The teenage girl haircut in a thousand stylish variations to adopt this year

Between childhood and adulthood, adolescence is a time when we are in search of our own personality. And is there a better way to get to know yourself than through experience and frequent changes. Whether it comes in the way of dressing or wearing your hair, teens love novelty. Because after all, we have to try to find out what suits us and what suits us. To help young ladies in research, today we will be offering them lots of interesting ideas from teen girl haircut.

Which teenage girl haircut to choose? Find our guide with multiple chic and original suggestions

how to choose your teenage girl haircut, long layered haircut idea with light brown highlights in dark brown hair

The criteria for choosing a cut for a teenage girl

While in the case of women the choice of a cut is a decision that gives rise to a lot of hesitation, with teens it is even more pressure. My new haircut will she please my friends, the boys, and still will it suit the criteria of decency of my parents, teacher and society in general. And then, what is the hairstyle that will best suit the shape and features of my face??

Torn between all these questions, girls often forget the most important … The chosen cut must present us as we are. So, to feel good about yourself, you have to put the opinions of others aside and ask yourself which cut best matches your personality. Otherwise, we risk quickly becoming prisoners of an identity that is strange to us. It will make us enslave the opinions of others instead of answering the question “Who am I and what matters to me?” »- an essential question to be answered at this age.

The teenage girl haircut – there’s one for every character and personality

Long layered hair for a traditional teen look

A symbol of femininity and coquetry, long hair has always fascinated women with the multitude of original hairstyles it allows. Teenage girls are no exception! In a bun for an evening with friends, in a braid for going to school, in a ponytail for a summer picnic or just loose, the long hair adapts perfectly to any occasion. If you want to be trendy, however, know that this is often a long layered cut to play with the lengths. The latter will restore interest to the sometimes too classic look of long hair. We also don’t hesitate to add curls for a more romantic look and to add a little texture and volume..

On the morphology side, long hair perfectly matches round faces, whose curves are softened. Likewise for the square face, whose angular features are masked by the lengths around the face. As a result, the proportions of the figure are balanced. On the other hand, if you have an elongated face, be aware that by opting for long hair, you risk lengthening the face even more..

Long hair – an easy to style teen girl haircut idea

teen girl hairstyle model on long blonde hair, half bun top and white dress, cute girl look

The square to adopt a trendy cut 

But if for you long hair means a little too much maintenance, the mid-length cuts will suit you better and there, we often opt for the bob which is a real star among the latter. Straight or layered, long or short, smooth or wavy, the square comes in several variations, each prettier than the next. It all depends on the concrete look you want to achieve. Do you want to look elegant? Choose the smooth gradient square with a steeper angle. For a casual look, a bit bohemian but at the same time romantic, we recommend the mid-length wavy bob. The latter has seduced a lot of celebrities from elsewhere.

The plunging wavy bob for a bohemian coachella look – superb teen girl haircut suggestion

example of a teenage girl hairstyle on a mid-length bob, light brown curly hair, black bowler hat and hipster outfit

Short hair for a cool and rebellious look

Having always been associated with virility, short haircuts today prove that this reputation has been wrongly attributed to them. The asymmetrical short haircuts and the famous pixie have totally changed the way of perceiving short hair which could look as feminine and elegant as long hair. For teens as well, the short haircut is a way to stand out from the crowd, a way to stand up in a way to peer pressure who set common standards to follow, so much so that the short haircut is often combined with a provocative coloring that seems to say “Look at me, I’m not afraid to be myself and to express myself freely”.

The pixie cut with short wavy lengths. A good proof that the short teen cut could be so elegant

example of short square teen cut with waves, pixie style, feminine and elegant hairstyle, casual look

The long and smooth bob – an original girl haircut

tapered lon square, classic girl's teen cut on light brown hair, denim overalls and gray t-shirt

A superb suggestion for girls with frizzy hair – wavy gray locks. Example of thick hair cut

afro mixed race girl thick haircut model, curly hair with gray coloring, funky style

Wavy hair – the best teen girl hairstyle idea for long haired ladies

teen girl haircut example, long blonde hair with big curls, jeans and khaki jacket

The gradient with bangs – super chic teen cut

example of a teenage girl haircut, mid-length layered hair with straight bangs on the forehead, country style look

The long cut and the square cut – the two favorite options for young girls

some teen girl haircut ideas, long layered hair and square cut, everyday hairstyle ideas

example of teenage girl hairstyle, long square cut with waves, classic teen look, black eye makeup

The long hair cut with bangs combined with a swag girl look

example of long hair cut, idea of ​​long wavy hair with bangs on light brown hair, casual outfit

long hair cut idea, mermaid style, summer woman outfit with white top and brown skirt, natural frame

The long bob with blue coloring – rebellious teenage girl haircut

model girl haircut, long wavy bob with blue coloring, poncho woman top with tribal patterns, geek eyeglasses

which teen girl hairstyle to choose, a short bob with ponytail, bangs on the forehead and free locks, black and white top

Ombre hair on long layered hair – a modern haircut

haircuts for long hair in blonde ombré on dark brown hair, blue dress, degraded long hair

thick hair cut teen girl with long curly hair, denim jacket, casual look going out with friends

Original haircut – short hair, pixie style

example of short degraded cut with long bangs on the forehead, rebellious cut for teenage girl, white shirt

teen girl haircut, jaia gerber with a layered hairstyle on wavy brown hair

long plunging bob haircut for girl with waves and headband in artificial roses, summer outfit

example of hairstyle girl square half long straight on brown hair with straight sir the side

haircut teen girl with long layered hair with blonde highlights on dark brown hair, bowler hat

tapered cut woman, ombre blonde hair on long straight hair, jeans, red and white striped t-shirt

Classic teen girl cut – wavy layered hair

classic example of layered teen girl haircut with various lengths and waves, hipster eyeglasses

long blond teenage haircut idea with light curls, brown sweater and colorful jacket

short layered haircut for a teenage girl, plunging bob smooth dark blonde hair, red carpet look

thick hair cut, a long bob with voluminous curls, black sweater and asymmetrical smooth bangs

A long bob with bangs – original haircut to try today

original haircut for a teenager, long bob on dark brown hair with bangs on the forehead, black bowler hat and white shirt with laces

girl haircut, long degraded hair with copper brown coloring, blue shirt outfit, white pants

classic teen cut, smooth cropped bob with blonde highlights, black leather jacket, simple everyday hairstyle

The asymmetric layered short cut – an elegant and very original suggestion

short degraded haircut model on dark brown hair, example asymmetrical haircut for teenage girl, red shirt, black pants

how to adopt the tapered cut for fine hair, example of degraded long blonde hair

how to adopt the tapered cut, degraded shorter hair on the front with bangs on the forehead, rock woman outfit

example of an asymmetrical degraded short cut for a teenage girl, lock on the side, rebellious casual look

example of long dark brown hair cut in degraded with waves and a braid, pink women's shirt with orange collar

Blue coloring on short bob with bangs – very provocative teen girl haircut

degraded short cut, short bob model with blue coloring and tapered bangs, rebellious teen look, beige woman shirt,

haircut for teenage girl child, long wavy bob on long ash blonde hair, bowler hat, black and white sweater

original haircut in long bob with copper coloring, bangs on the forehead, messy effect hair, winter landscape

example of modern haircut for teenage girl, square plunging mid-length with top locks brought back, black woman sweater

Teenage girl hairstyle with waves – idea how to wear long hair

teenage girl child haircut, long brown hair with waves, black and white casual dress with floral patterns

short teen cut with fringe on the side, brown women's jacket, blue and white striped shirt, pixie cut model

girl haircut simple hairstyle medium long straight hair, black top, elegant look with light makeup

example of cut woman long hair in blonde gradient, wavy way, summer woman outfit, white top and sky blue skirt

modern high ombre haircut with bangs on the face, white shirt

Short layered cut with copper highlights – an asymmetrical teen cut

idea of ​​short degraded cut for a teenager with copper red locks in ash blonde hair, square plunging mid long

short layered cut for a teenage girl, wick on the side, example of an elegant plunging square

classic teen cut, long bob with side parting and tousled effect, light brown hair, girl's overalls

original haircut model, smooth plunging bob with sport outfit, casual teen girl look

modern haircut for teenage girl, dark blonde ombre hair, charcoal gray coat, natural frame

Teen girl swag hairstyle – short layered hair with interesting color

example of short degraded cut with long locks falling on the forehead, denim jacket, rebellious girl rock look

teenage cut in long plunging bob with curls and a wreath of artificial flowers, green womens shirt

degraded short haircut idea on thin purple hair with asymmetrical bangs, everyday hairstyle

teen girl hairstyle with light curls on a mid long square, black girl t-shirt, voluminous hair

Classic teen girl haircut – long hair in gradual layering

model hairstyle woman teenager girl, long blonde hair in gradual degradation, evening dress white with black polka dots

example of cut thick hair girl with long wavy hair, black jacket and white t-shirt

example of a half-length teenage girl hairstyle with parting in the middle and different lengths and texture, black girl's suit

cut woman long hair in degraded with asymmetrical bangs, copper brown coloring and romantic curls

How to wear long hair – smooth version and wavy version

example of long hair straight and wavy version, traditional teen girl haircut

example of traditional teen haircut, long wavy hair, messy appearance, original woman shirt

teenage girl cut in gradient with copper coloring and parting on the side with asymmetrical fringe falling on the face

elegant teen girl hairstyle example with light curls on long layered hair, red dress

modern haircut for teenage girl, mid-length plunging square on dark brown hair with side parting, black dress with white collar

The mid-length plunging square with red coloring – girl haircut that will make you shine

example of haircuts for teenage girls with mid-length gradient and red coloring, gray and red women's shirt

haircut for teenage women in long wavy bob on dark brown hair, blue shirt and denim skirt

teenage girl child haircut, degraded on long brown hair, leather jacket

teen girl hairstyle square cut plunging mid long with wide curls, casual sport girl outfit, lily rose depp

original long plunging square haircut with parting on the side and small curls, black woman sweater

Ariana Grande gives us a great idea of ​​teen girl hairstyle for long hair – the famous half ponytail

ariana grande with long brown hair with red highlights, half ponytail, teen girl hairstyle

original teen cut, mid-length bob, messy style, black t-shirt, casual teen look

teen girl hairstyle with half high bun on a long blonde plunging bob, black leather jacket

original haircut degraded half long on blonde hair, teen girl outfit casual style

classic teen haircut idea, mid-long hair with a slight degraded effect, yellow dress and glamorous makeup

tapered cut on smooth hair with bangs on the side, black t-shirt, hipster eyeglasses

A teen girl hairstyle to impress her friends while sporting a classic look

modern haircut for girl, wavy plunging bob, elegant version, black evening dress

girl haircut, a long bob on light brown hair, swag girl outfit with a black shirt

medium girl haircut with bangs, street style outfit, casual outfit, sport style top

teenage haircut mid long hair in light gradient with waves, dark blonde hair

what teenage girl hairstyle to choose, idea of ​​a two-length gradient cut and green hair coloring

original haircut in degraded with blond balayage, sunglasses, pineapple pattern t-shirt

how to choose a girl haircut, layered cut with various lengths on long blonde hair