic with her blossoming 60-year-old woman hairstyle 

haircut that rejuvenates white hair cut idea with volume on the back and top

haircut that rejuvenates short bob haircut idea for women with side highlights idea winter woman outfit

haircut that rejuvenates hair volume idea woman haircut with volume and bangs on the forehead

White hair cut for a 60 year old woman

Haircut that rejuvenates models pixie cut with rebellious locks vlond polar hair color with long bangs

long pixie cut with short square cut idea woman 60 years with blond hair

very short pixie cut short hairstyle 6 year old woman with gray hair with red lipstick makeup

Hair combed back to add volume

emma thompson with short tapered haircut 60 year old woman combed back gray hair woman

short bob hairstyle for blonde woman

short haircut for woman 50 years old 60 years old very short white hair with rebellious locks

Short haircut for 60 year old woman with curly mane

short haircuts for 60 year old woman with glasses red frame curly gray hair blue collar blue jacket voluminous hair

idea of ​​short tapered woman 60 years long locks on the forehead

haircut idea with volume on top model short haircut woman in blue color dress

idea maye musk hairstyle woman 6o years flourished with a pink lock and volume on top gray and white dress woman

Breaking standards with rose gold coloring on white

helen mirren with short haircut model with long locks and rose gold coloring

short haircut model woman with gray curly hair pixie curly suit woman color navy blue

short haircut model woman with side strand and volume on top idea classic haircut for gray hair woman

A layered cut with fringe on the forehead and volume

short haircut model woman 60 years old with glasses and gray hair with volume on top

pixie cut short hairstyle woman 60 years flourished with volume on the top and long side bangs on the forehead

what a short tapered haircut 60 years old idea of ​​classic short haircut with some highlights on the forehead and small hair volume

sharon stone with short haircut woman 60 years with some lengths and rebellious locks black dress with neckline

volume on the forehead hairstyle idea with a curly top lock example of a 60 year old woman hairstyle

short haircut model woman platinum blonde hair and long bangs on the forehead, short haircut for 60 year old woman