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How To Avoid Nighttime Cramps – The End Of Your Suffering!

Healthy sleep is an essential condition for being in good physical and mental health and for living fully. However, sometimes unexpected pain suddenly interrupts our sleep. Yes, it’s the night cramps. They most often affect the muscles of the lower limbs and more specifically the calf, thigh or toe. Sound familiar to you? So, you came across the right article! We have shared with you some useful tips on how to treat and even how to avoid nocturnal cramps, as well as the factors that cause them. You are also going to find natural granny remedies that will help you forget about those involuntary muscle spasms. !

Don’t waste any more of your sleep !

how to avoid nighttime cramps a woman who has nighttime cramps

What are the causes of nighttime cramps ?

Did you know that tendons (the tissues that connect your muscles to your bones) naturally shorten with age. This is why the likelihood of having a leg cramp increases with age. Up to 60% of adults suffer from leg cramps at night compared to 40% of children and adolescents. You are also more likely to get them if you are female. But indeed what are the cramps due to? ?

Magnesium and calcium deficiency

For muscle contraction the human body produces sodium and potassium, while for relaxation it needs magnesium and calcium. This is why the lack of both of these substances can cause a calf cramp at night. Pregnant women should take into consideration that towards the end of pregnancy their quantity decreases.

Make sure you have magnesium !

how to avoid nighttime cramps in a pregnant woman with calf pain

Muscle fatigue

Night cramps can follow after too intense muscular effort. For example, if you are an athlete who returns to training after a shorter or longer period of rest, you are likely to have such a muscle contraction. So how do you avoid nighttime cramps? We advise you to warm up your muscles well before training.

Don’t forget the warming !

night calf cramp a man who has tired his muscles


Dehydration is not only about the proper functioning of muscles, but it also contributes to good general health. Experts advise drinking between 1.5 L and 2 L of water per day or 30 ml for each kilo. As for cramps, you should drink water especially after physical exertion to avoid them. Also take into account that alcohol also leads to dehydration.

Water is a miraculous drink !

calf cramp persistent pain a girl drinking water

Body position

Involuntary muscle spasms can occur as a result of sitting on an uncomfortable or too hard surface for a long time. If you work in an office, try to get up regularly. Take short walks around the office, go out to the patio or just go to the window to make sure you are up for a few minutes. In addition to the too high or too low position of your legs during the night, can also be a reason for the cramps. In this case try to change the position or raise the bottom of the bed using a cushion.

Do not sit very long

calf cramp night a man sitting in front of his desk

The cushion – a good tip

calf cramp night a woman sleeping with her legs raised

What foods cause cramps ?

Energy drinks

It has been noticed that most adolescents affected by involuntary muscle contractions consume energy drinks on a fairly regular basis. They contain a large amount of sugar and caffeine which have a detrimental effect on the young body, one of the manifestations of which is cramp.


No doubt you’ve come across the words “sugar-free” on different food products at least once. However, do not be in a hurry to rejoice. Unfortunately the food industry is replacing sugar with another substance that is even more harmful than it. This is particularly aspartame, the regular consumption of which can be the cause of night cramps.

Watch out for aspartame too !

involuntary muscle spasms produced without sugar red title

Aspartame is even more harmful than sugar

nighttime calf cramp a large amount of aspartame

The canned goods

It is extremely important to eat vegetables and fruits for good health. However, there is one detail that should not be overlooked. Canned fruits and vegetables can produce some side effects like cramps. It’s because of the substance MSG (monosodium glutamate) which aims to saturate the taste of food. It can also be found in some crisps or canned fish.

Favor fresh products !

thigh cramp products vegetables legumes canned fish

Carefully read the capacity of the crisps

night cramp calf a bowl of crisps

Medicines that cause nighttime cramps

Finally, you can look for the cause of involuntary muscle spasms also in certain drugs. This can be diuretics, contraceptives, antipsychotics, statins, or steroids. You are not told to stop treatment if you have cramps, but to see your doctor. It can help you alleviate or even ward off the side effects that cause these contractures..

toe cramp drugs in pills in different colors

How to cure leg cramps at night? Grandmother remedies !

Once the cramp has occurred, you have to think of a fairly quick way to heal the leg and relieve the pain that persists. We have some effective ideas for you !

Stretch the muscles

If it’s a nighttime calf cramp, try stretching your leg first to help hold the muscle. For this you can walk or lie down with raised legs.

calf muscle contracture a man who helps a woman to stretch her muscles

Muscle massage

If there is a thigh cramp or a toe cramp or the stretching does not work, resort to a deep muscle massage. It can be done using essential oils or massage gel that contains such oil. For example, dilute 30 drops of lavender oil in 50 ml of olive or sunflower oil. Then apply a few drops of this mixture on the affected limb.

Massage the muscle well !

night cramps remedies grandmother massaging the muscle

night cramps remedies grandmother foot massage

Hot compress

The hot compress is also a great idea. Its downside is that it can take a little longer to prepare. The easiest and quickest solution is to take a hot bath.

hand holding cool gel pack on ankle

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing soothes the whole body, including the muscles which will relax. So inflate your lungs for 7 seconds and exhale the air slowly for 7 seconds too.

calf cramps magnesium a man who breathes deeply

What is the most effective muscle relaxant ?

Muscle relaxant is a medicine to treat muscle problems and ailments, including involuntary muscle contractures. Fortunately, some muscle relaxants do not require a prescription. One such example is Atepadene, which can be purchased in capsules without a prescription. In addition there are natural muscle relaxants such as chamomile and valerian which we can enjoy freely. Chamomile can be drunk as tea (40g per liter of water), while valerian is easily found in capsule form (2 per day).

how to avoid nighttime cramps atepadene a medicine

how to avoid nighttime cramps chamomile tea

How to avoid nighttime cramps ?

A rich, balanced diet is the key to peaceful, pain-free sleep. If you have difficulty choosing your food, you can rely for example on the Mediterranean diet which offers a rich palette of healthy and delicious foods. We will nonetheless highlight a few specific products which are the exact answer to the question how to stop having cramps..


Honey is a natural product rich in nutritional substances, B vitamins and magnesium. It is these last two elements that make honey a main participant in the fight against nighttime cramps. Experts advise taking a tablespoon of honey before each meal, that is, 3 times a day. Prefer acacia honey, as it is the richer variant with the stronger effect. You can also combine honey with cinnamon or you can add it to yogurt for breakfast. We also suggest that you put honey instead of sugar in your daily drinks..

what are honey cramps against cramps

Red tea or Rooibos

How to avoid night cramps? Drink red tea which is a product rich in magnesium. It can be eaten hot in winter or cold in summer. This is why it is the perfect ally in the fight against involuntary muscle spasms. Just drink 200 ml per day.

Red tea – good color and taste !

what foods cause cramps red tea for cramps

Baking soda for cramps

Baking soda is also a very effective grandmother’s remedy! Dilute a tsp. of baking soda in a glass of water. Then drink the mixture immediately. Be careful, people with high blood pressure should avoid it !

Dark chocolate bananas

What a combination! We imagine that we will quickly convince you to consume these foods even if you have never suffered from a cramp. You can put the bananas and chocolate in a pancake, you can make cookies or even a healthy and delicious smoothie.

Oleaginous fruits

The products from which oil can be extracted are called oleaginous fruits. Needless to say, there you have an extremely rich choice. You can opt for almonds or hazelnuts, for grains like flax or sunflower, etc. In addition, these are products that are very likely to be used in different recipes.