Original family costume ideas for Halloween

Halloween costumes are so much more fun when the whole family is involved! Here, we offer you the best themed family costume ideas for the members of your household.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Expecto patronum! Recite your incantations and show your Gryffindor pride with the Harry Potter costumes which are very suitable for large families and people of all ages. Whether you want to play as Hermione, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Professor McGonagall or the Chosen One himself, there is always an option for you … and even your little wizard..

You can also opt for Luna, Malfoy and Dobby or Elf costumes for the little ones

original costume for the family according to harry potter long dresses in black with ties and an elf costume easy to find

The Flintstones

This year, transport yourself and your family to Prehistory by disguising yourself as Flintstones! This choice is sure to be unique because it is a step backwards, but still recognizable! If you can’t find Flintstone costumes online, you can sort of mix up DIY products and purchased items. You can craft Fred and Wilma costumes for adults as well as adorable Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles costumes for kids.

For this family costume, don’t forget Dino !

https://www.instagram.com/p/b4u7knqaljk/ kim kardashian west / instagram

Halloween in wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland makes a great choice for your Halloween family as each costume is quite different, but the whole set is totally recognizable. Start with the heroine herself in Alice’s signature blue and white dress. Make sure your Mad Hatter has a kettle and the biggest, wackiest hat possible. A simple bunny costume and a toy pocket watch are all you need for your white bunny. Finally, to become the Evil Queen of Hearts, wear a red and black dress – preferably adorned with hearts – and a crown, of course. !

If you need even more inhabitants of Wonderland,  take a look at this cheshire cat costume

Alice and Wonderland Group Costume Cat Costume Long Dresses for Women and the Magician with a Cylinder

And here is a very cute example of a bunny costume

family costume in the wizard of oz style childrens bunny costume high hats

The Wizard of Oz

Kids of all ages love The Wizard of Oz, so take your family somewhere above the rainbow this Halloween. Dorothy is a must-have – so make sure you have a blue and white dress and, of course, a pair of ruby ​​slippers (or sneakers). Use a stuffed dog as a loyal Toto companion – or dress your dog up in a costume and have a real Toto! Jeans, a plaid shirt, hat, and tufts of straw are all you need for a simple scarecrow costume, though faux foam crows spruce up the look. Add an adorable ‘king of the forest’ with this cute lion costume.

Complete the yellow brick road crew with this lumberjack costume (heart and all) !

original costume the magician of oz costume in metak long dresses and a dog costume a family with dog

The family circus

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls”… will definitely love this circus themed family costume! The Ringmaster needs a red suit jacket and a top hat. Become the death-defying tightrope acrobat with a ruffled dress and matching parasol. Make this adorable strongman costume with a muscle shirt costume and inflatable dumbbells. And if you can’t imagine a circus without a clown, end the family costume with a colorful clown outfit!

Turn the smallest member of your family into the king of the jungle with this lion costume

original costume for the circus thematic family muscle costume for men heute hat and red jacket

Cops and Thieves Family Costume

In case your family dressed up as heroes last year, maybe this year you’d rather pass yourself off as the bad guys! To put together simple Halloween costumes for a bandit family, simply get a black and white striped shirt for each member of your team. Put on black gloves, a black hat and an eye mask and grab a big bag with a dollar sign on it.

And if you must have at least one policeman in the party, you could easily find a kid-sized cop costume.

family costume like thieves black striped smocks and white eyed masks and black pants police costume

All packed

You won’t want to keep these cleverly coordinated family costumes a secret, although you might not want to tell anyone how easy they were to put together. Just order ready-made mummy costumes for the whole family, or do it yourself with strips of white linen or gauze.

Complete the gruesome look by applying white makeup to your face and dark circles around your eyes 

homemade halloween costume mummies and white makeup use of diy paper a family in front of the large door in the forest

Astronaut family

Take off for Halloween fun with these astronaut costumes that are perfect for a variety of ages. Your NASA set requires the one-piece suit, and from there you can add a space helmet, backpack, gloves, and boots. After all, you want to be ready for your spacewalk … even if it’s only through your neighborhood. Bonus: this is especially good for young children who don’t like a lot of noise.

The jumpsuit is comfortable and ready to go with just one zip !

astronauts family halloween costumes zipper and order costumes in orange and white

Party animals

Celebrate this Halloween with these easy and fun family costumes to show off. All you need are costumes from your favorite jungle animal (lions, bears, giraffes, foxes, etc.) and loads of goodies! Catch noises, party hats, feather boas, giant sunglasses… whatever you want while you’re ready to party! Play these fun Halloween games at your spooky party.

ridiculous costume like party animals a family mask with lots of balloons wind white wall

Monsters, Inc.

This nearly 20-year-old Pixar movie is the inspiration for one of the cutest and most colorful family Halloween costumes. You can put this costume together quite easily with a Sulley hoodie and a Mike Wazowski costume. Complete the Mike costume with a blue helmet (or Monsters U hat). To be Boo all you need are pink clothes and pigtails !

Your family will be the cutest gang on the spooky floor

monsters inc halloween costume idea easy to make blue costume and a big green t shirt

Avengers reunion

If your kid wants to dress up as a superhero (and really, what kid doesn’t these days ?!), saving the world is a family affair. Ask the mightiest heroes of your Earth to choose their favorite Avenger, like the Iron Man, Captain America or the Hulk. Hawkeye portrays here, too, with a toy bow and arrow and a fully DIY super-costume. And finally, becoming Scarlet Witch couldn’t be simpler: a total black look and a long red jacket that is not mandatory..

If you too like these tinkerers have more female power, take a look at the Black Widow and Gamora costumes.

superhero costume avengers party father with red shield mother in black leather costume

Skeleton family costume

Don’t worry: this creepy skeleton family will definitely scare the neighbors! Mix and match the skeleton costumes to keep things interesting and unsettling. And if you choose costumes without a mask – or your little ones don’t like wearing them – don’t forget the ghoulish skeleton makeup to complete the look..

funny couple costume scary makeup black clothes skeleton makeup mother and son in front of a building and ivies

And finally, the Addams family, which includes all the favorite characters from the series – make this event super scary !

the addams family costume threesome in front of a big door family with a chuen

the addams family idea halloween costume in front of a white door black costumes long braids

family casa del papel costume disguise as pirates father mother and two children with hats and boots

family costume as thieves black striped smocks and white eyed masks and black pants

halloween costume house makeup skeleton black clothes threesome costume

funny couple costume scary makeup black clothes skeleton makeup mother and son in front of a building

Using a simple flag for the ghost is a fun way to save money

halloween costume idea in scary style a ghost under the mum flag and a skeleton

original pre historic costume trio costume a family become home dressed in fur

Movie classics can still serve as an inspiration for your costumes

halloween star wars costumes to order pri

ridiculous ghost hunters costume zipped costumes = two ghost balloons in hand and two vaporizers

original costume in harry potter style a family in the forest with the witch the father with a long beard and two children

homemade halloween costume pink stripes costume alice of the pink flamingos syle the magician

And when you include the little ones, Disney films are undoubtedly the favorite choice.

beauty and the beast costume idea for the family yellow dress a blue jacket and mask

funny coiuple costume willy wonka charlie and the chocolate factory a family in the forest purple makeup super hero costume

super hero costume for family like spiderman batman and female cat

homemade halloween costume a family dressed as wizard characters of oz red boots lion costume

super hero costume for the family of supermans and a man dressed as thanos original idea

halloween costume idea for the family as characters popeye the sailor olive oyl and a child as a pot of spinach

A classic from the recent past – Megaforce Rangers

group costume for halloween as power rangers costumes to order in different colors pink green and red

flintstone family costume diy homemade costumes white dress and collar woman with bun

funny couple costume circus style sun fake fire lion costume

funny costume for the family like animals unicorn giraffe and penguin costumes to order

funny costume for the family with safari style savannah animal costumes with giraffe and zebra panda

halloween costume idea for the cowboy family, its beloved and a little lamb in the supermarket

costume idea for the family in circus style of acrobats woman with beard and muscleman

funny costume for the family like party animals party animals large glasses and party garlands

funny costume idea for the family masks and party accessories on the stairs decoration of squash