The 70s hairstyle in 7 iconic variations back

Brushing, XXL lengths, big volumes, curls, hippie chic accessories – the seventies are being revisited this year. We dare to take up the hair trends in question one by one, to reinvent them, but without removing their nostalgic character. Then discover in this article, the trend of the moment with all its splendid variations. In particular, the 70s hairstyle with 7 pretty ways to adopt it in 2021.

Very popular 70s hairstyle – Farrah Fawcett style brushing

There are some of these iconic hairstyles that have revolutionized the hairdressing world. To the point of transforming the first faces who dared them into reference models for the look in question. This is particularly the case of American actress Farrah Fawcett with her famous lion’s mane. Undoubtedly, the role in the famous series Drôle de dames played a major role in the popularization of hairdressing. However, there are several other reasons to fall for blow-drying during the 70s, as elsewhere today, where it is back in force. The voluminous layering with locks wavy outwards gives hair volume and vitality. In order to achieve those subtle, messy-looking curls, it is more than enough to use a hair dryer and a brush or a blower brush. For a more marked effect, consider using curlers or a curling iron.

Farrah Fawcett’s rebellious hairstyle alongside a contemporary take on

example of brushing woman year 70 idea of ​​gradient with volume on blonde hair

Cher’s long and ultra straight hair

Another emblematic person of these times is notably the singer Cher. Her long, ultra-smooth hair with a perfectly centered parting in the middle is now used by several celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, for example. In fact, Rapunzel long hair is another top hair trend for this summer. Two birds with one stone then! The use of hair serum would give that brilliant shine so typical of Cher’s hairstyle..

Pretty recovery of Cher’s hair by Dua Lipa

hairstyle dear woman long straight hair parting in the middle

Brigitte Bardot’s Baby Doll cut

Hit the French scene now and step back in time with the Baby Doll hairstyle. Iconic for French cinema icon Brigitte Bardot, this hairstyle is now being revisited to give it a feminine and very romantic look. The perfect option for a night out for two. Voluminous hair, backcombed on top, curtain bangs, and shorter locks framing the face is what sets this hairstyle apart. It can be worn loose with a headband, in a high ponytail, tied with a scarf, in an extra large, messy bun – the choice is yours. The ends are often curled for extra volume.

The romantic Baby Doll cut of Brigitte Bardot reinvented

example of brigite bardot hairstyle inspiration retro chic hair with volume on top bangs

Big voluminous curls

And speaking of curls, during the ’70s these were also very much in fashion thanks to figures like Donna Summer, Dolly Parton and Jerry Hall. We are talking about rebellious waves with a lot of texture. Such, we strolled at that time in the famous Studio 54 disco club, in the heart of Broadway. Very refined and with a brilliant shine, these curls sometimes started from flat roots and flowed into the lengths. Accessorized with a flower, the femininity and festivity of the hairstyle are further emphasized. The love for curls was particularly prized by Afro circles, whose culture finally managed to join the mainstream at this time. We break with the conventional and frizzy hair is thus accepted in its natural state. We let them grow at leisure, assuming their wild beauty.

The loops in their passage of time

dolly parton with big blonde curls hair volume on the sides

Hippie hair accessories

On hair cut straight, as on layered mane, hippie chic accessories are a beautiful vestige of an era of freedom of mind. These small embellishments give an air sometimes bohemian, sometimes rustic to the final look. Headband, ribbon, bow, scarf, these accessories adorn the feminine head like a little jewel for a guaranteed refreshing boost. They were often worn around the head on straight hair, but you can also imagine several beautiful hairstyles with them. These would be a perfect summer choice to complement a hippie chic style outfit..

Hippie accessories to make it more interesting

hairstyle with accessory hippie headband hair jewelry woman parting in the middle

A simple and beautiful French cut

Everyone knows that French women are fans of elegant simplicity. In the past, as still today, their wise but refined hairstyles are taken up and imitated by women all over the world. This was the case with Jane Birkin, who proudly wore her straight hair with tapered bangs. No volume, nor too much effort. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with naturally straight hair who wouldn’t like to invest too much time in styling.

A French cut that fascinates generations with its simplicity

French hairstyle long demme cut with tapered bangs straight hair

Mireille Mathieu’s square ball

Finally, since the bob is currently on the rise, you should know that it could easily take on a seventies look. In the first place, by the long thick bob with curtain bangs which is very charming. And secondly (and above all), by a square ball as Mireille Mathieu wore at the time. Ultra smooth, ball shaped, with long straight bangs, this is a wonderful version of a short haircut for the spring summer season..

The square in a structuring ball version

retro chic hairstyle mireille mathieu with square ball with bangs hairstyle straight hair

French cut woman long hair with bangs long straight straight hair

Plated roots and wavy, voluminous lengths

berushing wavy woman long curly hair and dark hair red lipstick ru white skin

Grunge style – another classic from the 70s

hairstyle woman grunge hair of various lengths white t-shirt with colorful logo rainbow blue jeans

brushing woman with curly locks fringe curtain and volume on top black and white woman suit

Curly Baby Doll hair and curtain bangs to look like a real doll

long wavy dark brown hair with bangs on the forehead pink hat

Afro cut embellished with pretty spring accessories

afro woman hairstyle with big volume and butterfly decorations

vintage hairstyle woman with voluminous and wavy blonde hair to add texture

XXL lengths with retro chic airs

glamorous look red carpet glittery green dress of a woman long blonde hair with wavy ends of polar hue

70s makeup with blue eyeshadows voluminous long curly hair flower barrette

fringe curtains with long straight hair white female shirt

The “French girl” cut – simple, aesthetic and easy to maintain

French cut long hair with curtain bangs and black shirt woman

aesthetic 70s woman honey blonde wavy hair with light strands on the side

example of hairstyle for woman with wavy long hair with bangs in sky blue woman's curtain

Volume and headband to accessorize like in the 70s

hairstyle model with volume headband on top and wavy locks woman doe eye makeup

grunge style degraded woman hair long wavy varied and curtain bangs

zendaya with long straight hair and parting in the middle cut 70s woman

red hair with straight bangs on the forehead and wavy ends jeans pants and white striped sweater

High ponytail tied with a colorful scarf for a trendy retro look

high ponytail accessorized with a scarf wavy blonde hair free strands

ciara brushing woman curly hair with bangs curtain hairstyle long curly hair

long hair brushong hair with volume and hair on the side red lipstick light green eyeshadows

retro chic woman hairstyle for girl with curly blonde hair

afro cut woman with volume curly black hair eye makeup black outline

Twiggy ball and makeup square

70s hairstyles female lovely 22 best farrah hair images on pinterest

chag cut with curtain bangs hairstyle idea for long simple woman with wavy ends trendy shirt

half high ponytail with blonde curls and bow tie layered cut woman

A square with a retro touch from the 70s

example of a long straight bob with long bangs trendy haircuts for women 2021

example of dark brown wavy hair and curtain bangs girl with blue eyes

pastel green eyeshadows for woman makeup with smooth blond hair with parting in the middle and shorter side strands

curtain bangs and long wavy hair hippie chic hairstyle simple to do

red hair idea tied with a ribbon example wavy hairstyle of the 70s in retro chic style

A 70s hairstyle inspired by grunge fashion 

idea of ​​straight bangs and disheveled long hair hippie style

70s shag woman cut idea on disheveled polar blonde hair with curtain bangs

idea of ​​a woman's braid on the side free wick volume head knot on top

Strands framing the face and long, smooth hair to mimic Cher’s

Jennifer Lopez with curtain bangs on ultra straight hair 70s haircut

Hairstyle idea for women brushong wavy blond hair with fringe curtain disheveled way

the promise armenian institute event at ucla

Natural afro cut for more authenticity

afro disco hairstyle model long curly hair with volume and parting in the middle gold dress with thin straps

70s woman hairstyle model with straight bangs and volume on the top retro chic woman outfit

blonde degraded woman chag haircut model with chic black tailor curtain bangs

disco style woman makeup of the 70s wavy brushing on blond hair red nail polish

hippie chic style long hair brushing with tapered bangs on the forehead light blonde highlights in light brown hair

zendaya with voluminous hairstyle long black curly hair and volume on top

bohemian chic high bun accessorized with a fischu hair scarf with rebellious free strands

70s cut with strands on both sides of the face and wavy blonde hair, 70s hairstyle model