The mid-length haircut – the top trends of 2021

The unique and personal hairstyle speaks a lot about the character and spirit of each woman. This is why we are always looking for a feminine and well-groomed look, but at the same time practical. If you are faced with the dilemma: long or short hair, we suggest you try a better alternative – the medium length! In this article, you will discover all the trends in long hairstyle of 2021. The diversity of hairstyles and hair color solutions is so rich, it’s just impossible not to fall in love with at least one of the looks below. It’s up to you to find the cutest vision that best suits you!

Magnify your look with a mid-length haircut

hairstyle model, orange coloring, denim shirt, orange sunglasses, medium hair hairstyle

Why are we so passionate about medium length hair? First of all, because they are short enough to be easily styled and at the same time long enough to be able to experiment with thousands of awesome hairstyles that require a bit of length. So you can wear them in a high bun or let them fall loose, wavy or straighten them. Mid-length hair blends harmoniously with every style and occasion. In addition, they will give you a superb look regardless of your age.!

 Hairstyle with bangs and slight ombré effect that brings out the smile

medium long hair hairstyle, balayage, red lip makeup, yellow dress, hairstyle with bangs

In general, the mid-length layered haircut looks more interesting and attractive. As the layers give the hair more volume this is a perfect variation for women with thin hair. For their part, women with naturally curly hair will be able to structure their curls more easily. Adding layers around the face is also a great way to soften angular faces..

To give the hair more volume, try a layered hairstyle

mid-length cut, woman smile, gray t-shirt, casual style, brown hair, mid-length bob

You can also emphasize the ends. Going for a balayage with darker roots is one of the best variations for the top summer hairstyle. If you have blonde hair, add a few strands or try an all over color in pastel shades and you will be completely hip! In the articles gray coloring and pink hair you will find all the necessary information as well as lots of inspiration for a successful pastel dye..

Add some pep to your hair by experimenting with the ends

mid-length bob, girl in nature, ethnic transparent dress, sunflower, woman haircut, nasal piercing

Experiment with your hairstyle. To get the effect of frizzy hair, you must first prepare the hair by treating it with a serum or gel like Dove’s.  Next, divide your hair into nine sections. Divide each section in half and twist them together with crossing motions. For a more pronounced effect, wrap the strands around your finger. Dry the hair using a diffuser.

Do you like frizzy hair? So do them yourself in a few easy steps!

hairstyle for medium hair, road trip, black frizzy hair, eyeglasses, black necklace, medium cut

The bangs complement the mid-length haircut brilliantly, especially when it comes to dark undertones like in the image below. If you have straight hair, curl the ends outward. To wow everyone and attract attention, add a stylish hat to your feminine look. Put the icing on the cake with a burgundy lipstick.

Short bangs and curly outward ends for a chic and adorable look

medium length haircut, black hat, medium length hairstyle with bangs, black hair, red bush

One of the biggest advantages of medium length hair is that it can be styled easily. The mid-length layered cut looks gorgeous when paired with some light curls. To get a flawless result, you can achieve curls even with your straightener. For an elegant and feminine look, aim to give more volume to the roots.

Copper chestnut coloring for a totally fresh and feminine vision

hairstyle model, woman in nature, copper hair, black roots, mid-length bob, denim shirt

Blond highlights blue eyes 

woman haircut, ethnic dress, brown handbag, blue eyes, woman hairstyle, blond curls

Shoulder length hair is a very practical choice

hairstyle model, young girl, blond hair, blouse in lace patterns, mid-length bob, brown roots

Accessories like the sports cap can really transform the way we look

mid-length haircut, gray cap, smoky eye makeup, nude lips, ring, mid-length hairstyle

The straw hat is a mandatory part of irresistible beachwear

medium hairstyle, girl on the beach, straw hat, red manicure, curly hair, medium length hairstyle

medium long hair hairstyle, gray hat, ethnic necklace, turquoise nail polish, boho style, woman cut

Illuminating color for sun-touched hair

mid-length haircut, white pants, white and black cardigan, sunglasses, copper hair, mid-length hairstyle

woman hairstyle, green eyes, nude lipstick, copper chestnut coloring, medium length haircut

The relaxed and natural air is preferably by the sea

hairstyle for medium hair, long multicolored dress, woman on the beach, hairstyle for women, blonde hair

medium hair hairstyle, white shirt with long sleeves, burgundy lips, women's hairstyle, dark brown hair

Get light curls using a diffuser

woman hairstyle, long black sleeveless dress, hairstyle for medium hair, blonde coloring

The combination of dark roots with light ends is current all year round

woman cut, pair of black jeans, hairstyle model, sweeping curls, brown roots, long gray cardigan, orange eyeshadow

medium length haircut, brown roots, ethnic bracelet and ring, boho style, black dress, straight hair

Too cute hairstyle with bangs on medium long haircut

mid-length haircut, woman's hat, sunset, red lips, nasal piercing, red manicure, hairstyle with bangs

Braids keep invading the catwalks in many shapes and sizes

medium length haircut, hairstyle with braids, yellow dress with lace patterns, shoulder length hair

medium length haircut, gold ring, brown roots, balayage hair, white blouse, shoulder length hair

Refresh your blonde hair with a few strands in flashy colors or pastel shades 

hairstyle model, pastel pink highlights, layered hairstyle, blue eyes, pink lips, blonde hair

mid-length haircut, woman, sea, blue tunic, black sunglasses, blond hair, ethnic bracelet

Kim Kardashian shows us how to wear the mid-length haircut in a sky-high way

Medium length hairstyle, smoky eyes makeup, nude lips, red dress, Kim Kardashian

Hairstyle too cute to adopt without hesitation

woman haircut, red dress, smoky eye makeup, balayage hair, brown roots, mid-length haircut

Dark tones make a mid-length hairstyle look more sophisticated

woman hairstyle, pink lips, black blouse, beige faux fur coat, woman haircut, black hair

mid-length haircut, black hat with ribbon, curly hair, chestnut coloring, mid-length haircut

The dyes of copper shades highlight the heat of the face

hairstyle for medium hair, red lips, hairstyle with bangs, copper coloring, black dress, open back

hairstyle model, dark pink lips, snake necklace, yellow dress, green eyes, copper hair

hairstyle medium hair, copper coloring, dark pink lips, silver watch, curly hair

medium length haircut, white dress with long sleeves, copper hair, blue eyes, pink lips

Choosing the right hair color is just as important as choosing the right cut.

medium length haircut, brown eyes, shoulder length hair, brown coloring, nude lips

medium haircut, brown hair, nude lips, white t-shirt, shoulder length hair

Use your straightener or diffuser to form light, natural curls

mid long hairstyle, sweater, smoky makeup, balayage hair, dark roots, mid long hairstyle

medium length haircut, sunglasses, curly hair, black roots, red manicure, gold rings

mid-length bob, gold bracelet, pink lips, brown hair color, layered hairstyles, shoulder length hair

Shiny golden hair of medium length

woman cut, red lips, silver necklace, beige blazer, gray eyes, blonde hair, shoulder length hair

medium haircut, dark blue sunglasses, balayage hair, straight hair, shoulder length hair

Curly, shoulder-length hair with natural bangs by Queen-B

medium length haircut, frizzy hair, Beyoncé, peach lips, shoulder length hair

medium long hairstyle, woman hairstyle, earrings, nude lips, shoulder length hair

Pin up who puts a retro touch on shoulder-length hair

medium cut, white hair, hairstyle for woman with pin up, orange blouse, red lips, shoulder length hair

Rita Ora’s sunny and modern vision 

hairstyle medium hair, necklace with pearls, orange lips, Rita Ora, curly hair, blonde coloring

woman hairstyle, Jennifer Aniston, blonde hair with brown roots, earrings, white dress

Katy Perry always surprises us with an original and extravagant look

hairstyle model, white manicure, Katy Perry, mid-length square cut, blonde coloring, shoulder length hair

hairstyle model, nude lips, brown coloring, mid-length haircut, blonde highlights

medium hair hairstyle, black skirt, black pouch, medium hair, brown eyes, brown hair, curly ends

medium length haircut, blonde coloring, leather jacket, smoky eye makeup, nude lips

Vanessa Hudgens’ balayage hair

medium length haircut, long nails, nude manicure, silver bracelets, Vanessa Hudgens, balayage hair

medium length haircut, red dress, shoulder length hair, blonde coloring with dark roots

hairstyle model, copper brown coloring, red manicure, women's haircut, curls

medium haircut, khaki jacket, blonde hair, shoulder length hair, blue eyes, brown roots

woman haircut, smile, beige bracelet, woman hairstyle, dark pink lips, hairstyle with bangs

Bangs are a great accessory for a natural and personal hairstyle

hairstyle model, layered hairstyle with bangs, black blazer, blonde coloring, Georgia May Jagger

medium long hair hairstyle, ivory blazer, nude lips, hairstyle with bangs, balayage, blue eyes, layered hairstyle

mid-length haircut, black manicure, black hat, hairstyle with bangs, brown coloring

medium length haircut, balayage, shoulder length hair, hairstyle with bangs, brown eyes, pink lips

One of the eternal trends of every summer

woman haircut, black jacket, gray blouse, sunglasses, blonde hair, woman hairstyle shoulder length hair

woman haircut, white sneakers, brown hair, blonde highlights, medium hair

Brown coloring with chestnut shades that goes perfectly with the eyes

medium length haircut, brown hair color, brown eyes, Katharine McPhee, shoulder length hair

hairstyle for medium hair, red lips, pink eyeshadow, shoulder length square cut, white blouse

Emma Stone in copper dye with side bangs

mid-length haircut, copper brown coloring, white and black dress, Emma Stone, pink lips

woman haircut, black jacket, blonde coloring, eye shadow, blue eyes, nude lips

The rays of the sun on Blanca Suarez’s hair

mid-length cut, gray blouse, black manicure, hairstyle with bangs, balayage, shoulder length hair

woman cut, orange coloring, shoulder length hair, hairstyle model, gray blouse, hairstyle for medium hair

hairstyle model, shoulder length hair, blonde coloring, green eyes, Amanda Seyfried

medium length haircut, black coloring, blonde highlights, long scarf, hairstyle model

mid long bob, layered hairstyle, black coloring, woman tattoo, pink lips, hair volume

medium length haircut, blonde coloring, shoulder length hair, hairstyle model, black t-shirt, ripped pants, sunset

medium length haircut, sweeping, shoulder length hair, red and white coat, white blouse, hair in a tail

hairstyle model, red lips, scarf with bangs, brown roots, white tips, medium hair

Anne Hathaway and her mid-length hairstyle with curly ends

hairstyle model, Anne Hathaway, red lips, brown hair, medium haircut, curls

woman haircut, layered hairstyle, pink lips, shoulder length hair

Rihanna’s awesome hairstyle

medium length haircut, black coloring, makeup with black eyeliner, curly hair, Rihanna hairstyle

medium length hair hairstyle, balayage, straight hair, khaki jacket, dark roots, shoulder length hair